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Telekom Cup 2017

thomas-muller-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 thomas-muller-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 joshua-kimmich-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 mats-hummels-philipp-lahm-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-1 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-4 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-5 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-fortuna-dusseldorf-telekom-cup-2017-6

philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-2 philipp-lahm-thomas-muller-telekom-cup-2017-3

thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-2 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 joshua-kimmich-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-1 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 manuel-neuer-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-4 thomas-muller-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-3 philipp-lahm-bayern-v-mainz-telekom-cup-2017-4 bayern-telekom-cup-sieger-2017

Bundesliga MD9 2015/16

Coming into MD9 Dortmund were without a win in three games, their last win being a 3-0 defeat of Leverkusen on MD5. They followed that up with two draws against Hoffenheim and Darmstadt, and then of course the 5-1 humiliation at Bayern. MD9 served up a game almost as special as that one, with it being Thomas Tuchel’s first return to Mainz as an opposition coach. His homecoming of sorts was a success as far as Dortmund were concerned, they got back to winning ways with a 2-0 defeat of Mainz. Nothing showy, just an effective and efficient win and I’m happy to say Roman Bürki played better than he did against Bayern. He had better luck then Weidenfeller did anyway. Last season Dortmund played Mainz on a Friday evening too, eventually the game ended 4-2 in Dortmund’s favour. But not before Dortmund went 1-0 down courtesy of a very humiliating goal which involved Weidenfeller almost falling into one of his own defenders and the ball then being put in the net by a very alert Elkin Soto who made good use of the keeper being way off his line.

Thankfully no such curse befell Bürki and he made a strong start to the game, making a good save against Muto just five minutes in:

Roman_B_rki_Mainz_v_DortmundHe wasn’t particularly busy throughout the first half but then neither was his opposite number Karius. Though it turned out not to matter because you only need to slip up once against Dortmund and they make you pay. Which is exactly what happened in the 17th minute. One misplaced pass intercepted by Mkhitaryan, two moves later and goal, Marco Reus slotting it home past Karius for his third of the season. The first half provided a few chances for both teams but nothing clear cut, the number of attempts on goal was far outweighed by the number of tackles.It was a closely contested affair to say the least, Sokratis in particular being his usual imposing self in defence for Dortmund. Matthias Ginter made a few important decisions too, in particular this clearance. Bürki probably would have got there anyway but why take that chance:

Ginter_clearance_Mainz_v_DortmundMarco Reus got an opportunity just inside the box to make it 1-o before the end of the first half but he failed to capitalize on the chance, the lay off from Aubameyang was decent but Reus’ initial pass could have been better. As could much of the passing in the final third throughout the first half. Dortmund went into the half time break with a hard earned 1-0 lead, but they didn’t deserve to be 2-0 up. They were handed an opportunity right at the start of the second half to make it 2-0 when Nico Bungert was judged to have brought Aubameyang down. It’s a penalty which should never have been given, not only did Bungert play the ball but the initial contact was outside the box. It’s perhaps karma then that the penalty was saved by Karius, according to the commentator he’s saved his last four penalties, so maybe more than just karma there.

After that the second half continued in a similar vein to the first with there being few real chances for both side. One such chance for Mainz when Muto found space between Park and Hummels was however effectively dealt with by Bürki:

Roman_B_rki_Mainz_v_Dortmund_2(1)Dortmund got the chance to double their lead in the 61st minute after a well placed pass from Ginter to Kagawa but Karius seemingly did enough to put him off and his effort went wide. They had a few more chances in the following ten minutes but most of them off target. Aubameyang however had a good chance in the 76th minute but was unable to take it, Bungert doing just enough to put him off. They finally made it 2-0 in the 82nd minute, Aubameyang setting up Mkhitaryan. The goal was nice enough but it’s not that I care about, what I care about is the reaction from Thomas Tuchel. Sokratis went over to celebrate with him, hugging him. What’s funny is he was trying to get away and Thomas Tuchel wouldn’t let go. It was such a great moment that pictures alone wouldn’t suffice, so I made a GIF too:

Thomas_Tuchel_celebrates_Dortmund_v_MainzThomas Tuchel and Sokratis - Mainz v Dortmund 1 Thomas Tuchel and Sokratis - Mainz v Dortmund 2 Thomas Tuchel and Sokratis - Mainz v Dortmund 3Random Freiburg related fact I have to mention, Florian Niederlechener made a substitute appearance for Mainz in this game, coming on in the 83rd minute for Muto. It’s funny, the future Freiburger (temporary of course – he’s only on loan) against former Freiburger’s Matze Ginter and Roman Bürki.

