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Advent Calendar Day 17: The Joker Nils

Freiburg’s game against Schalke may not have been nearly as exciting as Dortmund’s last night but that doesn’t matter, the point they earned against Schalke means more than any point Dortmund ever get. It’s alwasy disappointing to have to settle for a draw after taking the lead but it was a fair result. They didn’t lose which is the most important thing because it means for the first time this season they are undefeated in three games. Florian Niederlechner is the man who scored the goal but it’s not him I’ve been thinking about today. Actually the player I’m thinking of didn’t get to make an appearance today, he’ll have to wait until Wednesday to add to his tally. Nils Petersen didn’t play but they talked about him on the pre-match show, to be more specific they were discussing his joker status. He’s in third place of the Joker-Könige table and if he scores four more from the bench he’ll top the list. But it’s not what they said which I’ve been thinking about all day, it’s what they did, making him up to look like the joker from Batman:

nils-petersen-joker-1 nils-petersen-joker-2 nils-petersen-joker-3I have no Jogi videos from today but that doesn’t mean there’s no pictures, there are two from his interview in Bild. It’s not however the pictures which please me so much, that’s reserved for the question Jogi was asked about who he thinks is the Bundesliga coach of the year. The first name he mentioned was none other than Christian Streich,  qualifying his comments by saying he’s not just saying what he is because he’s from Freiburg and he knows him well. The gist of his comments was that Freiburg have done well after being relegated, losing so many of their best players yet still being promoted right away as 2.Bundesliga champions. And after all that they are of course sitting right in the middle of the Bundesliga table.  He also points out they did all that whilst making very few additions to their squad and continue to develop young players well. The pictures:

jogi-bild-interview-18-12-16-1 jogi-bild-interview-18-12-16-2And of course the advent calendars, in Freiburg’s was midfielder Mike Frantz and in the Dortmund one left-back Marcel Schmelzer. It tickled me at first and I couldn’t figure out why, nor could I figure out why I was thinking of the song Stuck in the Middle with You. Turns out Petersen is key, more specifically his joker status. Schmelzer is a left back and Frantz often plays on the right-hand side of midfield. Which is why the line “Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right” is stuck in my head. Not that I’m saying Schmelzer is a clown, not at all. Because of course Frantz isn’t the joker of the piece either, though he did score a very important goal against Paderborn last season. It proved to be a goal every bit important as all those that came before it, most of them being scored by Petersen of course.  And it was Petersen who scored the next goal just two minutes later, the goal which confirmed Freiburg’s status as 2.Bundesliga champions and sealing their return to the top flight.

Maximilan Philipp & Mike Frantz – SC Freiburg v KSCMike Frantz & Harvard Nielsen – SC Freiburg v KSCMike Frantz & Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Christian Günter & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Mike_Frantz_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNils_Petersen_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_Freiburg


Advent Calendar Day 15

Behind door number 15 in the Freiburg calendar was defender Christian Günter. Joining him is the DFB card of Mesut Özil and from the Dortmund calendar defender Marcel Schmelzer.

Mesut Özil - DFB card 2015-16 1 Mesut Özil - DFB card 2015-16 2 Marcel Schmelzer - Dortmund advent calendarToday is the first lot of games of the quarter final of the DFB Pokal, Bayern v Darmstadt is the game I’m watching live. I know how it’s going to end but it’s the one I’m watching regardless. The real excitement for me doesn’t come until tomorrow night when Dortmund play Augsburg, given that it was the latter that knocked Freiburg out, so I want to watch them being knocked out.

Today has already served up some excitement though, I had to wait over month to get my hands on this particular batch of collectibles but I can honestly say it was worth the wait:

Hansi Flick signed photo Hansi Flick & Jogi Löw signed photo Roman Bürki – SC Freiburg 2014-15 signed sticker Marc-Oliver Kempf – SC Freiburg 2014-15 signed sticker Vladimir Darida – SC Freiburg 2014-15 signed sticker Admir Mehmedi – SC Freiburg 2014-15 signed sticker Jonathan Schmid – SC Freiburg 2014-15 signed sticker