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Summer brain melt/A Jogi minion

It’s too warm to think at all right now, let alone thinking about doing anything. It’s funny then that today’s daily prompt is related to just that, asking the nearest person to you what they’re thinking and then writing about it. I didn’t write anything for it, it’s too much work in this heat. Going to find someone, asking them a question and then sticking around to hear the answer. Way too much work.

Right now it seems a very tempting proposition to sleep through the day and be awake at night, except it’s not much cooler at night. Earlier in the week I was thinking of zombies and now it’s vampires. Earlier I got the random idea of digging up the s1 box-set of True Blood. I’ve not even finished watching the final series and I don’t think I will after what I’ve read online, but it seems I want to see the beginning again. I think I miss Eric.

It’s strange, I’ve been reading books set in the dead of winter and now I want to watch a TV show set in the south, in other words not cool at all. Lying around watching TV seems to be the only thing to do right now. I started watching The Wire again as planned and ended up watching all of series 2 in one day. The irony of that is not lost on me, that a show partly about drug addiction is so very addicting. True Blood is up next, and maybe series 1 of Sleepy Hollow after that. I know I have a stack of new shows to get started on or catch up with, like Extant, House of Cards and American Horror Story but I don’t feel like watching anything new. Watching stuff you’ve already seen is less work, knowing what happens means you don’t have to follow what’s going on so closely.

I may be too tired to think too much, but there’s one idea I can spare some energy for, a most amusing phrase that’s on my list of search engine terms. Someone actually typed this phrase into google or some other search engine “Jogi Löw als minion.” Whatever would make someone think of that, let alone type into google? Thanks to them now I’m thinking about it, not just Jogi but Hansi too. Jogi & Hansi minions. And why stop there, how about all of the team as minions. And the all important question, what would a Jogi minion sound like.

Monday 27th July, that’s the day Freiburg’s season will begin. It’s a whole new thing to be getting used to, games on a weekday. I’m kind of glad in a way, that they aren’t playing on Saturday. I know at some point they will be, but I’m just glad the first game isn’t on a Saturday. Three weeks and one day to go now.

Hansi’s a teddy bear

Apparently Hansi is a teddy bear now, before he was “only worth liking (or was interesting) in the context of Jogi.” Now he’s worked his magic, I knew he would, no-one could resist that smile of his. The chipmunk elf-lord look he has that I love so much. The person in question does have a talent for great one liners like that. Though they have no recollection of what they previously said about him. Their line about Roman was not quite of the same quality, still funny though. The battle of the Romans is a Roman-off.

It was a day that did not disappoint, I got to see the Minions film, found the bookstore like I wanted to, got the new Minions sticker album, saw the Niki Lauda documentary and got some social time. In addition the day and indeed the week has been a source of many teachable moments. With the Minions album and the bookstore I learnt a little something about sticking with it, about what to do when something doesn’t go as you expect. I had to go to a second store for the album, they didn’t have it at the usual place. I could have just gotten it online, gone home without one, but I tried another place, thinking outside of the box, and it worked. Similar thing with the bookstore, I’m familiar with that part of the city, I wouldn’t have gone there otherwise but I’ve never been to this place before. I couldn’t find it at first, instead of giving up and coming back another time when I wasn’t by myself I carried on and ended up finding the place. And it was awesome, three floors of used books, the history section was a dream. They have a whole separate section for Ancient Rome alone, I am definitely going back there with a stack of notes and an empty back-pack.

My original plan was to see the Niki Lauda documentary by myself , not by choice exactly, it was just that I didn’t think there would be enough time to make plans with someone else. As things turned out, there was sufficient time and I’m glad it turned out that way. Another lesson there, sometimes things don’t go as you expected them to or even as you wanted, and yet still it turns out fine or in this case, better than fine.

I always say it’s a trade-off when it comes to spending time with other people, that you have to think about what you gain and what you lose or the price you have to pay. That still applies, and of equal importance is the right amount of time you spend with other people. This is my only social time, not just for this month but for last month too. And I’m happy with that, I really am. That’s the important point, I’m happy with it. It doesn’t matter that other people think I should have a little more social time. What’s important is I know my limits, I know what I want and need. I’m starting to think that I’m spending too much time thinking about such things, or that I spend too much time thinking in general. It’s funny how I can write a conversation like that between my two favourite Germans, with one telling the other just that, that there’s no point in thinking obsessively about stuff and yet I don’t take the advice myself.

One final thought on the matter, if I have less social time I seem to enjoy it more. I guess the less of it there is, the less there is to worry about. I just have to be firm and not let myself get talked into social time because it’s what other people think I need. There is precisely three weeks until the season begins and I was deadly serious when I said that I have no intention of going to the beach, or taking any trips or indeed any kind of social event at all. I will venture outside to see Pixels when it’s released in August, that I will have time for.

A lot of good things came out of the conversation before and after the film. Talking about Niki Lauda for one thing, and their opinion that his obsessive focus is very similar in nature to an autistic person’s obsessive focus, add that to his bluntness and his very direct manner and it’s easy to say that he’s closer to the autistic spectrum than anything else. On a related note, the final third of the film was about track safety and the advancements in that and how the cars are made safer these days. With that in mind after the film I mentioned a book I read, written by a track doctor on the subject. Apparently having read such a book makes me a nerd. Well, there are worse things to be. Plus I got them a book about The Wire, which of course led to reminiscing about the show. I haven’t seen it in quite a while, not for a year at least. So now I’m digging out my box-set, ready for round 4.

Obviously the Jogi & Hansi part of the conversation was the best part, and I finally got to show them my match footage of Jogi from Khedira’s charity game. The second best comment, after the teddy bear one was the comment about how the Löw adventures are bringing out a whole different side of me. I can’t argue with that, that stuff really isn’t me, sentimental yes, romantic no, not at all. And yet here, it seems normal rules do not apply. Jogi & Hansi have their own rules it seems.

The Minions was film was fun like I thought it would be. It’s no masterpiece, but it doesn’t need to be. Just a fun afternoon of mindless Minion summer fun, that’s all I wanted and I got that. My favourite scene was the Dracula one, he was one of the masters they attempted to serve and ended up destroying, in his case by throwing him a birthday party and opening the drapes, cue a dead Dracula.

The Lauda documentary was pretty good too, though the final third of the film was a little boring compared to the rest of it. Not because the subject is boring, I found that interesting, it was just that the people talking then weren’t as interesting to listen to compared to the others. It was great getting to see old footage of Niki, not the race stuff, the interview footage, that was really terrific. I didn’t learn much that I didn’t already know about, regardless it was still worth watching and I’m very glad I went to see it.

On the way back I made some new notes for a Löw adventure, one centered around a certain sticker album and a certain German wanting one very much. Except what if they didn’t have one, what if there wasn’t any left. Sometimes you have to deal with things not going how you expect them to be. It occurred to me once I was done making the notes that it was me who needed to hear that, I was writing what I’d been telling myself all day.

2. Bundesliga count-down – 21 days to go.

Also the dates for the DFB Pokal have been set, Freiburg’s game is on the 9th August. On the subject of counting down the days, it’s just six days till I get to buy my new Freiburg shirt.

To end with Jogi, in today’s post I got another addition to my collection, a signed postcard, a very nice summer themed one:

Joachim Löw – Tui Postkarte

Share Your World – 2015 Week #26

The questions.

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

In real life I’d have to say a passenger, partly because I can’t drive and partly because I like to watch other people drive. In another world, a different reality, like in video games I love to drive. Especially in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I love to drive around the countryside at night in a old junker of a car called a Clover (if I’m remembering correctly) listening to country and western music like I Love A Rainy Night and Crazy. Or in GTA 4, driving around the city at night listening to the radio station that plays Phillip Glass music.

If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?

If it were for an opera in Vienna I’d probably go, especially if they were for Wagner’s Ring. Otherwise I’d probably sell them, I have no real interest in opera or any wish to sit through such a thing.

Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less. (NOTE:  does not necessarily have to be a sentence.)

There is almost always a silver lining.

Or alternatively: Books, football, Jogi, Hansi. All you need.

Which would you prefer:  a wild, turbulent life filled with joy, sorrow, passion, and adventure–intoxicating successes and stunning setbacks; or a contented bordering on happy, secure, predictable life surrounded by friends and family without such wide swings of fortune and mood?

I’d prefer the latter I think, well part of it anyway. I think I’ve had enough adventure and trouble for a lifetime. It would be nice to enjoy boring and predictable for a change, I’d welcome a little security right now. As for being surrounded by family and friends, not so much, they are part of the problem. The only excitement I want is football related, in regards to everything else a quiet and predictable life would suit me just fine. I want nothing more than to go to work in the week, to do what I have to do and be left alone. And at the weekend, books and football whether it be at the stadium for a home game or at home in front of the TV if it’s an away one. And stickers of course, there always has to be stickers.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that I got plenty of reading done, and that I got lots of nice new pictures of Hansi. And that it wasn’t quite so unbearably warm all the time, at least in the night it was cool enough to get some writing done, I’m very happy with the ending for my DFB Pokal chapter.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Minions film today and the Niki Lauda documentary at the cinema. I’m also happy at the prospect of finally being able to buy some stickers, and maybe checking out a second hand bookstore I found online. I don’t have a great deal of money to spend on books right now, but I’ll be happy if I can just find the place to check it out and to look through the old books. Looking through shelves of old books is in a way better than new ones, there’s something more special about it.  I hope that I can find the place and that I like it. If so I plan on going back there once the summer’s over with my backpack and a wad of notes, imagine all that money to spend on books.