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Advent Calendar Day 17: A Bundesliga Christmas

The title is slightly misleading of course since unlike the English league the Germans don’t play over Christmas, though their winter break is considerably shorter this year due to the world cup. It’s only three weeks but it’ll feel like forever, it always does. And I’m not the only who’ll be missing it whilst it’s gone, sky made this cute but very sad little video about the mascots. But it’s the only title I could come up with so it’s staying. This year is my fourth Bundesliga Christmas. Ironically enough before my first Bundesliga Christmas I saw Hannover play on a Sunday then too, against Freiburg. It was not fun, thankfully today was. Amusingly enough this game ended in a draw just like that one with a lot more goals but no less drama. All in all today saw thirteen goals with Leipzig losing 3-2 to Hertha Berlin and Leverkusen drawing 4-4 with Hannover. I love getting match predictions right but I love it even more when I’m right about Leipzig losing. The football was fun but I didn’t get any Jogi videos, not from the games or the award ceremony tonight. So it’s lucky then that Stefan popped up at Sandhausen’s game against Holstein Kiel. I’d like to think he brought Sandhausen some luck as they beat Kiel 3-1, which means the latter missed the opportunity to be winter champions.

Stefan Kuntz at Sandhausen v Holstein Kiel 2017/18

Advent Calendar Days 13, 14 & 15: The Missing Days

Last year I missed one days post and had to do a double post the next day, but never did I miss two days in a row. I somehow managed that this time around, too many late nights and not enough sleep catching up with me I guess. It’s been a very slow few days and I don’t feel like writing anything at all. I did however get two pieces of good news today, first finding out that the final series of The Bridge will be on TV at the start of the new year. And second that the DFB have confirmed their preparation plans for the world cup, having finally decided on where they’re staying. Not in Sotschi which is what Jogi apparently preferred but near Moscow in a place named Vatutinki. They also named their first friendly opponents, Austria who they’ll play on the 2nd June.

DFB-PK vor dem Spiel gegen Nordirland mit Joachim Löw 04/10/17

Abschlusstraining in Stuttgart/Video round-up 03/09/17

Joachim Löw/die Mannschaft – RTL Aktuell 03/09/17

Rückflug, Regeneration und Training 02/09/17

DFB PK: Mats Hummels & Joachim Löw 31/08/17

Telekom Cup 2017

thomas-muller-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 thomas-muller-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 joshua-kimmich-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-4 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-5 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-6

philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-2 philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-3

thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 joshua-kimmich-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-4 thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-4 bayern-telekom-cup-sieger-2017