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Advent Calendar Day 16: Frohe Weihnachten aus Matze Ginter/Ein typisches Söyüncü Nachmittag

The second part of the title is a phrase the commentator used today when talking about Freiburg’s Çağlar Söyüncü. And he wasn’t wrong, it was a typical Söyüncü afternoon and indeed that later turned out to apply to the whole game. As he usually does he had a pretty good game, winning most of his challenges and battles until that is he made a mistake and gave away a penalty. Which wasn’t actually given because of an earlier handball. That’s right a VAR decision actually went in Freiburg’s favour. With that I was thinking just maybe things were going their way. But of course it wasn’t to be and Alfred Finnbogason had other ideas. Last weekend Freiburg came from 3-0 down to beat Köln so there was no reason why they couldn’t do that in Augsburg, unfortunately things happened a little differently today. Before the game started there was a little bit of snow in the air and I foolishly hoped it maybe provide some good luck. Snow didn’t stick and unfortunately neither did Freiburg’s luck.

Had they won it would have been three victories in a row. But even without having won it’s still five games without defeat, that’s not the worst way to end the year. And of course they’re not in the relegation zone, finishing the first half of the season in 13th place. So today isn’t without it’s good points, though the fact they yet again conceded three goals makes it a little hard to enjoy the silver lining of the situation.There is however something about today I had no trouble enjoying and that is the delightful little Christmas greetings video from the highlights show. That was most definitely a nice little early Christmas gift to get. I’m not the only who got a gift early today either, Köln also got one, finally winning a game. Seventeenth time’s a charm I guess, they beat Wolfsburg 1-0.