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Ticket Collection Update 4: The Final Four Games

The tickets from Germany’s final four Euro 2016 qualifying games. First up is the Poland game, there’s also a VIP pass to match. Then just the tickets from the Scotland, Ireland and Georgia games. To finish is few pages from the Scotland and Ireland programmes. The pages from the Scotland program is more about the story of the German team’s progression over the past few years whereas the two pages from the Ireland program focus more on Jogi:

Deutschland v Polen 2015 ticketIMG_20151202_103344Scotland v Germany 2015 ticket Ireland v Germany 2015 ticket Deutschland v Georgien 2015 ticket

Scotland v Germany programme 1 Scotland v Germany programme 2 Scotland v Germany programme 3 Scotland v Germany programme 4 Scotland v Germany programme 5 Scotland v Germany programme 6

Ireland v Germany programme 1 Ireland v Germany programme 2

Advent Calendar Day 24: The Five Final Cards/The Best of Löw 2015

Today is the final day of the advent calendars and thus the last of these posts. With that in mind I decided to do something a little special, a collection of some of the best moments of the year. In both the Freiburg and Dortmund calendars was their respective mascots, also Thomas Tuchel. And no big surprises in the DFB one. As expected Jogi, along with Marco Reus, Mario Götze, the fourth star card and the DFB card for the front page:

Emma - Dortmund advent calendar Thomas Tuchel - Dortmund advent calendarJoachim Löw - DFB 2015-16 card 1Joachim Löw - DFB 2015-16 card 2Marco Reus - DFB card 2015-16 1 Marco Reus - DFB card 2015-16 2 Mario Götze - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Mario Götze - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Der vierte Stern 2014 - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Der vierte Stern 2014 - DFB 2015-16 card 2 DFB 2015-16 card 1 DFB 2015-16 card 2The completed album with all of the cards:

IMG_20151224_160253IMG_20151224_160403IMG_20151224_160435This post won’t have so many words as some of the others but it will have plenty of pictures, videos and a few GIFs. First up a picture of Jogi from every month of the year and then some random favourites:

Joachim Löw – Deutscher Medienpreis 2015 Joachim Löw at VfL Wolfsburg v Bayern München 2014-15 Joachim Löw - half-time interview VfL Wolfsburg v Bayern München 2014-15 8vlcsnap-2015-02-15-23h14m17s33vlcsnap-2015-03-22-06h59m07s133vlcsnap-2015-03-24-11h26m10s69vlcsnap-2015-04-05-17h52m24s200vlcsnap-2015-04-04-18h55m03s160Joachim Löw - ZDF interview before Bayern v Barcelona 2Hansi Flick & Joachim Löw at Bayern München v Barcelona 2Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 2 (1)Germany v USA – pre-match show – Joachim Löw & Jürgen Klinsmann 7Germany v USA – pre-match show – Joachim Löw & Jürgen Klinsmann 12Jogi & Klinsi - Deutschland v USA - 2nd half 2Jogi & Klinsi - Deutschland v USA - 2nd half 13Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 5Joachim Löw at VfB Stuttgart v Bayern München - 2010-11 2Joachim Löw at TSG Hoffenheim v FC Bayern München 2Joachim Löw –Deutschland v Polen – pre-match show 5Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Polen – 1st half 21Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Polen – 1st half 23Joachim Löw – Scotland v Germany – 1st half 5Joachim Löw – Scotland v Germany – 1st half 14Joachim Löw – Scotland v Germany – post-match interview 4Joachim Löw – SCO-DEU press conference 7Joachim Löw - press conference - Germany v Georgia 16Joachim Löw – Germany v Georgia – pre-match show 21Joachim Löw - Fussballmuseum Dortmund 4Joachim Löw - Fussballmuseum Dortmund 28Joachim Löw - Fussballmuseum Dortmund 34Joachim Löw - Wir helfen Kindern 2015 2Joachim Löw - Wir helfen Kindern 2015 20Joachim Löw – EM 2016 draw 2Joachim Löw - heute Sport Interview 6

Joachim Löw - half-time interview - Hoffenheim v Dortmund 10vlcsnap-2015-01-22-22h39m49s190Germany's co-trainer Hans-Dieter Flick (tumblr_mrfg2aXHbX1qhrp3xo1_500vlcsnap-2015-01-17-19h47m28s58vlcsnap-2015-02-27-23h41m27s116vlcsnap-2015-03-17-23h55m13s113vlcsnap-2015-03-17-23h55m06s47vlcsnap-2015-04-30-06h56m06s35Denmark v Germany 2010 friendly - Jogi Löw & Hansi Flick 3Joachim Löw & Hansi Flick – USA v Germany 24Joachim Löw & Hansi Flick – USA v Germany 13Joachim Löw – USA v Germany 9Joachim Löw & Hansi Flick – USA v Germany 7Joachim Löw & Hansi Flick – USA v Germany 6Joachim Löw - Bitburger advert 10

