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Time alone is very important to me, solitude is not a luxury but an essential. I just don’t have a great deal of tolerance for being around other people, regardless of whether I want to be or not. So it stands to reason that today has been a very trying day. I’ve had twelve near continuous hours of social time, I’ve not been by myself for more than ten minutes all day. It’s a price worth paying for getting to see the Captain America triple bill and the all important midnight screening of Civil War. It’s a price I’ll be paying for dearly in the days to come. I’m already paying for it now in fact. Too much social time and having to adjust to being in a strange place at the same time means I can’t sleep. All I need is some time alone, not just from the person with me but from my own thoughts. My goal originally was to write something for my “Fallen Soldier” story before seeing Civil War, it didn’t work out quite so well. I have a lot of notes but so far no actual story. Seeing The Winter Soldier again fixed that. I now know how to start and have a few ideas for later on as well. Problem is I need to write them down now so I can sleep, if I don’t they won’t stop bothering me and I won’t get any sleep anyway.

Although I’m sure I would be having trouble sleeping anyway right now thanks to the end of Civil War, I can’t believe they froze Bucky. Just in case him having his arm torn off by Iron Man wasn’t enough, now he’s back on ice as well. I hope it’s a Han Solo type deal, him being unfrozen in the next film. Up till then the film was perfect, I certainly enjoyed seeing Iron Man getting smashed up and the scene with Antman going giant was just priceless. So many one liners and witty exchanges, too many to remember in fact so I’m glad I’m seeing it again later today. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I see it either.

The only complaints I have is the fact Daniel Brühl was not in it much, a shame since I liked seeing him playing a different kind of character. Two things I have to mention, it was strange hearing him call Bucky by his actual first name James, weird because of course he played Niki Lauda in Rush, his rival and sort of friend being James Hunt. Second of all Daniel looked different, I can’t put my finger on it but he reminded me of how he looked in Rush a little, before the accident obviously. The other complaint is that there wasn’t enough of Sebastian, I would have liked more scenes delving into his and Captain America’s friendship, hopefully that’s to come in one of the next installments. As for German related trivia, the airport they fought at was in Leipzig, I hope that’s a good omen for later on. I don’t expect Bielefeld to smash Leipzig, holding them to a draw would do. Now I am rambling, it’s not a good mix at all. Popcorn, cookies, a late night and now too many ideas. I can’t wait to get home so I can be by myself again. I was fairly certain I could never live with someone else anyway, I mean actually choosing to because I do live with other people right now, it’s just not by choice. Now I have the proof that even choosing to live with someone may not work, I really do need my own space and a lot of it. This is just one day and night and I’m already going crazy. If it’s loneliness or this then the latter is definitely the better option.


Real life is tricky, it’s probably why I don’t engage with it that often. Well that and how completely overwhelming and unpredictable it often is. I’m almost two years into my current obsession and I have all my alternate universes all worked out by now, the main one and all of it’s variants. I remember a comment from  a person whom I no longer see quite so much these days. Essentially their point was that they find my alternate universes curious but not in a bad way. That’s fine, at least they didn’t call me crazy. But then they went on to say that they kind of envied me from being so detached from reality. From not having to worry about all the regular stuff like money, bills, work and kids and whatever else people worry about. I can’t lie, that really hurt. It hurt because first off I’m not quite so detached from reality that I don’t worry about stuff too. It’s because I worry about stuff that I retreat into those worlds. Nor is it the case that just because I don’t live by myself I don’t have anything to worry about. It’s true that I’m freer in a financial sense but I still worry. I worry endlessly about the amount of stuff other people do for me and about being a financial burden on those people.

Secondly I kind of envy them. Not just for being able to live by themselves and because they have a job but because of how carefree they are. Maybe that’s not the right word but I’m not sure what the word is. What I’m trying to say is they don’t need everything planned out like I do. For example when they went to mainland Europe a few summers ago they ended up in Austria. It wasn’t part of their trip, they just ended up there. I envy that, being so flexible as be able to deal with that sort of thing. I can’t even begin to think of taking the trip to begin with. We certainly could never have taken a trip together. Me with my need for military style precision planning and them liking to just go with the flow. How were we ever friends again?

I think the evening I spent with them perfectly illustrates why it just wouldn’t work. It was a completely overwhelming experience. When I have a movie night planned it’s very organized. Not like it used to be, it’s not quite as rigidly planned as before. Now instead of everything fixed in place beforehand there are a fixed number of choices instead. So I know what could happen, I know all the possible options, they never change. That’s not how they do movie night, it’s more of a make it up as you go along sort of thing. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, they were my friend and I trusted them. It should be fine, right? It just shows how naive I am. Of course it wasn’t fine. What was I thinking, that I could just leave that part of autism at home for the day. It’s not a question of just being able to trust someone. If that were true I wouldn’t get anxious about people showing up on time. Because I trust them to show up, yet I’m still anxious.

I’m not even meant to be thinking about anything like this right now and I wasn’t until I read something online. The internet is truly both a godsend and a curse. I was doing just fine until I read that, a little overexcited perhaps because of tonight’s game but then who isn’t? I think for once I can say I’m normal on this count. Being overexcited at what they’re dubbing “El Kloppico” is completely normal. Last night was thrilling enough, seeing Wolfsburg defy the odds and beat Real Madrid 2-0. There was some luck involved with that penalty but they can take all the credit for the second goal and for keeping it 2-0. I don’t particularly like Wolfsburg and I felt like I should be rooting for Real Madrid since they have Toni Kroos but I find it impossible to root for a team that has Ronaldo in it.

The only thing to distract me from the excitement about tonight’s game is related to a show which I promised I wouldn’t watch the rest of and I’m keeping that promise. My mother made me promise not to watch it because I got too angry about it. I’m sticking to my word but she didn’t say I couldn’t read about it online. As it turns out I shouldn’t have done that either. It’s what I read which has me obsessing over all this now. Parents like the show because it focuses on the positives and shows that their kids could potentially be an asset in the workplace. All good, nothing wrong with that. So why am I bothered? Because I started thinking about what I’m good at, what makes me useful. What can I say, it’s a short list. Even if a person does have good points or positives, what happens when the difficulties or negatives outweigh the positives? When a person is too anxious and afraid to make use of any skills they have?

But then as always I’m getting ahead of myself, thinking about what I could potentially do for a living when right now just leaving the house is a difficult task. I can’t even reliably do that. All of this just seems so impossible. What am I so afraid of? Just about everything. On the matter of being afraid I certainly have a challenge in this regard a few weeks from now. Captain America: Civil War is released at the end of the month and I have a very special ticket indeed. I don’t only have a ticket for the film but for a triple-bill, a special showing of all three Captain America films. The snag to this is the time, there are no trains that time of the night. I have to spend the night in the city, sleeping over in a hotel. Not alone of course, I’ve found someone to take me. They’re doing so willingly, I guess the offer of free Captain America tickets was enough to offset the inconvenience of having to chaperone me somewhere. It’s potentially one of the best things I’ll ever get to experience, three films with Bucky in back to back. Almost seven hours of Sebastian Stan, well not quite since he’s not the main character but still a lot of him. Yet at the same time it could be the worst. I don’t do well sleeping in strange places, there’s a good chance I won’t get any sleep at all. Just to make it worse Freiburg are playing the day after, so staying up all night is not the best idea. I’m excited about the films but I can’t believe I agreed to this, I guess I’ll only find out how much of a bad idea it is on the day.

Sebastian Stan Pictures: Once Upon a Time S1 E21 An Apple Red as Blood

Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 1 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 2 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 3 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 4 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 5 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 6 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 7 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 8 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 9 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 10 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 11 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 12 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 13 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 14 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 15 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 16 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 17 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 18 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time S1 E21 19

The Education of Charlie Banks: Sebastian Stan Pictures

The hunt for my favourite Sebastian film continues, this one wasn’t quite so bad as the previous one but it’s not something I’ll be watching again. This time Sebastian plays a rich preppy jerk named Leo who has more money than common sense and who doesn’t seem to give a damn about anyone but himself. My main reason for not enjoying the film a great deal is Jessie Eisenberg, he just always feels like the same character, no matter what film of his you’re watching. He’s the main character Charlie who meets Leo at college. The film centers around Charlie, his friend Danny and their mutual friend Mick. The latter is not a pleasant character and is the source of much conflict. You’re meant to feel sorry for him but it’s not easy to. He may have a had a difficult upbringing and his life isn’t easy but that doesn’t give him the right to act like a thug and attack other people. Though some people would argue the treatment he meted out to Leo was warranted. He was being a jerk and his actions could have cost the girl her job, yet he didn’t care. Because he’s rich and has no concept of having to work for a living. But then you could argue Charlie and Danny equally have no concept of such things. At the beginning of the film when he’s defending his involvement with Leo and why what he does is not so bad Danny claims that he’s not rich, his parents are. That kind of logic is totally bogus, who does he think pays for his stuff and later on to send him to college? He’s certainly not working his way through college like some people have to. His indulging of Mick’s dangerous behaviour is a way of sort of living through him. He can’t or won’t take chances like that but he can encourage Mick to.

In some way both Danny and Charlie are complicit in what Mick does because both of them could have turned him into the police and didn’t. If Charlie had not backed out of his witness statement all those years ago it’s possible Mick wouldn’t have been out to be able to kill or harm someone else. On the matter of being complicit, Leo’s friends play a part in his behaviour too. They don’t take his behaviour very seriously when he almost costs someone their job, they don’t laugh it off but they don’t pull him in line either. Because out of all of them Mick is the only one who knows what’s it like to worry about money that way. Yet it still doesn’t excuse his reaction, Leo may have deserved to be put straight but violence never solves anything and he certainly wouldn’t have learnt anything from the experience.

I guess the film was interesting and raised some interesting questions about what people become and if they are destined to be that way. If those things can change or are set in stone. Whether or not what happens to people growing up has to define who they become as adults. Whilst it was interesting it also lacked the final punch, I didn’t find the end convincing. At the beginning of the film Mick is shown beating up two jocks in a matter of minutes and with no real problem. Yet when it comes to beating up Charlie who should pose no problem it goes on forever even though Charlie isn’t fighting back. I’m also not sure that Mick would be able to stop himself from stomping on him, nor by how Charlie sees the situation. That it was a graduation of sorts, that Mick didn’t make that final blow because he cares about him or discovered his humanity or whatever. Another thing I was disappointed by was the lack of an explanation for why Mick was so interested in Danny. With the scene in his dorm they seemed to hint at some kind of romantic interest on Mick’s part but it never came up again. Anyhow, I did get some nice pictures of Sebastian. His character may have been a jerk but he was a handsome one:

Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 1 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 2 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 3 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 4 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 5 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 6 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 7 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 8 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 9 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 10 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 11 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 12 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 13 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 14 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 15 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 16 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 17 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 18 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 19 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 20 Sebastian Stan - The Education of Charlie Banks 21

The Covenant: Sebastian Stan Pictures

Another Friday night with more of Sebastian Stan. This time round was The Covenant, it didn’t look promising from the description on the back of the case but then it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve sat through a terrible film for an actor I like. If I can put up with a terrible film for James Spader or Vincent D’Onofrio then I can do so for Sebastian. Though this one really tested my patience with rich kids, witches and plenty of teenage angst. Not to mention lame special effects and terribly predictable dialogue. The acting wasn’t great either. I always like to try and find something good in a film, just one redeeming feature. And I mean one other than how cute Sebastian looked or how much screen time he got, I guess it had it’s creepy moments, the spider nightmare and the darkling were pretty good.The scene in the shower where she’s convinced someone was watching her was very atmospheric too. On the counts of both character and plot development however, well almost non-existent would be the only fair word to describe both. Definitely not one to watch again. Up next on my Sebastian list is The Education of Charlie Banks, here’s hoping that will be one that’s worth a rewatch. Not that I could get sick of The Winter Soldier but it would be nice to add another Sebastian film to my favourites shelf:

Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 1 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 2 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 3 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 4 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 5 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 6 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 7 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 8 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 9 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 10 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 11 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 12 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 13 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 14 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 15 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 17 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 18 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 19 Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 20Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 21Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 22Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 23Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 24Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 25Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 26Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 27Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 28Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 29Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 30Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 31Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 32Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 33Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 34Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 35Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 36Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 37Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 38Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 39Sebastian Stan - The Covenant 40

Sebastian Stan Pictures: Once Upon a Time – S1 E17 Hat trick

Watching something Sebastian related on a Friday night is starting to become something of a routine, three weeks in a row now. Last night I watched his first appearance in the show Once Upon A Time as the Mad Hatter. Unlike when Richard Schiff guest starred in an episode I didn’t just watch his scenes. I went one step further than that, watching all of series one. I’m still not quite sure why, maybe I just needed something to distract myself with. Whatever the reasons it’s certainly not a show that would usually be to my tastes, being a little too fantastical for my liking. Not to mention too much family drama. I’m having trouble keeping up with all that’s going on but one thing I know for sure, Sebastian sure is cute as the Mad Hatter. He handles both sides of the character very well, he’s very convincing as the seemingly psychotic Mad Hatter in the real world and as the misguided and struggling father in the other.

Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 1 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 2 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 3 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 4 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 5 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 6 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 7 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 8 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 9 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 10 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 11 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 12 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 13 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 14 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 15 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 16 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 17 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 18 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 19 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 20Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 21 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 22 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 23 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 24 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 25 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 26 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 27 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 28 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 29 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 30 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 31 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 32 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 33 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 34 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 36Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 37 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 38 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 39 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 40 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 41 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 42 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 43 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 44 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 45 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 46 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 47 Sebastian Stan - Once Upon a Time s1 e17 48

The Apparition: Sebastian Stan Pictures

Tonight I watched my first non Marvel Sebastian Stan film. I borrowed it from someone who’s a huge fan of him and they assured me it was scary so I was excited about getting to see it. I don’t watch many horror films because I don’t scare that easily so I don’t see the point. Other than getting a lot of cute Sebastian pictures this film was a disappointment in pretty much every way. Sebastian was ok, I don’t want to criticize not just because I like him but because he didn’t have a lot to work with. It was a pretty weak script, it’s not so much that I can’t find anything good to say about it but that I can’t really find anything to say about it. It was just kind of meh, for lack of a better word. I could see the moments where it was meant to be creepy but I wasn’t feeling it, I didn’t jump or get scared at any point during the film. And I didn’t cheat, I watched late at night with all the lights switched off but still no reaction.

It wasn’t scary and not interesting either. The story is when Sebastian’s character Ben was in college he and some fellow students attempted to conjure up a spirit of some kind. It went wrong and now that spirit is haunting them both. Tom Felton who’s best known as playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films plays his friend Patrick. So strange things start to happen, furniture moving, doors being left open and plants dying until things start to get steadily worse. Long story short his girlfriend Kelly finds the video of the experiment and she asks him to leave because he didn’t tell her about it.

