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All Hail Hansi – solving the Sven problem

Well I’ve almost solved the problem of Sven (that is how to kill him off), but that would not have been such a catchy title. I’ve figured out what happens in the immediate aftermath of his death and I have a rough idea of how it comes about, I just don’t know what happens in the events leading up to it. And it’s thanks to Hansi that I solved it, which is quite fitting really since the android is loosely based on him. It’s a case of Hansi to the rescue, literally and figuratively. I’ve been thinking of Hansi for most of the evening, partly because I’ve been testing my new DVDs, three of which are matches he played in, to be specific three DFB Pokal matches from the 87/88 season, not that I need an excuse to be thinking of him. And whilst I’m on the subject of Hansi, the pair of boots I got at the beginning of this week, if everything goes to plan and I play my cards right (the German card this time, not the autism card, still working on that plan) they may have a friend to join them.

It’s great that I’ve finally got moving on this, I’ve been obsessing over it for weeks, I was hung up on what came next but then I realised, why do you have to write it in order? If you know what happens later in the story or you have an idea, why not skip ahead, there’s no reason not to, I think Tarantino himself may have said that you don’t have to write something that way.

Now that I have started writing, the story has taken a somewhat different direction. All of a sudden out of nowhere I came up with the idea that Sven is an android too. I don’t know why or where that idea came from exactly. It just seems right somehow, I figure that’s how he knew Hansi was an android and that’s how he knew that he had his own thoughts and feelings or may be developing them. There’s also another interesting aspect I’m coming to think about, I’m wondering whether or not upon finding this out whether or not my main character would wonder if he was an android too? After all, how would one know such a thing? But it’s more than that, obviously my main character is autistic (I’m not sure I can write something from a NT’s point of view) and I’m thinking if he would wonder whether or not all autistic people are androids of some kind. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought that part through yet, I’m giving to give it some more thought. Right now I’m just happy to be actually writing something for this piece again.

Now I can say that I’ve gotten something done today, because honestly other than watching and recording this morning’s press conference and uploading the video of the team’s arrival in Tbilisi, I haven’t done a whole lot with my Bundesliga free Saturday. I did record the first half of Freiburg’s game as planned (well minus the first minute and 32 seconds) but wasn’t able to get the second half, I only have one more chance to do so, true I have both the goals but I want the whole game. Today was meant to be fun filled day of video games but I couldn’t play for more than an hour, it didn’t feel right, playing video games at 17:00 on a Saturday. I’ve spent most of the day trying to find something to do whilst I lament the fact that it’s Saturday today and not Sunday. Thank the gods that the league resumes next week, if an international break is this troublesome to deal with, how difficult is the summer going to be?

It’s obvious who Hansi was named after, Sven on the other hand is not quite so straightforward. After the end of my TK fascination I renamed all my characters, except for Sven. Sven is the name of one of TK’s characters that’s true, it was his name in a German film called The Rat. It amused me because the character is somewhat rat like and I also liked that it worked as reference to Niki Lauda. But that’s not why I didn’t change Sven’s name, it’s also the name of a football player, Sven Bender who plays for Borussia Dortmund.