Florian Niederlechner - Mainz v DortmundElsewhere in the Bundesliga Bayern followed up their demolition of Dortmund with a surprising 1-0 win over Bremen, not surprising they won, just the scoreline. Holding Bayern to just the one goal is an impressive feat, though it makes no difference of course. Whilst beating Bayern would probably be expecting too much Bremen could certainly have done with the points. They could at least be grateful that both Augsburg and Hoffenheim lost.

Bundesliga MD9 results Bundesliga MD9 table 1 Bundesliga MD9 table 2Pictures from Dortmund’s game:

Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 1 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 2 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 3 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 4 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 5 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 6 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 7 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 8 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund pre-match show 9 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 3 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 4 Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund 1 Sokratis – Mainz v Dortmund 1 Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 5 Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 2 Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 3 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 6 Marco Reus – Mainz v Dortmund 1Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 7 Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 4 Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 5 Sokratis – Mainz v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 8 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 9 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 10 Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 11Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 12Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 13Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 14Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 15Matthias Ginter – Mainz v Dortmund 16Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 6Roman Bürki – Mainz v Dortmund 7Sokratis – Mainz v Dortmund 3Sokratis – Mainz v Dortmund 4Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund 2Thomas Tuchel – Mainz v Dortmund 3

A Special Sticker Sunday

Normally when I upload stickers I do so in the order I got them, today I’m making an exception. That’s how special getting Florian Niederlechner’s sticker is. His and the SC Freiburg badge were at the top of my wish list for this season’s album, now all I need is a double of each for the wall and I’ll be happy. It’s funny I got Florian’s sticker today because his parent club Mainz played this afternoon. It’s even more amusing that I got two Darmstadt players and their badge because it was them Mainz drew with earlier.

The Freiburg badge was in between two players who have a Freiburg connection, Salomon Kalou who last season scored a very late and extremely important equaliser for Hertha against them and defender Sascha Riether who used to be a Freiburg player, in fact up until last season. I also got the Bundesliga ball and a shiny version of Robert Lewandowksi, he came out of a packet before Niederlechner yet he goes after him. He may be the best striker in this post but he’s not the most important one:

SC Freiburg badge - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker Florian Niederlechner - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker Torfabrik 2015-16 - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker

Bundesliga MD24 2015/16: Midweek Strangeness

Writing this post before catching up on the others means my Bundesliga posts will be out of order but that doesn’t matter. The only person it bothers is me and I’m being an idiot about it, as I am with most things. I can’t put it off forever after all. MD24 was of course “die englische Woche” and it wasn’t short on drama. Two matches on Tuesday night and then seven on Wednesday. The big result of Tuesday night was Wolfsburg beating H96 4-0 with Andre Schürrle getting his first Bundesliga hat-trick. The fourth goal was scored by Julian Draxler and was nothing less than they deserved. I got a kick out of the result because the day after Freiburg beat Arminia Bielefeld 4-1. I like it, that Freiburg win by 4 and H96 lose by 4. H96 seeming to be rooted to the bottom of the table with just ten games left to play. Their chances of being relegated looking increasingly likely despite the bringing in of experienced coach Thomas Schaff. I wonder if at this point he wishes he’d stuck with Eintracht Frankfurt. No doubt they too are similarly ruing their bad luck in not being able to hold onto him. For the first time all season they’ve slipped into the bottom three thanks to Bremen beating Leverkusen 4-1 thus repeating their feat of defeating them in the quarter finals of the DFB Pokal. One fact worth mentioning about Bremen is they haven’t managed to keep a clean sheet all season, they are the only team in the Bundesliga to not have done so. This is particularly important in light of this week because were it not for an own goal by Papy Djilobodji they would have likely kept their first clean sheet of the season.

With Hoffenheim continually improving under new coach Julian Nagelsman it’s not at all difficult to picture Eintracht Frankfurt falling into 17th place and getting stuck there. As far as Bremen goes I wouldn’t dare to make any such predictions, I could see them getting stuck in the relegation battle as easily as I could see them just scraping through again.

I know some people think the Bundesliga is kind of boring, that it’s just a case of watching Bayern win yet another title. This season it’s a case of Bayern v Dortmund and then the best of the rest, Dortmund have a 15 point lead on third placed Hertha. This season it’s looked like a case of Bayern well on their way to yet another title. But this week has added a little bit of intrigue to the story. For the first time all season Bayern lost at home, losing 2-1 to Mainz. The game went as you would expect it to, Bayern completely dominating yet unable to make the most of their considerable chances. Mainz being forced to pretty much defend for close to 90 minutes on the other hand did make the most of their limited chances. Elsewhere in the league Dortmund ground out a 2-0 win away at Darmstadt, meaning the gap between them and Bayern is reduced to just five points. The final twist in the tale is that this weekend der Klassiker round two takes place with Bayern visiting Dortmund who will be looking to defend what Bayern just lost, an unbeaten home record. Dortmund unlike Bayern still remain unbeaten at home, given the 5-1 thrashing Bayern handed out in the reverse of the fixture there’s a good chance that will no longer be the case come Saturday.

I wonder who’s going to start in goal for Dortmund on Saturday, the last time round Bürki played as he’s done for every league game so far baring Thursday night. But he did not have a great game, that’s putting it mildly, it was awful in truth. It’s kind of ironic I got Roman’s sticker today, Bürki that is. Weidenfeller isn’t in this season’s album. Ironic because it’s the day after the one league game Bürki didn’t play. I also got Thomas Müller’s sticker:

Roman Bürki – Borussia Dortmund – Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker Thomas Müller - Bayern München – Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker

Videos, post-match interviews from both Bayern and Dortmund’s games with Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski, Erik Durm and Thomas Tuchel:


Bayern v Mainz

Darmstadt v Dortmund

Leverkusen v Bremen

H96 v Wolfsburg

Pictures from Bayern’s game, first two GIFs of a very angry Manuel Neuer:

Angry_Manuel_Neuer_Bayern_v_Mainz_1Angry_Manuel_Neuer_2_Bayern_v_MainzManuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 1 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 2 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 3 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 4 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 5 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 6 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 7 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 8 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 9 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 10 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 11 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 12 Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München v Mainz 1 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 13 Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München v Mainz 2 Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München v Mainz 3 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 14 Manuel Neuer – Bayern München v Mainz 15 Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München v Mainz 4 Robert Lewandowski & Thomas Müller – Bayern München v Mainz 1 Robert Lewandowski & Thomas Müller – Bayern München v Mainz 2Some pictures from Dortmund’s game:

Matthias Ginter - Darmstadt v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter - Darmstadt v Dortmund 2 Thomas Tuchel - Darmstadt v Dortmund 1 Thomas Tuchel - Darmstadt v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter - Darmstadt v Dortmund 3 Erik Durm - Darmstadt v Dortmund 1 Erik Durm - Darmstadt v Dortmund 2 Roman Weidenfeller - Darmstadt v Dortmund

Hansi Flick at 1.FSV Mainz v Schalke 04 2015/16

Back-up link

Hansi Flick at Mainz v S04 2015-16 1 Hansi Flick at Mainz v S04 2015-16 2

Thomas Tuchel – pre-match show – Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 2015/16

Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 1 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 2 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 3 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 4 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 5 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 6 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 7 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 8 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 9 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 10 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 11 Thomas Tuchel - pre-match show - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 12Thomas Tuchel - pre-match interview - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 1Thomas Tuchel - pre-match interview - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 2Thomas Tuchel - pre-match interview - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 3Thomas Tuchel - pre-match interview - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 4Thomas Tuchel - pre-match interview - Borussia Dortmund v Ingolstadt 5

