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Bundesliga MD23 2015/16: Battle of the former Freiburg Keepers

The Bundesliga rarely disappoints and despite several teams suffering from a post Europe hang-over this weekend was no exception. This weekend was a little different with no game of the week on Saturday, instead being an aptly named “Super Sunday.” Despite there being no official game of the week Wolfsburg v Bayern was obviously the top game everyone had their eyes on. There was unfortunately no repeat of the Lewandowksi show this time around. He just got the one goal. Wolfsburg battled hard against Bayern, no doubt very motivated to avoid the humiliation they endured earlier in the season.

The real action however was on Sunday with Dortmund playing host to Hoffenheim and as the title suggests two former Freiburg keepers battling it out. Roman Bürki for Dortmund and his predecessor in the Freiburg goal Oliver Baumann.The latter also going up against his former team-mate Matthias Ginter who remained on the bench. As it turns out they came a little closer to going head to head than two keepers usually would. On the subject of former players facing each other the game has another connection of that nature, Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsman have a connection too. Tuchel having worked with him whilst he was the youth coach at Augsburg.

Visiting a high flying Dortmund would be nerve wracking enough for a team battling against relegation, let alone one that’s adjusting to life under new coach Julian Nagelsman. He certainly had a difficult job on his hands yet he didn’t disappoint. It’s ironic that a hard earned 1-1 draw with Dortmund was one of Hoffenheim’s few successes before sliding into the relegation battle. A lot has changed since then with the team on their third coach of the season. Naglesman was meant to take over in the summer but had to take over ahead of schedule after Huub Stevens was forced to step down because of health problems. Since taking over his presence has certainly made a difference and it most definitely showed against Dortmund. Going 1-0 up against Dortmund is incredible enough but holding onto that lead until the 80th minute is all the more so. It looked like Hoffenheim could do the impossible and hold onto what would be a vital three points, that is until Sebastian Rudy was sent off. What a day for him, his birthday, a potentially match winning goal and then a red card.

Mkhitaryan’s equaliser in the 80th minute promised an exciting end to an already pretty exciting game, and it did not disappoint. Those final nine minutes plus extra time provided plenty of drama. A late winner from Adrian Ramos who only came on the pitch ten minutes earlier and then Hoffenheim decided to throw everything at it. Even Baumann got in on the act coming up into the box in the final minutes before having to rush back. That wasn’t the end of the drama, after having a fairly uneventful and quiet game Aubameyang finally got his goal in extra time, making it 3-1. It is a result Dortmund didn’t really deserve but one that’s important for them in terms of keeping in touch with Bayern at the top of the table. It’s even more important considering they were to face Bayern the weekend after.

Bundesliga - MD23 results Bundesliga MD23 table 1 Bundesliga MD23 table 2Highlights:

Dortmund v Hoffenheim

Wolfsburg v Bayern

Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 1 Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 2 Julian Weigel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 1 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 1 Sven Bender – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 1 Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 3 Julian Weigel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 2 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 2 Sven Bender – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 2 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 3 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 4 Sven Bender – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 3 Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 4 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 5 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 6 Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 5 Thomas Tuchel – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 6 Sven Bender – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 4 Roman Bürki – Dortmund v Hoffenheim 7

The Final German & The Road to Completion

With the arrival of Erik Durm my Euro 2016 album is one step closer to completion, he was the final German I needed to complete their page. I now just have one sticker left before the whole album is finished, the missing sticker being number 326, Herr Kari Arkivuo of Finland. I hope this time around it works out. I got one of him just before Christmas and he was damaged. This time I hope he’s perfect. It’s nice in a way, it’s my final sticker and for the person I’m trading with it’s their first swap online. Anyhow, Erik Durm’s sticker and the complete German pages:

Erik Durm - Germany - Road to Euro 2016IMG_20160226_160252Seeing as how one collection is almost done I figure it’s the perfect time to start another one. The next one I’m embarking upon is the Bundesliga 2013/14 album. I’ve opened 10 packets so far and am very happy that in those fifty stickers is two Freiburg players, Matthias Ginter and Oliver Baumann. Also most amusing was the fact I got both Lars and Sven Bender. Even better is not only were they in the same packet but right after each other:

IMG_20160219_220333img_20160219_220420  Matthias Ginter - SC Freiburg - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerOliver Baumann - SC Freiburg - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerSven Bender - Dortmund - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerLars Bender - Leverkusen - Bundesliga 2013-14 sticker

Last minute equalizers/Don’t joke about the Joker

Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Almost anything can be funny, I have a very dark sense of humor so there’s not many topics that I would consider off limits. There are however one or two topics that are just too painful to even consider joking about. Jokers to name one, to be more specific Russian jokers who score the equalizer just over a minute after Nils Petersen scored what I thought had to be the winner. Petersen’s goal was late, in the 89th minute and with only two minutes of extra time, a minute and 28 seconds of which had already been played, it was too late to respond in kind. I should be grateful that it ended 1-1, on the balance of play KSC deserved to win and if it wasn’t for a little bit of luck, Manzon’s goal would have been the winner. Yet I still feel cheated because for just a minute, literally a minute, I was already thinking of Freiburg returning to the top of the table.

Two Baden derbies in two days and they both ended on a similar note too. Though there is one major difference in that both Hoffenheim and Stuttgart are struggling, whereas with Freiburg and KSC they are at opposite ends of the table. The similarity is that they both ended in a draw and both with a last minute equalizer, plus in both cases it was a header.

In KSC’s case the equalizer was scored by joker Vadim Manzon who had been on the pitch for about seven minutes. And for Stuttgart their equalizer came from Timo Werner. It was not however the best goal of the game, that honour goes to Kevin Volland, but at least half of the credit has to go to former Freiburger Oliver Baumann who with his excellent and exceedingly accurate throw out (Manuel Neuer would be proud) started the move off.

KSC’s equalizer was obviously a big disappointment to me, Stuttgart’s not so much. At least now I don’t have to feel guilty or conflicted at all about rooting for Hansi’s team at the expense of Jogi’s team, or vice-versa.


Nils Petersen goal – KSC v SC Freiburg

Vadim Manzon goal – KSC v SC Freiburg

Kevin Volland goal – Hoffenheim v Stuttgart

Timo Werner goal- Hoffenheim v Stuttgart