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Euro 2016 Schoolshop Album

I haven’t completed the qualifications album yet but I’m not wasting any time in getting started on the album for the tournament itself. Not the Panini one, I don’t have that just yet. This one is another Serbian one which thankfully has a lot less stickers than the previous installment. It has it’s good points and bad points, the main good point being the fact it has a sticker of Joachim Löw. The bad point is the baffling decision to include Kevin Volland instead of Max Kruse, also there’s no sticker for Matthias Ginter. Hopefully there’s one of him in the Panini album, I could find out now but I’d rather wait until I actually get it. Matze not being in there doesn’t detract too much from my favourite thing about it though, the fact Manuel Neuer is not only on the front cover but is on the front of one of the sticker packets too:

IMG_20160316_173228IMG_20160316_174734Manuel Neuer - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker packetI’ve only opened the ten packets which came with the album so far and in there were two Germans, Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller. I suppose it would have been too much to hope for Jogi or Manuel in the first lot of packets:

Mats Hummels - Germany - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker Thomas Müller - Germany - Euro 2016 Schoolshop stickerOn the subject of the qualifiers album whilst I haven’t completed it I have at least managed to get all the Germany stickers:


Advent Calendar Day 1/Sticker of the Month

So what does the first day of Christmas bring? Three calendars and three players. Well almost, all the Freiburg one has is a small picture behind the chocolate but that’s where I’m starting. Because even though it’s too small to take a picture of still the rule applies, Freiburg first as always. Waiting behind door number 1 was the ever reliable midfielder Nicolas Höfler.

As for Dortmund and DFB calendars for them I do have images. First up is a trading card of Thomas Müller and then a chocolate wrapper with Marco Reus on it:

Thomas Müller - DFB 2015-16 1 Thomas Müller - DFB 2015-16 2 Marco Reus - Dortmund advent calendarAnd now to something equally special, my sticker of the month, Robert Lewandowski from the Road to Euro 2016 album. He’s so special I needed to get two of him, one for the album and one for my wall of stickers:

Robert Lewandowski - Poland - Road to Euro 2016Though in terms of awesomeness he may have some competition from this fantastic glitter sticker from the Unser Deutschland album of the German eagle:

Bundesadler - Unser Deutschland

Stickers of the day – The Champions League Contingent

Lately I’ve been collecting old Champions League stickers, these are my favourites so far and of course by favourites I mean Germans, with the exception of Lewandowski who is of course Polish:

Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern München – CL 2010-11 Toni Kroos – FC Bayern München – CL 2010-11 Thomas Müller – FC Bayern München – CL 2010-11 Miroslav Klose – FC Bayern München – CL 2010-11 Benedikt Höwedes – Schalke 04 – CL 2010-11 Roman Weidenfeller – Borussia Dortmund – CL 2011-12 Andre Schürrle – Bayer Leverkusen – CL 2011-12 Robert Lewandowski – Borussia Dortmund – CL 2012-13 Sven Bender – Borussia Dortmund – CL 2013-14 Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund – CL 2013-14

Jogi & Hansi: Weltmeister Hemden

Post number 444 had to be about Jogi, Hansi or the both of them in some way. So with that in mind it’s the perfect time to post pictures of something I actually got a few weeks ago, but hadn’t got around to posting. Two very special DFB fan t-shirts, one with Jogi Löw on the back and the other with Hansi Flick on it, both of them are signed to make them even more special. There’s a whole set of them, you can get player ones too. As happy as I am to get this particular collectible, I wish I hadn’t in one way, the reason being that I really want to wear the damn shirt. They are really cool and I really like the design, plus I don’t have a Hansi t-shirt which makes it all the more annoying. I’m hoping to come across one some day but so far I haven’t seen a single one.

Here are the pictures of the two I do have:

Weltmeister Trikot Weltmeister Trikot - Jogi LöwWeltmeister Trikot - Hansi FlickWeltmeister Trikot - Jogi Löw - signatureWeltmeister Trikot - Hansi Flick - signatureWhilst I’m posting pictures of collectibles, I thought I’d also post pictures of another recent acquisition, two signed VIP passes. One from the Gibraltar game signed by Jogi Löw and the other from the Scotland game signed by Thomas Müller: IMG_20150521_192223IMG_20150521_192245IMG_20150521_192443IMG_20150521_192351And to finish a Jogi and Hansi collectible of a different kind, footage of them at last season’s Pokal final. Dortmund and Bayern fighting it out once more, there weren’t as many goals this time around, it ended 2-0 in Bayern’s favour with them scoring the two goals in extra time.

Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2014 1 Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2014 2Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2014 3Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2014 4

New Jogi stickers/German trading cards

Jogi - Serbian sticker 1 Jogi - Serbian sticker 2 Manuel Neuer - Limited edition 2014-15 Champions League card Thomas Müller WM 2014 card Mario Götze - WM 2014 card


Die deutsche Sammlung – stickers & trading cards Part 2

This gallery contains 16 photos.

The rest of them, all but one of them are of Roman, Manuel and Thomas. I don’t have all of the WM 2014 ones yet, neither the German or the UK versions: