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DFB Sammelalbum 2016

Out of all the collections I’ve started this year the DFB album has to be my favourite and not just because with only 36 cards it’s going to be easy to complete. It’s mainly because I get to start the collection from scratch and not long after it’s released rather than after the fact like the 2014 collection. Plus all my favourites are there, not only Manuel but Matze and Jonas too. Though I don’t have Jonas’ card yet. With only 36 cards it’ll be none too difficult to complete but if you’re collecting glitter cards then it’s double the amount. I have three of them so far, Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil and Emre Can. I have three of Jogi but no glitter version yet. Better luck next time I guess, I bought 50 packs the first time round. I’ll have to think about buying 100 next time. I know you can buy the glitter cards on eBay but I thought it would be cool to find one myself. As for the regular versions I’ve got 25 out of the 36 so far, when I’ve got the remaining eleven I’ll upload them all in a separate post. For now just three of my favourites so far and pictures of the album:

Joachim Löw – DFB card 2016Matthias Ginter – DFB card 2016Manuel Neuer – DFB card 201620160504_202219 20160504_201823 20160504_201839 20160504_201922


The main thing I was hoping that would happen this week is now an impossibility because Bayern were knocked out on Tuesday night and Man City lost to Real Madrid earlier tonight. It would have been all so perfect and not just because it would have seen Pep Guardiola going up against his new club. I was thinking of a it a little differently, what I found so amusing about the prospect of Bayern reaching the final is related to where it’s being held. This year’s final is being held in Italy so it would have been perfect for a German team to be there. A few months ago Germany beat Italy for the first time in 21 years and it happens to be the year the Champions League final is being held in Italy. Not to mention the fact that last year the final was in Berlin and Juventus an Italian team were the runners-up. Now it’s an all Spanish affair, whichever way it goes the trophy will be going to Madrid. There is at least a German still in the competition in the form of Toni Kroos for Real Madrid.

Despite the disappointment the week and indeed the night is not a total loss, not least because I got not one but two Jogi interviews. But the reason the week is not lost is an even better reason. Today I got the new DFB album and 50 packs of cards. So far I’ve got three of Jogi, two of Matze and Manuel. And I hate to say it, two of Schneider as well.

Joachim Löw – DFB card 2016Matthias Ginter – DFB card 2016 Manuel Neuer – DFB card 2016Football aside my biggest hope for this week is avoiding doing anything else particularly stupid between now and the end of the week. I already have all my stupid planned for the rest of the week, one more insane obsession related decision which I’ve committed to. It’s absurd enough to fill my stupid quotient for the week, enough for the month really but I can’t say no, not to the possibility of such a unique addition to my collection. Speaking of collections there’s one other thing I’m hoping for, the safe arrival of my Jogi advertising board. I keep obsessively checking the tracking status of it. I don’t know why because it hasn’t changed in the last 24 hours. But it’s freaking me out, the updates are not helpful at all. It went from telling me it’s on it’s way to saying “it hasn’t arrived yet.” It’s really freaking me out because both updates show the same location, how can it be on it’s way and then not have arrived. I can’t bear to think they may have lost it, surely it has to be a glitch of some kind. And it has to be the one courier company that is renowned for not being able to speak to an actual human being. Last time I dealt with them it was a shipment of German food they failed to deliver, it did eventually show up but had it not done I could have gotten over that. This on the other hand is a one of a kind collectible, not the kind of thing you get over. I know I shouldn’t be thinking so negatively but that is easier said than done.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Most things in life are fleeting, feelings good and bad. Indeed life itself is fleeting. This weekend served up two reminders of this fact. The first was the death of a Darmstadt fan, a boy named Johnny who had cancer. He lived long enough to see them get promoted to the Bundesliga and to celebrate with the team. Sadly he didn’t live long enough to see them stay there, there’s still eight match-days to go. But he continues to be a source of inspiration for the team and their fans in the fight to stay in the top flight. They marked his passing with a minute of silence and banners with his picture on. His motto was “You must fight.” Words which Darmstadt will need to remember in their bid to remain in the Bundesliga.

Sunday unfortunately also served up a similar event. Dortmund’s yellow wall found themselves silenced during their game against Mainz. Not because their team was losing, that won’t stop them singing. Their silence was a mark of respect for a fan who died during the game. At the end they sung “You’ll Never Walk Along” in his honour and instead of their usual lap of honour the players stood in a respectful silence. Understandably at the end of the game neither Marco Reus nor Thomas Tuchel wanted to talk much about football. Thomas Tuchel saying that there are some things more important in life than football. I actually disagree with him there, I know what he’s saying but I can’t agree. Partly because of the story mentioned above. That boy Johnny lived and breathed for Darmstadt and they meant everything to him. Freiburg mean everything to me, sometimes they’re the reason I get out of bed. Maybe to some people that’s sad or whatever but I don’t care. Life’s too short to worry about what other people think of you. They provide a center, something to build everything else around that I really need right now. They are a point of consistency, no matter how bad everything else is going I know I get to see them play at the weekend. Win, lose or draw they’ll always be there. Some things are fleeting but others like loyalty and love aren’t.

This weekend’s game was a little bit of comedown after the excitement against Leipzig. They beat Frankfurt 3-1 but that scoreline is a little misleading. On the matter of things being fleeting my excitement on Sunday certainly was. The reason being for a few short minutes I got to enjoy the excitement of Freiburg being league leaders again. And then the inevitable happened, Leipzig equalised against 1860 and then went on to score the winner. Business as usual and Freiburg go back to second place. I was a little unhappy about that, until I saw Dortmund’s game and then today saw this prompt. The combination of the two set me straight. Freiburg are still in second place, that’s still an automatic promotion spot. Besides I have nothing to complain about, I got to see the game, including the pre and post-match shows. I got a new interview with Nils Petersen and he got to score two very important goals. I shouldn’t take that for granted, just getting to see the game is something I should appreciate. Thinking about Johnny and Darmstadt certainly puts into perspective. Whatever happens at the end of this season at least I’ll get to see it. I know I complain sometimes about having to get up early on the weekend because the 2.Bundesliga kicks off earlier, but I really shouldn’t. It could be so much worse. Look at Paderborn, relegated from the top flight, their coach and most of their best players gone. On their I think third coach of the season and struggling just to stay in the league. They face the possibility of being relegated twice in a row. It’s in stark opposition to Darmstadt who in the past two years did the opposite, getting promoted twice in a row, first from the 3.Liga and then the 2.Bundesliga. Impressive stuff, even more so when you consider it’s their first season in the top flight in about 30 years.

Monday’s are always a slow day, writing this post will most likely be my only achievement of the day. But I’m still in my anything goes kind of mood from last week so I’m not being too hard on myself about it. Instead I’m focusing on how happy I am at the latest additions to my collection:

Nils Petersen - signed Bremen 2012-13 card Nils Petersen - Bremen 2012-13 card 2 Nils Petersen - signed Bremen 2014-15 sticker Christian Günter - signed SC Freiburg Match Attax card Florian Niederlechner - signed Mainz Match Attax card Matthias Ginter - signed Dortmund Match Attax cardThere is one other thing I have to mention, last night whilst I couldn’t sleep I ended up watching a re-run of Law & Order: SVU. It was the episode Robin Williams guest starred in. He plays a man who lost his wife and child in childbirth, he didn’t argue with the doctor, trusting him to make what turned out to be the wrong call. As a result he’s obsessed with conformity and because of this he makes calls to fast food restaurants posing as a police officer. Long story short he asks them to commit crimes and the managers do as he asked, because he’s a police officer. The way he sees it he’s making a point about non-conformity, about how people do what they’re told. How people just believe what the government tells them. I don’t agree with his methods but I can certainly see his point. The other reason the episode sticks with me is because at the end his character vanishes without a trace, the police assume he must have jumped in the lake. But it makes no sense, he had a plan, he blew up the building. Everything was perfectly planned, if he was going to commit suicide he would have done so whilst making a point. Obviously the fact Robin Williams committed suicide in real life makes the episode a little more disturbing somehow, for lack of a better way to put it. He was one of my favourite actors when I was younger, Jumanji and Jack were two of my favourite films ever. I haven’t actually seen either of them since then, for some reason I can’t talk myself into watching them. I’ve gotten away from my point now, which was that strangely enough somebody else wrote about him today for this prompt. I found the picture at the end of that post especially fitting, it’s a picture from Jack with the words “What do I want to be when I grow up? Alive.”

I spend too much time worrying about whether I’m grown up enough or not, whether I should be moving faster or doing more. I probably spend too much time worrying about lots of things. Time worrying is wasted time, it’s time that could actually be spent doing something. Like I said above, life’s too short to worry about what other people think of you. I don’t really know what I want to be or what I want to do in life. Right now I have a reason to get out of bed, I would say in the morning but that’s not very accurate these days. It’s usually a feat I only achieve on match-days. Point is I have a reason to get out of bed, I have something to look forward to every week. For now that’s enough.

November – the month of Nils

I’ve been putting off writing this post all month, telling myself that I didn’t have enough time. That wasn’t really true, I could have found time. I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to put down on paper (well virtual paper) my thoughts about this month. But I had to, for three reasons. Firstly if I didn’t Nils wouldn’t get a month named after him and if there’s anyone in the Freiburg squad who deserves a month named after him then it’s him. Secondly it would bug me, the incompleteness of it, every other month has a post, which means November needs one too. Regardless of whether or not I wish I could wipe all memory of the month from my mind. But I can’t do that and I can’t pretend it didn’t happen which is the third reason for needing to write this post. Pretending it didn’t happen won’t help, I need to accept that it did and writing this post is part of doing so.

It’s strange how it all worked out, at the start of the month I wasn’t that enthused by the prospect of the international break which is odd in itself. They are after all my favourite times of the year, but not this time. It was partly for football related reasons, I just didn’t want to have to wait two weeks to see Freiburg play again. As things turned out the break was good for them, they put an end to their streak of three games without a win. It wasn’t so good for me. How it went is mostly likely related to why I’m not at all looking forward to the next one which thankfully is not until March, so at least I’ve got some time to work all of this stuff out. At the start of the month I was musing over what would happen if I put a stop to my current obsession, if I were to pack up my collection. I sort of feel that way right now but for different reasons. One thing is the same however, I’m not sick of them. Not Freiburg, Jogi, Hansi, Matze or Manuel. Not any of them. It’s not that. It’s just if I’m not interested in them then I won’t be bothered by what’s currently bothering me. I’m trying to think of this logically which of course when it comes to obsessions and special interests simply does not work. The strangest thing of all is I worry a lot about pretty much everything, but never before have I actually been given a reason to really worry, to really be afraid. And the most confusing thing of all is it wasn’t myself I was worried about. I’ve never experienced that before, being so concerned with someone else’s feelings and their safety. I realise that must make me sound like a bad person who doesn’t think of others. But it’s true, I never have been so scared for someone else. I’m still trying to make sense of that part of it.

Obviously other stuff happened in November but everything is overshadowed by all of this. I would have had an easier time of letting go of it were it not for the reminders at every turn. Some of them coming in the most unexpected of places. Like asking Nils Petersen about it in an interview he gave before the game. Now if I had been watching an interview with one of the players in the Germany squad then I would have expected such a question, hence why I actively avoided any of those videos. But Petersen wasn’t there, he wasn’t on international duty. Why ask him about it? Freiburg were meant to be my escape from it all, and it should have worked. Because at the moment they have no German internationals in the squad, not in the A team, they of course have plenty of players in the youth ranks.

Since then I’ve just been pretending none of it happened, which of course is not the way to go. Not only was I pretending that it didn’t happen but that I didn’t feel the way I did. After wanting to talk about it I then avoided doing so, even when I could have. I’ve finally had part of the conversation I needed to have back then, plus I wrote several pages working through it all which I think helped somewhat. But it was the conversation which was most helpful, admitting and saying out loud that I was afraid for them. For reasons I don’t entirely understand that was important.

The month started out with me in not such a good mood, partly because I was still obsessing over a mistake I made, an error I made in a social situation. That situation is never going to be resolved and truth is it doesn’t really matter. I’ve made mistakes like that before and I’ll most likely make them again in future, that is if I ever allow myself to talk to people I don’t know that well again. Point is such things don’t really matter, not in the grand scheme of things. There are after all things which are so much more important to worry about. Words aren’t meaningless, most certainly not, but in this one case they are.

Seeing as how I ended up with quite a bit more free time than I anticipated I got to watch a few more films than I expected. First up was Burnt which I only saw because Daniel Brühl was in it. I didn’t like the film that much but then I didn’t expect to, I just wanted to see Daniel doing something different, he didn’t disappoint, he rarely does. Spectre on the other hand was disappointing. I’m just glad I’m no longer a fan of Christoph Waltz, were I still a fan of his I would have been hugely disappointed. In both the film and his performance. Usually I hate the film but like him, not so here. I also took the time to revisit an old favourite, James Spader in Two Days in the Valley. Some things never disappoint and James Spader is one of them, the film is quite good too which is a bonus because I’ve sat through many a bad film in my Spader quest. It’s right up his street, a creepy psychopathic hitman. And of course even though he’s the bad guy I still root for him, every single time. Along with Burnt and Spectre I also saw Bridge of Spies at the cinema which as forgettable in just about every way possible. My film of the month would have to be What we do in the Shadows, it’s quickly becoming my bad day film. The film I watch when I don’t know what else to do, when I need cheering up. I wish I could explain why I like it so much, I’ll have to try and do that some time. So far all of my attempts have failed, it’s hard to put into words and to pin down just why it amuses me so much.

Naked Among Wolves is also worth a mention. I watch a lot of Holocaust and WW2 related films, too many in fact. After watching so many and finding fault with a lot of them it’s hard to imagine coming across one that’s any good or that stands out in any way. This one did, though it may have been because of the time I watched it at and the reasons I watched it. I picked it thinking it would make me feel something, it didn’t work that way. But the film stuck with me, the main point of the story. If we can’t even protect a three year old child then what are we. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one person to save more, but they couldn’t do that, not here. They risked an uprising which had several thousands of people’s lives at stake, because sometimes the little things do matter. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most of all.

Reading wise it was not a good month at all. I read just two books but I did enjoy both of them though in very different ways. Oddly enough they were both connected though it wasn’t deliberate. The first was Savage Continent, it’s a book I’ve had in my collection a while, since January in fact. I kept meaning to read it and just never got round to it. Part of the reason I kept putting it off is because I knew it would make depressing reading. Which makes it odd that I chose to read it in the middle of November and to keep reading it. It’s about the aftermath of WW2, about how it wasn’t the neat picture of reconstruction that some documentaries and books make you think. It certainly wasn’t how certain governments portrayed it and a lot of thing got swept under the rug. Not just the way Germans were removed from Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries but how some of those countries treated other minorities. One fact is made clear the war did not end on VE day, not for a lot of people. In Poland for example there still fighting going on in relation to Polish troops and Ukrainians. It’s a fascinating read, if not a thoroughly depressing one as you would expect.  Only now do I think I understand why I kept reading it. I wonder if I kept reading it because it was a reminder that bad things have happened before and will happen again. That what happened in France was a terrible thing to happen but it was just one of many. That bad things happen but you can’t hide away forever. I don’t know, it’s just a theory, I’m really not very good at making sense of such things.

The other book I read was Grobar Partizan: Pleasure, Pain and Paranoia. It’s about a man who for work moves to Serbia and it charts his journey of picking a team to follow whilst he lives there and of watching said team, he chose Partizan Belgrade. Like I said it’s related to the previous book in that the book whilst being about football is also about politics and how the two of them are connected. It’s kind of an odd concept, for sport to be so politicized. It’s not something I’m at all familiar with. It’s certainly not the case here.  Here most fans are so apathetic they don’t do anything about rising ticket prices, sure they complain and grumble but most people don’t actually do anything. But in Serbia it’s very different, there’s a very different relationship between certain sections of fans and their clubs. It’s not necessarily a good thing either, whilst the author admires some of their dedication to their club and recognises some of the positives he also doesn’t shy away from noting the negative sides of the situation.

Football wise of course it was not a particularly good month, for one thing the football was not really about football, not in relation to international games anyway. As for the play-offs for Euro 2016 I got neither of my wishes, Freiburg defender Mensur Mujzda and his Bosnian compatriots will unfortunately not be going next summer and neither will Denmark, which also ruined a second dream I had in relation to the group draw. I would have loved it for Denmark to get drawn with Germany again. On a Freiburg front they played three games in November. First they drew 1-1 with Duisburg in a game they obviously should have won. After the international break they beat Paderborn 4-1 in an outstanding performance. In their third and final game of the month they also took all three points but their performance was overall rather forgettable, they got lucky. They didn’t deserve to win, not really. As disappointed as I was with their performance I have to admit it was kind of a thrill, winning with a last second winner like that. The game whilst being a derby was not a classic, not by any means. It was in actual fact a rather unpleasant watch, but that last second goal, it was special. And I’m happy that it was Karim Guede that scored it, very happy. I just hope next season that Freiburg will once more be facing Stuttgart in the Baden-Württemberg derby. Not that facing off against KSC and Sandhausen wasn’t fun, it was. But I want revenge for that 4-1 defeat at home last season.

Collectible wise I got quite a few good additions, some great tickets both for my Freiburg and my Jogi collection, a signed Nils Petersen trading card and finally the most special piece of all, a match worn SC Freiburg shirt of one Matthias Ginter:

Nils Petersen - signed SC Freiburg Match Attax cardIMG_20151222_190515IMG_20151222_190704