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Advent Calendar Day 24: The Best of Löw 2017 Part 3

They definitely kept the best till last as far as the stickers are concerned, Toni Kroos is a pretty damn good Christmas present to get. Though I’m plenty happy with my real life gifts too. That’s one of the best things about a German Christmas (other than Bratwurst at the Christmas market that is), getting your presents a day early. It means I get a head start on playing my new PC games, at least I’ll have plenty to occupy myself with whilst the Bundesliga takes it’s winter break.

And now of course the most important part of the post, the best of Jogi from July to December, with a little bit of Hansi thrown in for good measure:

Joachim Löw & Hansi Flick at Hoffenheim v Liverpool – CLQ 2017-18

Joachim Löw at H96 v Schalke 04 2017/18

The Jogi Löw Highlights – Tschechien v Deutschland (2017)

The Jogi Löw Highlights – Deutschland v Norwegen (2017)

Joachim Löw at Leverkusen v HSV 2017/18

Joachim Löw pre-match show – Nordirland v Deutschland (2017)

The Jogi Löw Highlights – Deutschland v Aserbaidschan (2017)

Joachim Löw post-match interview – Deutschland v Aserbaidschan (2017)

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund (DFB Pokal) 2017/18

Advent Calendar Day 17: A Bundesliga Christmas

The title is slightly misleading of course since unlike the English league the Germans don’t play over Christmas, though their winter break is considerably shorter this year due to the world cup. It’s only three weeks but it’ll feel like forever, it always does. And I’m not the only who’ll be missing it whilst it’s gone, sky made this cute but very sad little video about the mascots. But it’s the only title I could come up with so it’s staying. This year is my fourth Bundesliga Christmas. Ironically enough before my first Bundesliga Christmas I saw Hannover play on a Sunday then too, against Freiburg. It was not fun, thankfully today was. Amusingly enough this game ended in a draw just like that one with a lot more goals but no less drama. All in all today saw thirteen goals with Leipzig losing 3-2 to Hertha Berlin and Leverkusen drawing 4-4 with Hannover. I love getting match predictions right but I love it even more when I’m right about Leipzig losing. The football was fun but I didn’t get any Jogi videos, not from the games or the award ceremony tonight. So it’s lucky then that Stefan popped up at Sandhausen’s game against Holstein Kiel. I’d like to think he brought Sandhausen some luck as they beat Kiel 3-1, which means the latter missed the opportunity to be winter champions.

Stefan Kuntz at Sandhausen v Holstein Kiel 2017/18

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Thomas Müller & Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v FC Augsburg 2017/18

Thomas Müller at Bayern v Augsburg 2017/18

Manuel Neuer at Bayern v Augsburg 2017/18

Germany Squad for England & France friendlies 03/11/17

The one final thing I needed to go right this week has happened and that is of course Matze being in the squad for the England friendly, if he didn’t make the squad then that would have been a huge disappointment. Whether he’ll play or not I have no idea but if he does or not I’ll still get to be in the same stadium as him for 90 minutes or so. I’m so glad he’s there on the list, not least because I was already disappointed even before the squad was announced. Because of course I knew before hand that Manuel Neuer, Jonas Hector, Shkodran Mustafi and Thomas Müller wouldn’t be on there. Unfortunately the only version of Manuel Neuer that will be in England next week is my soft toy of him. What are the odds that four of my favourite players would get injured when Germany are going to England, a real stroke of bad luck. If my ticket hadn’t arrived this morning I was seriously starting to doubt if I’d be going either. I’ve gotten everything perfectly organised for this trip and the one piece that wasn’t yet in place was the one I could do little about. The ticket line was unhelpful to say the least, when you’ve spent that much money, bought non-refundable/changeable train tickets and are leaving the day before the game the last thing you want to hear is “it should be there by the middle of the week.” It doesn’t matter now because I have the ticket but that’s not the point at all. What is the point is I have the ticket, now I have no more excuses left, now I really have to go.

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v RB Leipzig 2017/18

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v RB Leipzig 2017/18