They end up in a hotel where the spirit tries to kill her, because it’s not the house that’s haunted but them. Ben and Patrick try to send the spirit back where it came from but it didn’t work. Patrick gets taken by it and so does Ben when he and Kelly go to Patrick’s safe room. They get in the room and then he disappears. I have to admit that was kind of a neat trick. You think they’ve got to the safe room, so they’re safe. After all it’s where Patrick’s been hiding these past two years. I wonder if that means the spirit could have taken him anytime he wanted, if he was just toying with him. Because that is the worst thing such a spirit can inflict upon people, that kind of mental torture where they don’t what to trust or what’s going to happen next, the never knowing of if you’re safe. So I guess there is one good thing about the film other than how cute Sebastian Stan looked. Kelly gets taken by it too, though it’s not at all clear where she is. They didn’t show what became of Ben and Patrick. He mentioned purgatory, I wonder if that empty mall was her version of that. She hides in a tent but it gets her anyway. I don’t know what the point of that was. If maybe by putting the tent there it was providing her with the illusion she was going to get away. Toying with by making her feel safe and then scaring her to death. Or if it was meant to be symbolic of her denial of the situation. I don’t really care what happened to any of them, the film didn’t do a great job of making you care for any of them. If I didn’t like Sebastian Stan I wouldn’t have cared what happened to him.

Anyhow, to the good stuff. I figured since I put up pictures of Jogi from every match I watch why not do the same for Sebastian Stan and his films as I see them:

Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 1 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 2 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 3 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 4 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 5 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 6 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 7 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 8 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 9 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 10 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 11 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 12 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 13 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 14 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 15 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 16 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 17 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 18 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 19 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 20 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 21 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 22 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 23 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition 24 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition interview 1 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition interview 2 Sebastian Stan - The Apparition interview 3


The Winter Soldier Obsession

For a while I’ve been thinking that I want to write something different, something that isn’t connected to Jogi, Hansi or Manuel. I’ve had a few ideas but none that have stuck and the two I had last week are too depressing. They are good ideas and I think I might use them in the future, they just don’t feel right for now. I don’t need anything to encourage such feelings. I was starting to think I’d never get a non-obsession related idea. I was partly correct. Because I do have a new idea but it’s an obsession related one. Though as the title suggests, it’s most definitely not a Jogi or Hansi idea. For the first time in a long while I have an obsession which is unrelated to football. It’s ironic because my previous film related obsession was connected to CA:TWS too, my last film related obsession being Thomas Kretschmann who played Baron von Strucker.

The past week I’ve been reading Bucky fan-fiction. I read it on someone else’s recommendation and I have to admit I wasn’t keen at first. In the end I couldn’t resist, especially seeing as how CA:TWS is my favourite Marvel film. As it turns out combine the winter soldier and autism and you have my complete attention. So much so that I’m very disappointed it’s just fan-fiction, I can easily picture it as I’m reading it and I’m disappointed that I’ll never get to actually see Bucky in those scenarios.

Whilst I’m enjoying it I’m not entirely happy with it and thinking over some of the things which bothered me I started to wonder how I thought the story should be and how Bucky should be. For one thing I don’t like the idea Bucky is so quickly back to normal in some ways. I started thinking about how much more drawn out I’d like the process of his recovery to be. I made a note of an idea last weekend, it was intriguing but not quite right. The basic idea was there but the pieces didn’t fit. Now it fits, now I have my complete idea. Not only that but I have a few pages of notes and a working title, all I have to do is get started.

It’s good timing because my transitions story has hit a wall, I’ve got the next few chapters outlined but I’m having trouble getting back into it. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, I’m up to 81 completed pages. I think I may have been spending a little too much time with Matze lately, taking a break wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. The last chapter I just finished was more than a little intense. As it turns out writing about meltdowns can be almost as intense and exhausting as experiencing them in real life. Though it was worth it to write it and a most fascinating experience, to see the situation from someone else’s point of view. To see how scary it can be when you have to protect someone from themselves.

I just watched CA:TWS last weekend but I had to see it again so earlier this morning I watched both it and the first Captain America film in one sitting. I wanted to test a theory, to see if I like Bucky as much as I do the winter soldier. Or as my Marvel obsessed friend likes to say, to see if I like 40s Bucky yet. I also wanted to see if my view of the film had changed because the first few times I saw it I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m not that much of a fan of Captain America and I found the film rather unsubtle and lacking the humor of the others which is what I enjoyed the most. But Bucky changes everything and I now like the film a little more, meaning it gets bumped up a few places on my list of Marvel films. CA:TWS is still my undisputed favourite. But the list goes like this now: CA:TWS, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Thor 2, Avengers: AoU, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Iron Mans films in no particular order. Ant-Man is missing from the list because I haven’t seen it. I’m predicting Captain America: Civil War will be my no.1 favourite come April, it will be providing nothing happens to Bucky anyway.

Another thing about Captain America I wanted to see was the scene where Captain America rescues the 107th and getting back Bucky leads the cheers for him. Reading discussions online and listening to rather endless theories from my Marvel friend I learnt that some people think Bucky looks jealous of Steve in that scene. Now I know I’m not always the best at reading facial expressions but he didn’t look jealous to me. I thought he was proud of Steve but also a little angry maybe, not at Steve but at the others. Because it took for Steve becoming Captain America for them to see what Bucky could see all along. It’s like people don’t truly appreciate Steve for who he is. It’s wrong but people take him more seriously as Captain America. Simply doing the right thing or having morals isn’t enough, they shouldn’t but people judge on looks. Character is what should count but the world just doesn’t work that way.

I thought the scene a short while later in the pub makes it quite clear that Bucky’s not at all jealous of Steve and he doesn’t harbour any feelings of resentment. When Steve asks if he’ll join him Bucky says he won’t follow Captain America, but he will follow that “dumb little guy from Brooklyn who wouldn’t run away from a fight.”

Unlike everyone else he remembers the guy behind the shield because he knew him before, he knew that he always had it in him to be the man he is now. Which is kind of fitting because it seems that after the events of CA:TWS Steve will have to do just that for Bucky. He’s going to have to help him remember the man he was, that Bucky is still in there.

I love that scene in CA:TWS during the final battle when Steve is trying to get Bucky to admit he knows him. He tells him exactly what Bucky said to him after his mother’s funeral, “because I’m with you to the end of the line pal.”

In my previous post about revisiting the Marvel universe was well as trying to work out what my favourite film is I also tried to figure out who my favourite character is. Back then I decided Dr. Erik Selvig is my favourite character and that if I absolutely had to pick a favourite Avenger it would be Thor. Both those facts are still true, I still adore Erik. But he has to take second place because Bucky now tops the list for me. Meaning my list of favourite Marvel characters goes like this: Bucky, Erik, Thor, Nick Fury and Baron Zemo.

Hulk gets struck from my list because I don’t like his newfound friendship with Tony in AoU. Hawkeye I also like but that’s based more on fan-fiction than the films so I don’t think he should be on the list. As for Baron Zemo you might ask how he can be on the list seeing as how the film isn’t even out yet. Simple answer is I love Daniel Brühl and he’s not disappointed me yet so I’m counting on him being awesome.

As for why Bucky is my favourite all of a sudden the logic is similar to my liking of Hulk. I felt a kinship with Hulk in regards to controlling his anger. With Bucky I can’t identify with him at all before what happened to him. It’s after he becomes the winter soldier that I can identify with him a little. Not so much the film version of Bucky because obviously no-one knows what he’s like yet. It’s the fan-fiction and because it’s so good to me that’s Bucky, whatever happens in the films. It has it’s flaws and I don’t agree entirely with certain aspects of it but they’ve done well in creating a well rounded version of Bucky from the fragments of what is known about him. He’s unsure about who he is, has nightmares, can’t escape from his memories of the past, is worried about hurting people and controlling himself and he can’t sleep. Whilst my nightmares and the memories which haunt me are nowhere near as bad as Bucky’s I understand a little what it’s like to have your mind dominated by memories of things you’d rather forget. As for the having trouble sleeping, I certainly know what that feels like.