Halfway Back to Normal

Almost there now, the Bundesliga is back and in full swing. Now all I need is for the 2.Bundesliga to resume and everything will be back to normal. Freiburg play their final pre-season friendly this Sunday, their first game back at home. They’ll be playing Amir Abrashi’s former team Grasshopper Club Zurich. It’s their final test before the league resumes and they play Bochum on the 5th February. I’m grateful they’re playing on a Friday the first week back, it’ll take a while to get used to having to get up early on the weekend again.  There won’t be any time to waste in readjusting after that, Freiburg don’t play on a Friday for the next three weeks afterwards. They won’t be playing on a day which isn’t Saturday or Sunday until March when they have a midweek game right at the start of the month. By then everything really will be back to normal, more of the DFB Pokal, the Champions League and the Europa League. Not to mention the international break in March. There will be plenty of games to watch, too many in fact. But then it’s better to have too much to do than too little. One game I am really looking forward to is the clash with RB Leipzig on the 7th March. Once again the tie gets the honour of being the game of the week and thus they play on the Monday night.

Tonight the second weekend of the Rückrunde kicked off with Mainz playing host to Gladbach. Both of them were looking to bounce back from a defeat, Mainz in particular needing a win after only taking one point from their last three games. They certainly worked hard for the three points they collected tonight, keeper Karrius in particular having another excellent game. His save in the 71st minute was nothing short of outstanding, so good was it in fact that I needed to make a GIF of it:

Karius_save_Mainz_v_GladbachHopefully when Freiburg’s season resumes I can get back into a good routine in regards to sleeping patterns. Because in truth this week has been something of a disaster. Not only do I not remember a great deal of it but I’m not happy with how much I’ve gotten done either. I’m sure if I’d gotten more than one good night of sleep along the way I could have done more. I’ve had plenty of ideas story wise and I’ve made lots of notes, I just don’t feel like actually doing anything with them yet. So I’ve only gotten started on one of them, I have nine pages so far of “Hansi’s Busy Day.” Other than that my major achievement of the week is collecting all 100 steel ingots in Fallout 3. I’m also thinking about the video I’ve got planned in celebration of Jogi’s birthday next week, it’s close to completion. I’ve got about a minute left to find pictures for. The one for Hansi’s birthday is already done ironically, given his birthday is towards the end of the month.

Getting that finished is my number one priority, everything else can be dealt with afterwards. I know I should be trying to think a little more long term but it’s just not possible right now. This week getting dressed has been enough of a challenge, I’m not looking for extra ways to put pressure on myself. I’m trying not to beat myself up about the fact that I don’t think I’ve gotten out of bed before 10:00am this week. The one day I know I was up in the morning doesn’t count because I’d been up all night, so it was a question of still being up rather than getting up.

I think I may have done a little too much last week and gotten a little too excited about the return of the Bundesliga. I probably should have skipped seeing The Hateful Eight. I’m certainly paying the price for it now.

The one advantage to being too tired to do anything means I haven’t really talked to anyone. Which in theory should mean I have nothing to obsess over right now. But I do thanks to the internet and my own impulsiveness. Though I’m trying not to see if that way. Instead of focusing on it as just a mistake to obsess over I’m trying to see it as something I can learn from.  Whether I did anything wrong or not I don’t know and I have no way of being sure. I have to make my peace with that. I did what I did and there’s no going back on it. Working out if I’ve done something wrong or not and just what that might be is not what I’m trying to work on. What I’m trying to work on is that sometimes the answers you seek aren’t there, sometimes you just have to let it go.

One thing I can’t stop thinking about is an article someone mentioned online, about asylum seekers being made to wear wristbands in order to receive food and being threatened with being reported to the authorities if they didn’t comply. Apparently the practice has been stopped now and the company in question has apologized. I find that of little comfort because they only did that after it was reported on in the media. If it hadn’t been brought to their attention no doubt they would have continued with the practice. Whilst the idea in itself is somewhat troublesome it’s not what I found most troubling about the whole thing. What bothered me the most is the comments I read online. It’s troublesome that many people don’t see a problem with it. Not only do some people not see a problem with visually identifying people in such a way but even suggesting they should just be grateful they’re being helped at all.

