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Advent Calendar Day 4: Schwolow Strikes Back/New Jogi Pictures

Yesterday I said it would have been perfect had I gotten Schwolow in the calendar, well I got my wish in a way. Typical, I wrote about him yesterday because he was the man of the hour and now I have to write about him again because today is his day. There’s two other coincidences too which make the day similar to yesterday. First of all as the title says, more new Jogi pictures, some from an interview from Barcelona’s TV channel, two from their visit to training and one from the match itself. The interview would be a real find, were it not for the fact they have of course dubbed it over with Spanish. You can only pick out a few words of what Jogi’s saying, still at least you get to see him smile. These posts are certainly a lot easier when I get new pictures of Jogi, of course that doesn’t happen every day but I should get a few more such chances next week. At least I will if the article I read is accurate. I’ve read two articles which say two different things. One which said Jogi will be going to Gladbach’s game on Tuesday and Dortmund’s on Wednesday and another which mentioned the others going but not him. I also read he plans on going to Gladbach’s youth game played just before the main game on Tuesday, a game which from what I can see isn’t on German TV. Which leaves two choices, either Serbian or Portuguese TV, obviously I’m going with the Serbian option.

The other coincidence is Eintracht Frankfurt drawing 1-1 with Augsburg, now Freiburg aren’t the only team to draw all weekend. The draw works well in their favour, it stopped Augsburg from leaping ahead of Freiburg in the table. It’s good for Matze and Dortmund too because had Frankfurt won they would have moved up to third place, sending Dortmund down to seventh.

It’s perfect in a way that Schwolow made his appearance today, and not just because four is one of my favourite numbers. Today is the day someone finally figured out the origin of my nickname, its origins going back to a game in which Schwolow was also the man of the hour. RBL may be top of the Bundesliga and beaten Freiburg 4-1 this time around but they didn’t win the first two encounters, and neither did they win the title last season.  That’s worth remembering. Alexander_Schwolow_save_1_SC_Freiburg_v_RB_LeipzigAlexander_Schwolow_save_2_SC_Freiburg_v_RB_LeipzigAlexander_Schwolow_save_of_the_game_SC_Freiburg_v_RB_LeipzigAlexander_Schwolow_celebrates_SC_Freiburg_v_RB_LeipzigAnd I’ll never forget this picture, it’s the reason for the Star Wars joke in the title:

Alexander Schwolow als SchowbaccaAs for the Dortmund calendar behind door number four was Spanish midfielder Mikel Merino who so far this season has made just one appearance. It’s perfect that he was today’s player simply because of his nationality.

20161205_011131-1Speaking of Spain that brings me to the real entertainment, first the picture from Barcelona’s game and then the two from training:

Joachim Löw and Andreas Köpke during spanish La Liga match between Futbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid at Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona , Spain. Decembe r03, 2016. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxPOLxDENxNORxSWExONLY (20161203002) Joachim Loew and Andreas Köpke during Spanish La League Match between Futbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid AT Camp Nou Stage in Barcelona Spain Decembe 2016 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxPOLxDENxNORxSWExONLY

joachim-low-barcelona-training-2016-1 joachim-low-barcelona-training-2016-2And of course the video and some pictures taken from it:

joachim-low-barca-tv-interview-04-12-16-1 joachim-low-barca-tv-interview-04-12-16-2 joachim-low-barca-tv-interview-04-12-16-3 joachim-low-barca-tv-interview-04-12-16-4

Joachim Löw at Borussia Mönchengladbach v Barcelona (CL 16/17)

joachim-low-at-borussia-monchengladbach-v-barcelona-cl-16-17-1 joachim-low-at-borussia-monchengladbach-v-barcelona-cl-16-17-2

