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Euro 2016 Panini Album

I certainly have no complaints about this album, on the Germany page there are stickers of not only Matthias Ginter but also Erik Durm and Jonas Hector. I’m also happy to note that Kevin Volland is nowhere in sight. Another thing which pleases me greatly is the number of stickers to collect, 680 in all, more than there usually is. A fact which means there are players included which otherwise might not be, like Roman Bürki of Switzerland for example. His inclusion however is not what makes me happiest, that is reserved for seeing Amir Abrashi in there. The only Freiburg player in there in fact seeing as how Bosnia didn’t qualify. His first international tournament (and Albania’s first of course) and his first ever sticker.

It would have been too lucky to get him in the first lot of stickers. I didn’t even get any Germans, all I got was a few players with German connections, including two Stuttgart players so obviously they aren’t going to be included here. So all I have to post is Yann Sommer’s sticker of Switzerland and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Here’s hoping I get better luck on Friday.

Yann Sommer - Switzerland - Euro 2016 sticker20160412_002716-1 20160412_003235[1] 20160412_003304-1 20160412_003804 20160412_002939[1]