It’s troubling they can’t see how dangerous it is, that separating people out that way is never a good thing and can easily lead to other more troublesome practices. I found it disturbing personally because of another similar idea a while back in relation to disabled people. A local politician got this harebrained scheme about how disabled people, particularly those who don’t have visible disabilities should wear some kind of identification to identify them as such. When they were of course roundly criticized for it they claimed not to see the problem, claiming that it would be helpful for other people to know, like if they were in a situation they needed help and couldn’t tell people they had a disability or that they required assistance. I don’t buy their explanation, not least because what they describe already exists. I have something to serve that very purpose, it’s an autism alert card which has on it all the relevant details plus emergency contact information should it be required. The point is it’s a card I keep in my pocket, I use it when I choose to. I don’t wear it round my neck or have it pinned to my jacket for everyone else to see. Because in no world should anyone have to do that, to tell everyone they encounter about their disability or that you even have one. It’s your right whether you chose to disclose it or not, you don’t have to tell everyone you meet. Their crazy idea would take away that choice.

Not to mention it could have disastrous consequences. In a perfect world no-one would get picked or on or pushed around for any reason. Meanwhile back in the real world ideas like these wristbands and wearing identification of that sort can be a short cut to getting more attention than you’d like drawn to you. The last thing you need is another reason to stand out. I know that from personal experience at school and college. Whatever school I’ve gone to I’ve found that being associated in any way with the special needs class puts a target on your back that it’s impossible to get rid of. Personally I’m not bothered about that or ashamed of it any way, I wasn’t then and I’m not now. I really don’t care and if someone was willing to judge me on that basis then they’re not worth knowing anyway. What I do care about is getting hassled.

The other reason I can’t stop thinking about it is because of a book I just finished reading called “Ajax: The Dutch, the War.” It tells the story of Dutch football throughout WW2 and beyond, it also looks at the relationship between certain clubs, the role Antisemitism still plays in Dutch football and how political changes in Holland affect such things. One of the most interesting topics the book addresses is whether or not the Dutch were good or bad during the war. Like other countries in Europe they had a system set up to deal with collaborators and to assign appropriate punishment to those deemed to have worked with or for the Germans, particularly when they didn’t have to. One of the myths about Holland during WW2 is that they tried hard to save their Jewish population and also that the population was heavily involved with the Resistance. In actuality the Dutch were surprisingly efficient about co-operating with the Germans and their efforts to help got them a special mention by the Germans in correspondence regarding the operation. Despite the reality the myth was somehow propagated that  the Dutch were good. In truth the majority of the Dutch population was not particularly good or bad. For most people life simply carried on as normal.

It’s a fascinating read and I’ve learnt a lot from it, not just about the Dutch clubs and the culture of Dutch football but about politics in Holland too. Also I learnt a few new things about WW2, particularly in relation to Denmark. I’d heard the oft repeated myth that King Christian wore the Jewish star in solidarity with the Jews. It’s a myth because the star was never imposed in Denmark. But there is a bit of truth in the myth. What actually happened was that King Christian said he would wear it in the event it was introduced. Trivia aside there was another interesting point the book made. Denmark saved the majority of it’s Jewish population, helping them escape across the Sound to neutral Sweden. And the ones they didn’t get out of the country they still helped, making sure they stayed at Theresienstadt instead of being sent to a death camp. But Danes don’t like to talk about it or make a big deal about it. The book mentions a quote from the first major book written on the subject which praises the “special character and moral stature of the Danish people.”

Unsurprisingly Danes were embarrassed by that kind of talk,  it is quite over the top. What bothers me about it is the idea that saving someone makes the Danes or anyone else special for doing that. The idea that helping out a fellow human being is in some way special or remarkable. It should be normal, but I know that’s a very naive way of seeing things.

Getting back to the point, the author mentioned the Danes to make a comparison. His point is that the Dutch for years told a false story of having done all they could to help the Jews, yet the Danes did actually do it but they didn’t like to talk about it. In a way I do understand why the Dutch or anyone else would have liked to tell themselves they and their fellow countrymen did something to help. It’s certainly more palatable than the truth. To admit to yourself that you didn’t even try to do anything. From that perspective it makes sense someone might not want to be honest about the past. A review I read criticized the book for being too angry and too over-critical of the Dutch. I don’t agree with that at all, but if the author were a little angry I think it’s understandable. After all why wouldn’t someone be angry about what happened during WW2, I know it made me angry to read about policeman willingly helping German soldiers rounding up people. Not because they were threatened, not them or their families. Nor were they threatened with being sent to a camp or to work in Germany. No, the only punishment which awaited them was losing their holiday time. If that doesn’t make you angry then I think you should question why that is.