DFB Cards 2016 – Part 1

Joachim Löw – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Joachim Löw – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Thomas Schneider – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Thomas Schneider – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Andreas Köpke – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Andreas Köpke – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Oliver Bierhoff – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Oliver Bierhoff – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Manuel Neuer – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Manuel Neuer – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Marc-Andre ter Stegen – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Marc-Andre ter Stegen – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Kevin Trapp – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Kevin Trapp – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Bernd Leno – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Bernd Leno – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Ron-Robert Zieler – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Ron-Robert Zieler – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Matthias Ginter – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Matthias Ginter – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2Jonas Hector – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Jonas Hector – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Shkodran Mustafi – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Shkodran Mustafi – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Jerome Boateng – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Jerome Boateng – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Mats Hummels – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Mats Hummels – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Emre Can – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Emre Can – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2 Sebastian Rudy – die Mannschaft 2016 card 1 Sebastian Rudy – die Mannschaft 2016 card 2

Advent Calendar Day 6

Behind door number six in the Freiburg calendar was Lukas Kübler. In the DFB one there was not one card but four. No doubt deliberate to match the fourth card, which was the first of Germany’s stars, the first time they won the World Cup in 1954. The other three are the replacement Schneider, goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller and team captain Bastian Schweinsteiger. Joining them from the Dortmund calendar is the fastest man in the Bundesliga, current top scorer with seventeen goals Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Thomas Schneider - DFB card 2015-16 1 Thomas Schneider - DFB card 2015-16 2 Roman Weidenfeller - DFB card 2015-16 1 Roman Weidenfeller - DFB card 2015-16 2 Bastian Schweinsteiger - DFB card 2015-16 1 Bastian Schweinsteiger - DFB card 2015-16 2 Der erste Stern 1954 - DFB card 2015-16 1 Der erste Stern 1954 - DFB card 2015-16 2Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Dortmund advent calendarI wanted to wait to write today’s post until after the matches finished, in particular RB Leipzig v Duisburg. The prospect of Duisburg getting anything from this game seemed to be simply impossible. And yet I was really hoping they would. Because one-slip up by Leipzig, even if it’s them drawing  rather losing will be greatly appreciated. With that in mind today was not only almost Christmas come early for Duisburg (had they won it would have been only their third of the season) and for Freiburg. Because at half time Duisburg who are bottom of the table were drawing 1-1 with second placed Leipzig. Not only that but they took the lead in the 79th minute. All of a sudden the impossible was possible. But it was not to be. Leipzig got themselves three goals in the space of five minutes. Final score 4-2.

One final football related thing I have to mention is Thomas Tuchel’s reaction to Dortmund’s winning goal yesterday. So good that I had to make a GIF of it. He he has that in common with Jogi and Christian Streich, he provides plenty of good moments for GIFs and videos, that’s for sure:

Thomas_Tuchel_goal_celebration_Wolfsburg_v_DortmundAfter watching the latest episodes of The Bridge last night I was no longer in such a good mood. They made for thoroughly depressing viewing, the scene where Saga’s mother approaches her in the station I found particularly bothersome. The way she tried to manipulate her and to get a rise out of her made for very painful viewing. It reminded me of a few things that I’d rather forget. As a result my previous happiness over Freiburg’s very satisfactory victory over Union Berlin was nowhere to be found. Apart from not getting enough sleep Friday night, the day was going fine until then. That scene turned an otherwise good day into a “what’s the point” kind of day. I felt much the same way when I got up. Staying in bed and feeling sorry for myself wasn’t really an option, not if I wanted to watch the repeat of Dortmund’s game. I didn’t want to get up but I made myself, figuring that I’d have to make myself get up later anyway so I may as well do so now. And if I got up later I would not only be annoyed with myself for staying in bed but for missing Dortmund’s game too.

Making myself get up was the right decision. I’m still tired and only in a slightly better mood but I’m glad I got up. Everyday I allow myself to stay in bed like that it lessens the chances of getting back into a good routine. This week I made all the same mistakes as last week, it went almost exactly the same way. It was the exact same night I stayed up all night. I made similar mistakes in other ways too, spending too much money for one thing. It’s not like I’m the picture of responsibility normally, this isn’t hugely out of character for me. But it is a little more reckless than I usually am. It’s not the fact I was reckless or what I spent the money on that’s out of character. It’s my reaction to it, I don’t seem to particularly care or be worried by it. That’s what unusual. I know I’m being irresponsible, I know I should try to rein it in a little. But I just don’t seem to care or be at all motivated to make an effort to do so.

I feel like that about most things right now. I don’t really know why, I don’t think there’s anything wrong right now, nothing major anyway. This Christmas is certainly a major improvement on last year. To name the obvious, Freiburg are at the opposite end of the table. Of course it’s not the same table, and whilst I would rather them be in the Bundesliga, even in the bottom third, instead of being top of the 2. Bundesliga it’s still something to be pleased with. Whatever happens their final game before Christmas won’t be as miserable as last year.

Everything else is for the most part ok too, I have lots of projects to work on and plenty to keep busy with. I have a stack of very interesting books to read. Plus I should have the money to buy the new Germany away shirt soon and a few other things beside. Yet still I don’t feel happy. I’m doing everything I normally do. I’m trying to keep busy. I have provisional plans for next Tuesday and if all goes to plan should get to give them their gifts in time for Christmas. I know at least what’s bothering me in regards to this, the unknown, the waiting. Not knowing for sure or not. I find waiting to be difficult at the best of times but now it’s simply unbearable.

There’s another thing from The Bridge I can’t stop thinking about. Something that Claes the writer said about being happy. When people ask how you are most people will say, even if they’re not. He asks what happens if you said you weren’t, and why don’t people say they aren’t fine. I never tell people I’m not fine, I’m not sure if I even can. I put a lot of effort into the opposite, into not giving away that I’m not fine. Sometimes though it’s not enough and people notice anyway. It was stupid of me to think that my odd sleeping patterns from the last two weeks would go unnoticed. It was also stupid of me to think it wouldn’t affect my behaviour in anyway. Truth is I’d given no thought to the matter, if I had I would have noticed how distracted I’ve been and how I’ve been even more strange than usual. Apparently it was like I had a hangover, which is funny considering I drink on average no more than five beers a year.

If I’d gotten some more sleep and was paying more attention I would have also would have noticed earlier how so much of what I’m writing is very depressing. When the person who I gave a few chapters to read asked why I was writing such dark stuff lately I said I didn’t know. Maybe then I really didn’t know or I simply didn’t or couldn’t say the truth. Which is because I feel like it. I suppose that would have counted as telling them how I feel, and that’s just not me. I refuted that Matze is in anyway representative of me and my own feelings. I wasn’t entirely truthful there and deliberately so. I don’t want them knowing that. In a lot of my recent chapters Matze is angry, not about anything in particular, just angry in general. But it’s not how he feels that’s important, it’s the fact that he can allow someone to comfort or to help him when everything gets too much. Because I can’t, writing about it as close as I can get. I wish I could let someone help me, it would certainly make my life easier.

Unsent Letters

Literate for a Day

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?

I compose a lot of angry letters in my mind to various people but I rarely actually write them down and if I do I never actually send them. This time I think I may have to, I don’t think I can let this particular issue go. But before I get to that I have to get my first point out of the way. Last year for this prompt I wrote to the internet and to Joachim Löw. This time around I’m going to do something a little different, though I do have a Löw related point to make. As it turns out I don’t need to repeat my plea from last year for Jogi to never cut his hair that way again, because I know something I didn’t back then. Now I know that it wasn’t of his own doing, that it was the work of the nefarious Herr Schneider.

