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Advent Calendar Day 16: Friday Night Excitement & More New Jogi Pictures

The week could easily read like this, Monday a good day, Tuesday to Thursday – three days of nothingness. Friday – back to good again. Stuff happened, a lot of it not good, I wrote about some of it but I don’t remember anything, just a vague sense it wasn’t good. And now predictably I don’t really care either because as the title suggests tonight’s game was plenty exciting. As one of the English commentators said “it’s the kind of game which makes you fall in love with football in the first place.”  It’s certainly the kind of game which makes you feel like getting out of bed was worth it, even more it makes me feel as if staying awake just to see it was worth it.

Today was the day I set aside to try and get my sleeping patterns back in order, if not for the week ahead then at least for the weekend. It’s not really working so far though, in fact things are proceeding as they usually are. I’ve stayed up too late and as a result of being over tired I’m too hyper to fall asleep, add the distraction of being sucked into looking at pictures of Jogi on Google and I’m getting nowhere. Which pretty much sums up my week really. There is one good thing though, whilst the internet often frustrates me in the sense it’s a place where you encounter plenty of prejudice and misinformation about autism you can also sometimes find good things. Like an understanding with other people you can’t find in real life. It’s always a nice feeling when you feel like someone else gets it, more than that, like you yourself could have written what they did. In this case it was someone explaining that after socialising they always get really hyped up and need to talk about everything that’s just happened, as if their brain needs to process it all. Which is exactly what happens to me, I’ve never come across anyone who knew what I meant, so it’s nice to feel like I’m not alone in that. Even though this post is short it’s probably all over the place because I am, I know these mood swings aren’t in the least bit healthy but I don’t feel like I can do anything about any of it right now. I just need to get through the next few weeks unscathed and deal with what happens afterwards when it actually happens.

The game may have been good but this is what really made the day worth it:

Joachim Löw – RTL Interview 15/12/16

joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-1 joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-2 joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-3 joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-4joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-5joachim-low-rtl-interview-15-12-16-6And now for the calendars, in the Freiburg one was Manuel Gulde which is kind of cool because he has both a Jogi connection and a Hansi one, matter of fact he has a double Jogi connection because Freiburg signed him from none other than Karlsruher SC. As for Hansi that is extra timely because the team in question were Dortmund’s opponents tonight, Hoffenheim. In the Dortmund calendar was summer signing and seeming misfit Sebastian Rode:

manuelguldescfreiburgteampresentation 20161217_013031-1