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Frohe Weihnachten aus Bayern München 2016

Frohe Weihnachten aus Bayern München 2016


The Dream Lives On

Bayern get through to the semi finals of the Champions League and I get to write a happy ending to Hansi’s story from last week. Twenty seven minutes is the answer to the question “how long did Bayern need to assert their authority over Porto” and to silence their doubters. Revenge for Vienna indeed, three goals in just over twenty minutes. Five-nil at half time, Porto did manage to pull one back in the second half but it was utterly meaningless. The final score was six-one with the final goal coming from a free kick from Xabi Alonso in the last few minutes of regular time. It was a terrific free kick but my enjoyment came from seeing Manuel Neuer doing his usual thing, that is seeing him running half the length of the pitch to celebrate with the team. I say half the length because as everyone knows, he would have been hanging around somewhere near the halfway line anyway. He spends more time there than he does in his box.

You have to love Manuel Neuer, ever the German perfectionist, the goal has already been conceded but still he has to get a hand on the ball.Just like he did against Gladbach, just like he did against Brazil too. Why does he do that? A compulsion of sorts, or is at as the commentator said against Gladbach, “he’s trying to convince us that it didn’t really go in.” Whatever the reason, just one more thing to like about him.

Speaking of commentators, you have to love the following conversation about Bayern’s coach:

“Guardiola’s ripped his trousers.”
“He’s like the Incredible Hulk.”
“Well, he’s certainly changed colours a few times in the past hour.”

Seven-four on aggregate is the final score.  Seven-four, how cool is that, my two favourite numbers. And Thomas Müller on the score sheet to make it even better. Plus the first goal was in the fourteenth minute, the third in the twenty-seventh and the fifth in the fortieth. With Barcelona beating PSG 2-0, it means my champions league dream is still alive, a Bayern-Barcelona final, Götze v Messi, the re-match. The draw is this Friday at 11:00am. I’m glad that I have no cinema related plans this Friday because now I won’t have to wait until I get back to find out, I can watch it live on TV if I want. Fingers crossed that the draw doesn’t go the same way as my Pokal dream did, that is that Bayern get drawn with Barcelona in the semis. The last four teams are Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid.

Thomas Müller’s goal was somewhat embarrassing for the Porto keeper, check it out here:

Alonso’s free kick: