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New Hansi Pictures: Hoffenheim PK 28/06/17

Hansi Flick at SV Sandhausen v Karlsruher SC 2016/17

Hansi Flick at SV Sandhausen v Karlsruher SC 2016/17 back-up link

Hansi Flick Interview – Schwäbisches Tagblatt 05/04/17

Hansi Flick at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim v Borussia Mönchengladbach 2016/17

Hansi Flick at Hoffenheim v Borussia Mönchengladbach 2016/17 back-up link

Joachim Löw, Hansi Flick & Marcus Sorg at Deutschland v Portugal (u21) 28/03/17

Happy Hansi Day 2017

As I did last year I put together a little something special for Hansi’s birthday, he may have left and I may only have the one video but I’m making this post anyway. The video in question is something of a special one in a bittersweet way, it’s their last first qualifier together – the very last time they would embark on a qualification campaign together. I still don’t know why he left or what if anything he’s going to do next, regardless happy birthday elf lord. If nothing else I have all the wonderfully sweet memories of him and Jogi, memories of moments like this:

Jogi_Hansi_hug_Slovakia_v_GermanyJogi_Hansi_Silbernes_Lorbeerblatt_Pr_sentation_1Hansi_Jogi_hugJogi_Hansi_Australia_v_GermanyJogi & Hansi celebrate - Germany v Russia

disappointed_hansi_jogi_germany_v_faroe_islandsAnd I thought I’d throw in a few favourite pictures as well since you can never have too much of Hansi:

Hansi Flick – Sportschau interview 6Hansi Flick – Sportschau interview 7Hansi Flick interivew - Österreich v Deutschland (U19 EM 2016) 4joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-2joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-4joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-5Plus a few of the latest additions to my Hansi collection:

hansi-flick-cologne-photo-03-11-90 hansi-flick-signed-photo hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-1 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-2 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-3 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-4

Jogi Löw Pictures: Germany v Faroe Islands 07/09/12


joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-1 joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-1 joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-2joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-3joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-4 joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-2 joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-3 joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-4 joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-5 joachim-low-hansi-flick-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-6 joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-5joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-6joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-7 joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-8 joachim-low-germany-v-faroe-islands-2012-9