Now I wouldn’t be writing a letter to him under any circumstances, regardless of whether he speaks English or not (I have no idea) or if my German were good enough to compose such a letter. It’s not merely a question of language issues but a question of loyalty (which despite what a certain TV article says I am not short of as a result of autism) which would prevent me from writing such a letter. That and the fact that the topic of said letter is patently ridiculous. Ridiculous it may be but it is extremely important. The point of the letter would be Herr Schneider I don’t trust you anyway but knowing what you did to the Bundestrainer’s hair means now I will never ever trust you. So if Germany are given any reason to celebrate next summer don’t get any ideas as to how to celebrate, do not repeat this:

Jogis Haar-Schneider wird Co-Trainer

And if I were to write to Jogi once more I would thank him for being so awesome, for providing so much video footage. But more importantly, please bring Hansi back. Sometimes time really does help, you really do get over someone leaving, it really does hurt less. For example I no longer miss Roman Bürki, Admir Mehmedi or Vladimir Darida. Of course the difference there is I like the replacements even more. I like Alexander Schwolow, Amir Abrashi and Vincenzo Grifo just fine. I guess in a way it’s a good thing that I don’t like the replacement because if I did I would just feel guilty about it.

My second unsent letter is somewhat different in the sense that this one may actually end up being sent and is much more serious. Yes, really, there is a matter more serious than protecting Jogi and his ever perfect hair. Though admittedly there aren’t many more issues that I would deem more important than that.

The issue in question is the character of Saga Noren from the Swedish/Danish TV show The Bridge and the actress who plays the aforementioned character, Sofia Helin.

In an interview a few years back you posited that Saga most be lonely, that people in autism in general must be lonely, because of the way they are always on the outside looking in. In making this assumption you are projecting your own feelings and your own point of view onto the situation. You are doing what autistic people are often accused of doing, you are lacking theory of mind. That is you lack the ability to imagine what it is Saga or any other autistic person may be thinking or feeling. It works both ways, just like autistic people may have trouble understanding things from a neurotypical perspective, so NTs may have trouble with the reverse.

Since then you’ve committed an even greater infraction, one that cannot be let go. First things first people with autism and Saga in particular are not lacking in empathy or loyalty. She has trouble making sense of such things, that’s true. But not understanding your feelings and not being able to show them in a conventional way or indeed in anyway at all, does not mean you don’t have them. As for lacking in loyalty, her partner Martin killed a man in cold blood. Now even if she wasn’t a police officer, what did you expect her to do? You can’t cover for someone when they’ve done something like that, I don’t care that Jens killed Martin’s son. That or nothing else would give Martin the right to murder him. Doing so was an extension of  Jens’ logic, getting back on people, settling scores by killing people or hurting the ones they love. In fighting the enemy you can’t let yourself become him.

Saga neither lacks empathy nor loyalty, after all she let her sister live with her to escape their parents. If what you say were true she would not have done that. Though it seems you are not the only person to think this way. When discussing it in real life I was accused of lacking loyalty because I not only said that Saga did the right thing but because when asked what I would do in such a situation I refused to confirm that  I would lie or cover for a friend in such a scenario. Loyalty to your friends is important, but if that loyalty involves compromising not only the law but your own moral code then you have to question what kind of a friendship it is.

The person I had that conversation with said that me and Saga have a lot in common in terms of mannerisms and non-verbal cues and that we both stop dead in the same way. Even that we sound alike which is interesting when you consider the language difference. Point is I took it as a compliment, now I don’t. Now I don’t want to have in anything in common with Saga, my appreciation of her is tainted by all of this.

With that in mind it pains me to note that in the second episode they actually got something right and they did it very well. I’m even more annoyed to note that I do a similar thing. Saga got stressed out over the appearance of her mother and to calm herself she took to aligning the books on the shelf. To taking them out of place so she could put them back again, making sure they were all perfectly lined up. I do that when I’m stressed out, though not with books. I do it with DVDs or games, and sometimes I do a similar thing with trading cards and stickers.