When you start to write a story you’re committing not just to the story but to spending time with the characters in question. I have no idea how it works for other people but for myself when I get attached to a character they become a part of my inner universe. They become a part of my thought processes as a whole whilst I’m working on the story. There is much simpler way of putting this and it’s something I’d never say in real life because people can and do misinterpret it but I guess I don’t have to worry about that here. What I’m getting at is they take up residence in my mind, I hear them as easily as I do my own thoughts. I spend time with them, talking to them and testing out scenarios to see if they work before committing them to paper. If something doesn’t flow in my mind then I don’t even bother writing it down.

I feel like I can spend some time with Bucky right now, I don’t see why not given I’ve spent the past few days dreaming about him. It sure feels strange to be dreaming about someone who isn’t Jogi, Hansi or Manuel. But then that’s a sign in itself, if I’m daydreaming about him then I like him enough to write a story centered around him.

Quirk of Habit

Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Reading this prompt I mistakenly thought it would be easy, after all there’s lot of things about other people that annoy me. But when I got to thinking about it I realised a lot of those things aren’t really quirky habits, just normal human behaviour. It’s me who finds them strange, like people who insist that I can’t possibly be listening to them because I haven’t once looked at them or aren’t facing them. What they fail to understand it’s precisely because I’m not looking at them that I can listen to them at all.

I had to think hard about the people I spend the most time with to come up with something that annoys me. I know there’s a few things about certain people that would annoy others but they don’t annoy me because I’m used to it. Nor do I really consider them quirky habits. For example my brother used to make animal noises which understandably a lot of people find bothersome but to me it was just normal.

I did however come up with something, people who pick at things. People who always have to play with something. I’m thinking of one person in particular who keeps playing with the corner on the case of their iPad. The noise drives me crazy and every-time they do it I think of the scene from Plastic in which Thomas Kretschmann’s character smashes a tablet over someone’s head. That’s how much it bugs me. But I would never do that, I’d never smash up a tablet. Not least one that contains pictures of Bucky.

There are other things which annoy me which I suppose could be considered quirky habits. But they aren’t other people’s, they’re mine. Like my almost compulsive collecting for example, the difficulty I have in throwing stuff away and the way I talk over people. I know I shouldn’t do it, I’ve been reminded a million times and yet when I get carried away talking about a special interest I still do it. Randomness is another thing I can find annoying. I love it as much as I hate it. It leads to some interesting conversations but sometimes I don’t just confuse other people but myself.

Obsessiveness is something else I have mixed feelings about. I used to like it, the way I devote myself to one thing to the exclusion of everything else. Now I’m not so sure. Someone once told me they admired and liked my obsessive focus, even if they often found my subject choice quite baffling. I’m wondering if they feel differently about it now. If it at first it seems like a cute and quirky little habit but once you’ve had to deal with it for several years it maybe starts to get a little wearing.

Right now there’s room for only a few things in my mind. First is of course Jogi and Hansi, then Freiburg, Manuel Neuer and the new addition is the winter soldier. He’s my first non-football obsession in quite a while. It’s certainly been a long time since I liked someone enough to go out and buy up as many of their films as I can get. At first it was just Bucky I liked but now I’m starting to appreciate Sebastian Stan too. Though for me I’ll always like him the best in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It’s his wonderfully long hair that seals the deal and that intense look in his eyes.

Winter SoldierAs for what quirky habits I like unreservedly, Manuel Neuer has to get a mention here. I love the way he often finds someone to celebrate with when a goal is scored. No matter where he is he’s determined not to be left out of things, he wants a hug too and not even having to run half the length of the pitch will stop him:

Manuel_Neuer_celebrates_Wolfsburg_v_Bayern_DFB_PokalManuel_Neuer_celebrates_Bayern_v_DortmundManuel_Neuer_celebrates_Bochum_v_BayernThere’s another special moment of Neuer’s I love too, this one here: