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Advent Calendar Day 18: A Quiet End to a Quiet Weekend

Yesterday was slow and today was even slower, of all the games I expected to be dull Bayern’s was not one of them. The afternoon can be summed up perfectly by what Neuer said in his post-match interview, “in the first half that wasn’t FC Bayern.” No it was most definitely not, the goal was fantastic but not enough to salvage the afternoon. They got the three points but it’s not the only thing which counts, it should not have gone that way. Neuer for one thing had more to do than I expected. Douglas Costa’s goal was good enough to make a GIF of it anyway:

douglas_costa_goal_darmstadt_v_bayern_2016_17Neuer’s save was less spectacular, by his standards it’s all in a day’s work but I still wanted to make a GIF of it, I think I just wanted an excuse to make one of Neuer:

manuel_neuer_save_darmstadt_v_bayern_2016_17And seeing as I did that I couldn’t resist the temptation of adding a few pictures from his interview either:

manuel-neuer-interview-darmstadt-v-bayern-2016-17-1manuel-neuer-interview-darmstadt-v-bayern-2016-17-2manuel-neuer-interview-darmstadt-v-bayern-2016-17-3manuel-neuer-interview-darmstadt-v-bayern-2016-17-4As well as being disappointed by Bayern’s game I was most displeased to see Ingolstadt beating Leverkusen 2-1, the reason being that’s who Freiburg face on Wednesday. The last thing I want is them ruining Freiburg’s fairly decent end to the year, if they win or least draw then it’ll be four without a loss. Just by writing that I’m probably cursing it but then I can add that to the list of stupid things I’ve done today. Getting into a good enough mood to write something isn’t an easy task right now, I should have left well alone. I should have just carried on with what I was doing and not allowed anything to distract me. But no, I had to check. I haven’t been able to do anything about this particular problem the other times, why I thought this time would be any different I don’t know. I’m lying to myself about the whole thing anyway, no matter what I say fixing this wouldn’t make me happy. If it wasn’t this then it would be something else. That’s how it always is with obsessions, they will always be replaced by something else. It’s exactly the same with each and every one of them. There’s something I either can’t have or is very difficult (and usually expensive) to get. Each time I swear it will make me happy, and it’s the absolute last thing I need. Of course it’s a lie, there is always something after it. Obsessions have an insatiable appetite that way, because the empty space they go someway in filling is always there. That emptiness is never going to go away.

I should have just stuck to the story, it was going fine, better than fine in fact. Though when it came to posting the first part of it I of course spent plenty of time agonising over it. I probably spent more time making up my mind than I actually did checking it over and making a few last minute changes. Which is pretty much typical for me, spend half the day obsessing over a task and then just a few minutes on actually carrying it out. It’s funny that some people associate thinking a lot with being intelligent, in my case thinking a lot makes me stupid, no doubt about that.

As for the story it’s not the one I want to be working on but the Christmas one is proving trickier than I anticipated. I think the idea of it is depressing me a little, partly because I don’t like Christmas all that much but also because I’ll never get to experience what I’m writing about. It’s not the Christmas part I care so much about, it’s the having someone to come home to,someone who cares whether you’re there or not. In other words someone who wants you to be there, not just someone who got stuck with you and is only there because they have to be. And I guess there is one part of the Christmas thing I like too, buying and wrapping gifts for someone. Taking the time to pick out something you know they’ll love and spending an equal amount of time wrapping it up for them, making it perfect. I didn’t have many people to buy for this year and one of the people I did buy for said I shouldn’t have, the reason being I spent more than they did. I wasn’t just being polite or saying what I knew I was meant to when I said I loved buying people books. Nor was I lying when I said I didn’t care their gift wasn’t equal to mine, it’s not about getting something back which made me happy. It’s knowing you’ve bought books for someone that you know they’ll love. I bought gifts for them not in anticipation of something in return but because I couldn’t bear not having someone to give gifts too. As good as that is they are just a friend, and that’s not what the story is about. I’m never going to have my own little Matze to buy gifts for, and first Christmasses are all done and dusted now my brothers are all practically adults. Now I’m just rambling, which is pretty much how every post concludes these days. At least I can recognise that I suppose, just wish I could do the same in a face to face conversation.

Anyhow, the advent calendars. The 18th day served up a very special player indeed, the quick footed and very talented Vincenzo Grifo who netted hs first Bundesliga goal this season against Eintracht Frankfurt and also has five assists.Equally unforgettable is his goal against RB Leipzig last season. He also has the honour of being the subject of two my (non-Jogi related) favourite GIFS. I hope Marc-Oliver Kempf will be back on his feet soon enough so and Grifo and him can dance together again. I miss him and more importantly Freiburg’s defence is definitely missing him.

Vincenzo_Grifo_Nils_Petersen_celebrate_SC_Freiburg_v_Fortuna_D_sseldorfGrifo_Kempf_dance_SC_Freiburg_v_1860In the Dortmund calendar was Sven Bender, I like him anyway but ever since the summer and the Olympics I like him a little more, since now he’s connected in my head to Nils Petersen:


Bundesliga MD31

Fresh off their disappointment in the DFB Pokal Hertha were handed the unenviable task of facing almost champions Bayern. A win for Bayern would have sealed the title this weekend but only if Dortmund lost to Stuttgart. Bayern managed to find their way past Hertha in an efficient but most unsatisfying way. Dortmund however prevented them from being able to celebrate just yet. Unlike Bayern they had no trouble getting past Stuttgart and there was no luck involved with any of their goals. Indeed after the third it seemed as if Stuttgart had all but given up. Last week Jogi Löw said he was sure that Stuttgart would avoid relegation but then he said the same thing about Freiburg last year and look how that turned out. I’m not so sure he’s right this time either, Stuttgart usually do get away with it by the skin of their teeth but their luck has to run out sometime surely. I wouldn’t make any predictions as regards who’s going to survive, with just two points between them and Bremen and only three separating them from Frankfurt I really wouldn’t. I guess next week will be the telling one, not just because there’s only two games left after that but because Bremen face Stuttgart on Monday night. The final day of the season offers up a relegation clash too with Bremen hosting Eintracht Frankfurt. I hate the fact that’s the case because those are the two teams I would hate to see getting relegated.  I hate it even more because I’m not sure I can watch it, I’m set on watching Bayern play H96 on the last day of the season just so I can watch them get relegated, getting revenge I guess. I don’t really need to watch it, I mean they are all ready relegated because of their draw against Ingolstadt and Eintracht Frankfurt’s victory on Friday. I’ve just been set on it ever since seeing the schedule, even before they were in actual danger of being relegated.

Bayern needed the first half and a little bit to get past Hertha’s defence and an impressive Thomas Kraft upon his return from injury, when they did finally do so it involved a bit of luck, Arturo Vidal’s shot taking a slight deflection on it’s way into the net. It wasn’t a pretty game to watch but their second goal certainly was, no luck involved there from Douglas Costa:

Douglas_Costa_goal_Hertha_v_Bayern_15_16Dortmund’s game was a lot more watchable thankfully, especially seeing as how it’s the one I chose to watch live. It was a game which was guaranteed goals, neither side really the goalless draw kind of team. Unfortunately for Stuttgart it was for the most part one way traffic, after dominating for the opening twenty minutes Dortmund finally got off the mark through Shinji Kagawa. From then on you got the feeling it wasn’t a question of whether Dortmund would win or not but by how many. A little over twenty minutes later on the stroke of half-time Christian Pulisic made it 2-0, a goal which makes him the youngest ever player to score two goals in the Bundesliga apparently. Dortmund killed off the game eleven minutes into the first half with the goal coming from Henrikh Mkhyitaryan. It was a particularly cruel goal for Stuttgart’s keeper Przemyslaw Tyton to let in. He was unable to get hold of the header from Ramos and could only push it out into the path of the waiting Mkhyitaryan who was never going to miss from there. My favourite moment of the match however is reserved for Thomas Tuchel, the game was highly entertaining but Thomas was almost equally as fun to watch. Once more he provides another fun GIF for my collection. The funniest thing about his reaction is all he’s arguing over is a throw-in, as if that really matters:

Thomas_Tuchel_Stuttgart_v_DortmundThe real highlight however is Jogi related and happened by accident, I hadn’t planned on watching the repeat of Leipzig’s game on Monday night but given the result I just had to. It’s a good thing I did because I got three awesome pictures of Jogi as a result, they aren’t from that game. I don’t even know what game they’re from or when. All I know is it’s a Stuttgart game:

Joachim Löw – Stuttgart game 1 Joachim Löw – Stuttgart game 2 Joachim Löw – Stuttgart game 3The rest of the weekend was very entertaining too with Köln beating Darmstadt 4-1 and Leverkusen orchestrating an impressive comeback against Schalke. Going into the game Leverkusen were in better form, in particular their keeper Bernd Leno who hadn’t conceded a goal in five games. Yet it was Schalke who took the lead, though they didn’t convert the penalty they were gifted early in the first half. The way Schalke let themselves get overrun is a fair reflection of their entire season, losing puts their Champions League ambitions in doubt, leaving them with the more realistic prospect of the Europa League again. Sunday afternoon provided more entertainment with Gladbach erasing the memory of their truly awful performance against H96 last week. It was the second game which was of more interest to me, Eintracht Frankfurt playing host to Mainz. I don’t care so much about the latter’s European ambitions but I do care whether or not Eintracht Frankfurt get relegated. It wasn’t the most attractive game you’ll ever see, not by a long shot but they got the job done. Getting just their second victory under new coach Niko Kovac, funnily enough the scorer of the winner was Anis Ben-Hatira who scored the winning goal in the other victory since Kovac replaced Armin Veh. Technically it’s an own goal because it took a deflection off Stefan Bell but that won’t matter to Eintracht Frankfurt I suppose.

Bundesliga MD31 results Bundesliga table MD31 1 Bundesliga table MD31 2Videos, interviews first:


Hertha v Bayern

VfB Stuttgart v Dortmund

1.FC Köln v Darmstadt

Schalke v Leverkusen

Wolfsburg v Augsburg

Gladbach v Hoffenheim

Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz

Pictures from Bayern’s game:

Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 1 Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 1 Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 2 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 2 Robert Lewandowksi – Hertha v Bayern 1 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 3 Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 3 Robert Lewandowksi – Hertha v Bayern 2 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 4 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 5 Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 4 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 6 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 7 Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 5 Mario Götze & Thomas Müller – Hertha v Bayern 1 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 8 Robert Lewandowksi – Hertha v Bayern 3 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 9 Robert Lewandowksi – Hertha v Bayern 4 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 10 Manuel Neuer – Hertha v Bayern 11Pictures from Dortmund’s game:

Roman Bürki – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Roman Bürki – Stuttgart v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter & Erik Durm – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Erik Durm – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 3 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 4 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 5 Thomas Tuchel – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Thomas Tuchel – Stuttgart v Dortmund 2 Thomas Tuchel – Stuttgart v Dortmund 3 Roman Bürki & Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 6 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 7 Matthias Ginter – Stuttgart v Dortmund 8 Roman Bürki – Stuttgart v Dortmund 4 Roman Bürki – Stuttgart v Dortmund 5 Roman Bürki – Stuttgart v Dortmund 6