My next point relates to the fact you’ve decided not to mention the fact she has Aspergers in the show because Hans Rosenfeldt has decided that it means you’re free to do what you want with the character. I don’t agree, as long as you don’t mention it there will be people online who will make the argument that she doesn’t have AS, that she’s just emotionally damaged from what happened with her parents. And that people with autism just want to claim her as one of theirs, that she’s just the latest addition to a long line of quirky slightly autistic detectives but who don’t actually have autism. If there’s nothing wrong with having autism, if it’s not something to be ashamed of then name it. Like you say it’s not such a bad thing for her, it’s part of what makes her so good at her job. Just one damn line, just allude to it. That would be enough. And no what Thure Lindhardt’s character said does not count. “I think she has some type of medical condition” is not the right way. And whilst we’re on the subject, stop saying she has a “special kind of personality.” I just hope special is not an insult in Sweden the same way it is in English.

It’s obvious that a lot of research went into Saga, both by the writers and by you yourself. Which is great, it’s good to see someone take this seriously. Someone who doesn’t read an article on Wikipedia, read a book like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and decide you’ve done enough research. Apparently you met some people with AS too, as well as spending some time in character in the real world. All of that is great, especially the latter. But please don’t make the assumption that because you see how other people react to her, because you’ve spent some time playing her that because of this you know what it’s like to be autistic. That you can get into an autistic person’s head. Because I don’t think that’s something you can replicate.

I remember online someone once said in a discussion that they could understand a little what it was like to be autistic, that in fact most people could, because everyone knows what it’s like at one point or another to not get the joke or to be a little confused in a social situation. Because that’s all autism is, misunderstanding social situations. It was pointed out to them that it’s the equivalent of saying we all know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair because everyone has sat in a chair at some point.

You say that when you are Saga that you are less emotionally present, that you have to force yourself to think that way. Did you ever think about why she is such a creature of logic, about why she appears to have no feelings?

Because for some people, it’s not a question of not having any feelings but of having too many. Of them being too powerful to deal with, to understand and to express. It’s easier instead to shut them out, to act like you don’t have any, to rationalize everything and reduce it all to pure logic.

My final point relates to something that infuriates me so much I feel the need to quote the offending comments here: “I love her, I care for her and I can’t stand her at the same time. She would be annoying in real life, but as the viewer you love her. I don’t get a good feeling being her. She’s tense in her body, she moves fast. She exhausts me. I think of her a lot when I am not playing her. She’s like a relative, a close cousin you are forced to hang out with all summer even if you don’t like her. Because I wouldn’t want to hang out with her, who would?”

Wow, just wow, and I get accused of lacking empathy. Did you not consider how an autistic person may feel reading this? I get that you like and can’t stand her at the same time, I know people find her annoying. I know all this because people in real life feel the same way about me. But saying that you wouldn’t want to hang out with her, essentially saying why would anyone want to do that. That is something else entirely. Thanks for essentially saying there’s no reason for the few friends I do have to spend time with me, or to even like me at all.

And no, I don’t have so few friends because most people don’t like me. Although for the sake of honesty I’ll admit that is true, a lot of people don’t like me, not at first. But it’s not the reason why, the reason is that I find most people exhausting. In particular people like you. Because you talk so much and often about nothing at all. You’re so chatty and sociable it’s infuriatingly exhausting. You should keep in mind what the great Detective Fitch once said “it’s ok to have an unexpressed thought once in a while.”

I understand why a lot of people don’t like me, I know I’m too intense sometimes, a little too strange and random. I know that I make people nervous because they can’t read me, that is they can’t tell how I’m feeling or whatever from any non-verbal cues. But then I find lots of things about NTs frustrating, so I guess we’re kind of even.

To answer your question who’d want to hang out with Saga, I would. I would choose to work with her over you any day of the week. In fact I would choose her over you in any scenario. And one final thing, happiness is not a rare commodity in Saga’s world. Just because she doesn’t show any visible signs of happiness and just because you don’t understand the things that may make her happy, does mean she does not experience such things. I know even the people who know me well don’t always understand the things that make me happy. They don’t understand why something like an extra five seconds of Jogi footage can make my day, or why I collect football tickets or why I like stickers so much. Nor can they make sense of why I’d rather spend an evening with any of my characters than anyone in real life. Which makes my point really about you not being able to truly know what it’s like to be Saga. Because of all the people in question know about my quirks, they are well acquainted with many of them but they still don’t really understand them. They know but they don’t understand.

DFB Pressekonferenz – Thomas Müller, Julian Draxler, Thomas Schneider & Andreas Köpke

Thomas Müller & Julian Draxler – Press Conference 1 Thomas Müller & Julian Draxler – Press Conference 2 Thomas Müller & Julian Draxler – Press Conference 3 Thomas Müller & Julian Draxler – Press Conference 4 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 1 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 2 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 3 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 4 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 5 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 6 Julian Draxler - Press Conference 1 Julian Draxler - Press Conference 2 Julian Draxler - Press Conference 3 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 7 Thomas Müller – Press Conference 8

Joachim Löw at FC Bayern München v Arsenal 2015/16

Video and pictures of Jogi along with Thomas Schneider and Andreas Köpke at Bayern’s 5-1 win over Arsenal tonight:

Joachim Löw at FC Bayern München v Arsenal 2015-16 1 Joachim Löw at FC Bayern München v Arsenal 2015-16 2

DFB Pressekonferenz – Deutschland – Polen: Thomas Schneider, Andreas Köpke & Bastian Schweinsteiger

Thomas Schneider & Andreas Köpke - Pressekonferenz 1 Andreas Köpke - Pressekonferenz 1 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 1 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 2 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 3 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 4 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 5 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 6 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 8 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 9 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 10 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 11 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 12 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 13 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Pressekonferenz 14


A poetic Jogi joke

I’m not really one for jokes which is what today’s prompt asks for, I’m more of a sarcastic comment kind of a person.  Nevertheless I do have a little something which could count as a joke, it did say all jokes are welcome so here goes. A bit of an explanation first, the poem of sorts relates to the time back in 1997 when VfB Stuttgart won the DFB Pokal and to celebrate, Jogi Löw’s players decided for some reason to deprive him of his hair. One of these players was his now assistant Thomas Schneider. The situation is made more amusing by the fact that Schneider is of course German for tailor. And it inspired the writing of this:

Schneider is a tailor of another kind

But here another chance he will not find

To ruin the Bundestrainer’s hair

Try it and he will meet the Jogi-Bär

Stop him we would not

He can always replace him with a bot

Anything to protect the hair

And to bring back Hansi’s bedroom stare

A letter from Herr Schneider/The Reoccurrence of the Schneider dream

Once again I mean that literally, though just as previously it was not from that Hans-Dieter, so here it was not from that Thomas Schneider. Another difference is that the photo in question is of Hansi and not of course of Schneider himself, I’m only getting cards or stickers of him that belong to a set. The photo in question and also a rather nice Hoffenheim card:

Hansi Flick - signed Bayern photo Hansi Flick - TSG 18199 Hoffenheim signed card 1 Hansi Flick - TSG 18199 Hoffenheim signed card 2

What a strange start to the week, a dream last night involving Thomas Schneider, a letter from someone with the same name and also seeing him at the Hoffenheim/Hamburg game whilst watching the Bundesliga highlights. I do have video but I’m keeping it just so my collection is complete, I’m not going start uploading those as well. It’s funny, he’s at the Hoffenheim game and I get Hansi’s Hoffenheim card today.

The dream in question was fairly similar to the previous time he appeared, once again it took place in a school and once again he was a protector of sorts. The one difference was this, here he was a teacher but who got fired and then hired by Jogi as an assistant whereas in the previous dream he started out as an assistant. Both times he got me out of trouble. The meaning is rather obvious, this dream running parallel to what actually happened in real life, he was fired as a coach by Stuttgart and a little while later hired as the assistant coach to the national team. The message is equally obvious, to accept his presence. I get it already Jogi, just stop sending him to me in my dreams, give me back Hansi in my dreams and I’ll do so.