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Another letter from Hans-Dieter/Special Stickers of the Day

There were just too many possible titles for this post and all of them awesome. The other one I really liked was “Hansi’s Signed Sticker Adventure” with the first sentence being “This is not another one of Hansi’s stories.” I do actually have a sticker story about Hansi, but I haven’t decided about posting it or not. Given that I posted the first one, I may as well post the second one too, but there are some scenes in it that make me think otherwise.

Before the stickers themselves, the draw for the semi finals of the Champions League was this morning. Hansi’s story may have gotten a happy ending, but I did not get what I wanted. In fact I got quite the opposite, Bayern of course got drawn with Barcelona, consigning my Champions League dream to join my Pokal dream in the graveyard of football dreams.

That leaves Real Madrid and Toni Kroos to face Juventus. I hope Real Madrid prevail, not because of Kroos but because it was Juventus that knocked out Dortmund. Revenge for Roman.

It was only after I finished writing this that I realised, today is the 24th of the fourth month and this is post 403. Perfect in so many ways, not least because 4 plus 3 equals seven. Also because Hansi’s birthday is on the 24th February, so it’s only fitting that today’s post be about him. Just as it’s fitting that the 400th post was yesterday on the 23rd because Jogi’s birthday is on the 3rd February.

On the subject of Jogi, Freiburg visit Stuttgart tomorrow. I am nervously excited about it, the reverse of the fixture ended 4-1, it’s never nice to lose 4-1 at home, it’s even less so to lose like that to your local rivals. It is of course the Baden-Würrtemberg derby. I’m not making any predictions, both teams are very unpredictable at the moment. Both of them lost last weekend, Freiburg to Mainz and Stuttgart to Augsburg. Last weekend they did something that Freiburg are prone to doing, they started out well, even taking the lead and then threw it away. But they have been playing with more fight in them and they do have the home advantage, both of which makes me very nervous indeed.

And now here they are, four stickers signed by Hansi Flick:

Hansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland - Gemeinsam Geschichte SchreibenHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logoHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland flagHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logo 2


The sticker quest: Euro 2012/Three stickers & three points

Today I got my three final stickers for my Euro 2012 collection which means it is finally complete. A day of threes today, a happy day not only because of the stickers. Freiburg came away with all three points from their game with Augsburg today. A terrific game to watch, they were on the attack from the get go, full of energy and constantly creating chances. It may have taken until the 71st minute to get the first goal, scored by Jonathan Schmid but they always looked the more likely to score. The victory was then put to bed by super sub Nils Petersen. They needed the points, and it showed. They have been justly rewarded, they are now one spot above the play-off place, that’s where Hamburg are who also have twenty five points. Difference is Freiburg’s next game is against Köln, who they got their first victory of the season against and who they beat in the last round of the cup. Whereas Hamburg face Bayer Leverkusen, the one after that isn’t any easier for them, they then play host to Wolfsburg. Freiburg on the other hand play Schalke, whom they beat 2-0 back on match-day 11. Of course matching such a feat away from home is a different matter and consistency is not their strong point, their longest streak being four consecutive draws. But after more than a month without a win, it is a start.  Also interesting is Stuttgart beating Frankfurt 3-1, they are the most baffling of teams, the reverse of the fixture was a great game to watch too, that ended 5-4 in Stuttgart’s favour.

The last three were a Russian, a Swede and a Ukrainian:

Denis Glushakov - Russia - EM 2012Ola Toivonen - Sweden - EM 2012Bohdan Butko - Ukraine - EM 2012The German pages were completed a few weeks ago, the last man standing being Tim Wiese.

EM 2012 - Germany page 1EM 2012 - Germany page 2EM 2012 - Germany page 3


Euro 2012 sticker album/The week of Hansi

The latest addition to my collection, a special hardback Germany exclusive Euro 2012 sticker album, complete with a special section at the back for Manuel Neuer:


To go with it I also got 150 new and un-opened packets of stickers plus 10 packets of the special Manuel Neuer stickers. Fun, fun, fun. Repetitive activity galore, a sure-fire way to make an Aspie happy. Opening all those packets of stickers and then the hours of fun to be had perfectly lining them up in the book. I can’t wait to get more. I’ve opened about 40 packets so far and already had some great finds:

Deutschland - EM 2012 sticker Deutschland 2 - EM 2012 sticker

Deutschland 3 - EM 2012 sticker Toni Kroos - EM 2012 sticker

Philipp Lahm - EM 2012 sticker Lukas Podolski - EM 2012 sticker

Mesut Özil - EM 2012 sticker Mats Hummels - EM 2012 sticker

Danmark - EM 2012 sticker Danmark 1992 - EM 2012 sticker






Robert Lewandowski - EM 2012 stickerWojciech Szczesny - EM 2012 sticker

Sverige - EM 2012 sticker Zlatan Ibrahimovic - EM 2012 sticker

Along with my sticker collection, my Hansi collection is coming along nicely, I now possess all of the DFB Autogrammkarten, both Jogi and Hansi. I don’t have any of Oliver yet, but he’ll have to wait. At the moment I’m working on getting a Köln card of Hansi and a very special box of cards from the DFB fanshop. I’m going to be counting down the days until I can buy them, I can’t stop checking the site, I’m so worried they’ll all sell out. I know you can buy the cards individually on eBay but what I really want is the box they come in. Another interesting addition to my collection will be  Hansi Flick rain jacket, I can’t believe I got to type that. Well, I have a Jogi rain jacket, so why not a Hansi one too? If I play my cards right I may also fulfill my ambition of owning a Jogi Löw action figure, thought not a Hansi Flick one. I wonder if you can get those kind of things custom made? The possibilties if you could, why stop with Hansi, why not Roman too. And Robert Lewandowski, Mathias Ginter and maybe Max Kruse.

All week-long I’ve been thinking about Hansi, I think he may be becoming a special interest in his own right, independent of Jogi. A most interesting development.

I started watching my collection of Germany games today, starting right back at the beginning with Jogi’s first competitive game in charge, a 1-0 victory against Ireland. An interesting bit of trivia I learnt from the game, Jogi’s first game for Stuttgart was a friendly against Liverpool and in that friendly he collided with the goalkeeper Ray Clemence and broke his leg. According to the commentator anyway, given that he also said that Jogi started his professional career with Stuttgart I don’t exactly trust any other random trivia he decided to share because of course he didn’t, he played for Freiburg for a season first, but he couldn’t be wrong about a thing like that, could he? It would make perfect sense if it were true, given that he only played four games for Stuttgart, the story fits in that sense. I know a Liverpool fan in real life, next time I get to see them, I’ll be sure to interrogate them for any and all details they recall about the game.

I also watched San Marino v Germany, a 0-13 victory, four of those goals were scored by Lukas Podolski and one of them was almost scored by Jens Lehman. Germany got awarded a penalty in the last minute of regulation time, Lehman was going to take it but for some reason he didn’t, shame it would have been fun. Was it sportmanship as the commentator suggested, or a case of not wanting the potential embarassement of missing a penalty against someone like San Marino?

I was going to spend Saturday catching up on my ever-growing list of films, one of which is Big Eyes. Christoph Waltz doing his usual villain act, or screen capping and making videos of Jogi and Hansi, I think Jogi and Hansi win on this count. I’m not watching nearly as many films as last year or the year before, at home or at the cinema. Last year I saw eight films at the cinema in January, so far this year I’ve only seen one and am likely to see at the most four more. It’s probably not a good thing that I’ve been spending so much time inside and am showing little inclination to go outside, especially since spending more time outside is on my to do list this year. Obsessions are funny that way, I have an obsession that’s rooted in reality and yet instead of making me spend more time in the real world, it’s having the opposite effect. Last year when I had a non-reality based obsession, it was the other way around. How am I supposed to actually go somewhere, or want to go somewhere, such as Freiburg to see an actual live match when I keep getting waylaid by stickers, trading cards, Germany shirts and now rain jackets. Though with the last one it’s not so bad, I mean it’s not like there’ll be anymore, why would you need more than two of them? Of course the answer to that is, when you see one that’s Jogi/Hansi/Germany related and you cook up some reason why you just have to have it.

What is it with Aspies and collections? What’s worse being addicted to video games or being addicted to collecting things?

With video games you end up with a virtual collection of things that are essentially meaningless, and if you’re into collecting special editions of games, you end up with a lot of crap in real life as well. That’s one thing I don’t regret, getting rid of all my special editions. Yes, they looked nice on the shelf, but when I sorted them out to sell them I realised that I hadn’t even read the books that came with the Assassin’s Creed games, nor the graphic novels that came with some of the others. I just like to collect things. Most of my collections end up being rendered useless at some point anyway, with real or virtual. The stupid thing is, special exceptions aside like the special editions of the games, I can’t get rid of anything. I still have all of my Christoph Waltz stuff, and most of my Thomas Kretschmann stuff too. I keep thinking about what Bobby said in the pilot of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, “diamonds don’t keep you warm at night.” My collection may not do that, but I think it makes me happy, or at least it makes me think I am. I don’t know, when I’m wrapped up in an obsession, I don’t really care about any of that stuff which is the main attraction I suppose. To be so focused on one thing that nothing else matters. Question is, do I care about the downsides?

Random tangent, not that any of the above wasn’t a series of tangents, I somehow ended up reading about ADHD the other day for reasons I can no longer recall. It’s been mentioned to me before, I dismissed it, what do I need another “label” for? Especially when everything can be explained by Aspergers. It came to me just now because earlier I was showing someone a video of Jürgen Klopp (luckily on the DVD of the San Marino game the half-time show was included) and they said that he sounded just like me, that is he seems to be able to talk and talk without seemingly drawing a breath. I dismissed any talk of ADHD because I was thinking of it in terms of physical hyperactivity only. Looking around the chaos that is my belongings (though not my Germany stuff, that is of course in perfect order) and the half-finished and barely started projects that are lying around, the reckless and yet calculated way in which I deal with the money available to me, the way in which I flit from one obsession to the next, the fact that I constantly feel like I’m a bundle of nervous energy, and of course the rapid fire speech that according to other people, tires them out just listening to it. Putting all that together with my absolutely pathetic short-term memory and yet excellent long-term memory, the person who suggested it may have been on to something.

To finish with Germany and Jogi, CW was in a TV show in the early nineties called The Gravy Train. It’s a well written political satire set within what is now the European Union, I think it was called the EEC then, anyway that’s not so important. The point is, in the first episode a girl takes him out for a drink and he utters the hilarious line: “I like this pub, it could be part of Germany.” The girl tells him to be careful and not to say things like that. It’s relevant here for two reasons, the first is that CW’s character is named Hans-Joachim (yes really) and the second is that Jogi took over another shelf. I would make the obvious joke but given the reaction to Hansi’s steel helmets remark a few years ago, and the fact that I was told in real life to be careful who I told such jokes to, I won’t repeat it here.