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Advent Calendar Day 23: The Best of Löw 2017 Part 1

Well at least this post will be easy, putting together pictures and video of Jogi always is. And today I got a pleasant surprise too, both because I wasn’t expecting any more mail before Christmas and because of the card itself, I didn’t know it was a double-sided card. Of course the Jogi card has to come before anything else. This card just might be my most favourite Jogi card ever:

As for the players I got today well Matze’s not among them, I knew he woudn’t be but part of me still wanted to believe he would be there:


And for the best part, the best of Jogi from January to May, I think June and the Confed Cup deserves a post all of it’s own:

Joachim Löw Wahl des Bundespräsidenten 2017

Advent Calendar Days 13, 14 & 15: The Missing Days

Last year I missed one days post and had to do a double post the next day, but never did I miss two days in a row. I somehow managed that this time around, too many late nights and not enough sleep catching up with me I guess. It’s been a very slow few days and I don’t feel like writing anything at all. I did however get two pieces of good news today, first finding out that the final series of The Bridge will be on TV at the start of the new year. And second that the DFB have confirmed their preparation plans for the world cup, having finally decided on where they’re staying. Not in Sotschi which is what Jogi apparently preferred but near Moscow in a place named Vatutinki. They also named their first friendly opponents, Austria who they’ll play on the 2nd June.

Regenerationstraining nach dem Sieg in Belfast/Zurück nach Frankfurt und der neue Bus 06/10/17

Ankunft der Spieler 03/10/17

Joachim Löw/die Mannschaft – RTL Aktuell 03/10/17

Jogi at the Beach 26/06/17

Despite the tempting sounding title I don’t have a new Jogi adventure, though there’s a good chance these pictures might inspire one. Plus the title is a little misleading, the pictures of the players are actually at the beach, not Jogi, but in the absence of a better sounding title I stuck with my first choice. And I just had to make a GIF as well, he looked too good not to:

Joachim Löw/die Mannschaft – RTL Aktuell 26/06/17

Die Mannschaft ankommen in Sotschi 15/06/17

Ankunft der Spieler in Frankfurt 13/06/17

Abschlusstraining in Herzogenaurach/Video round-up 09/06/17

DFB PK: Joachim Löw & Shkodran Mustafi

A press conference with Jogi in Copenhagen (one of my favourite places in the world), listening to German and Danish, knowing there’s a full month of football ahead, could it get any better? Simple answer, yes it can thanks to Jogi speaking English at the end of the press conference here.

Anreise nach Kopenhagen 05/06/17