Then my favourite videos of the year, some that are from this year and some that I made this year, out of all of them my favourite is the English interview after the Scotland game. My second favourite is the Jogi highlights from the Bayern friendly. I also very much like the half time interview from the Hoffenheim game, if not just for that very fetching skull scarf:

And to finish, favourite GIFs:


Jogi & Hansi celebrate - Germany v RussiaAnd to finish my favourite Hansi pictures:

csm_56766-hansi02_9ce3009a27Hansi Flick - U17 EMHansi Flick - DFB interview - 06-08-2015 16Hansi Flick interview - 17-06-2015 8Hansi Flick 2Hansi Flick - HT interview - Portugal U21 v Germany U21 7Hansi Flick at HSV v VfB Stuttgart 1Hansi Flick at HSV v VfB Stuttgart 5Hansi Flick at HSV v VfB 2Hansi Flick - U17 World Cup interview 3Hansi Flick - DFB Akademie Projekt 8

Advent Calendar Day 23: The Penultimate Day/The Real Man from Berlin

Behind door number 23 in a case of perfect timing was Maximilian Philipp. The so called Man from Berlin because he is indeed from Berlin. But that’s not the only reason why he has the nickname, he earned it by scoring his first ever Bundesliga goal for Freiburg against his home club Hertha BSC. Not only that but it was the winning goal. The occasion was made even more perfect because his family was there to see it and he used to play for Hertha in the youth ranks. It’s perfect timing because it’s the title of the book I’m currently reading, though I’ll say this, Maximilian, you’re the real man from Berlin, the one and only. The book does not do your nickname justice.

Joining him from the DFB calendar is Benedikt Höwedes and from the Dortmund one is Nuri Sahin:

Benedikt Höwedes - DFB card 2015-16 1 Benedikt Höwedes - DFB card 2015-16 2 Nuri Sahin - Dortmund advent calendar

Advent Calendar Day 22: Weihnachtsgruß von Joachim Löw/King Neuer

Behind door number 22 in the Freiburg advent calendar was Spanish defender Marc Torejon. As the title suggests I finally have Manuel Neuer’s DFB card and he was well worth the wait. And joining them from the Dortmund calendar is Henrikh Mhkitaryan:

Manuel Neuer - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Manuel Neuer - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Henrikh Mhkitaryan - Dortmund advent calendarAs well as these I also have Christmas greetings from Jogi Löw, from a short but sweet little video from the DFB site:

Weihnachtsgruß von Joachim Löw 1 Weihnachtsgruß von Joachim Löw 2Yesterday I was angry, today I’m just confused. I can make no more sense of why I was angry today than I could yesterday. At least I’m in a slightly better mood, the weather has something to do with that. It’s been raining all day long. I didn’t wake up angry at least which is a good thing. Though I didn’t manage to get to sleep by a decent hour, in bed but not asleep. That’s not so good but I don’t have any real complaints about that because of how the time was spent. I couldn’t get to sleep so easily so I turned to a tried and trusted method. I wrote a Matze adventure, at best it would help me to figure out why I was angry, at worst it would at least give me something to do with said anger. It didn’t help me work out why but it must have helped on some level because I did fall asleep eventually. It is a shame however that I spent the whole day asleep, had I not done do I would have had the place to myself all day.

Last week I was confused as to what day it was because of my odd sleeping patterns and because of the DFB Pokal. Now I’m equally confused though I don’t have football to blame, at least not in quite the same way. One way it is to blame is that there’s no countdown to match-day, because there isn’t one. Not yet anyway, for the Bundesliga it’s at the end of January and the 2.B the beginning of February. Last night after I’d finished writing the post I was working on and decided that an early night was best all of a sudden I wanted to stay up all night and I had plenty of ideas I could have started working on. But I didn’t and I can’t help but wonder if staying up would have been a better option. Truth is it probably wouldn’t, it doesn’t really matter. Stay up and it would have felt wrong and I would have been annoyed with myself, spend the day in bed as I did and the same would still be true. Whatever I do these days it feels wrong.

In fact I’m not sure what I’m doing right now is right. Today or tomorrow depending on your perspective, to me it feels very much like tomorrow because of how late I got up, I’m going to see Star Wars and to finish off the last of my Christmas shopping. I have no idea where sleep fits into the equation, if at all. I don’t even know if I’m tired or not. I’m not really sure how I feel or what it means. My head feels strange but then it has done these past few weeks. All I can think is that I wish I could cancel, maybe still do the shopping part but not the cinema part. I’m not particularly enthused about being in the presence of another person nor having to focus on a film for 135mins. I wish I could stay at home and half watch several films whilst typing up more story notes. That’s what I plan to do when I finish this post. I have Big Hero 6 on right now, I still don’t like the film that much but Baymax is still awesome. The scene at the police station is comedic genius, the tape and then Baymax acting like he’s drunk because he needs charging, funny beyond words. And him sitting there holding the cat, “hairy baby.”Like I said too funny for words.

I may not know how I feel or if I’m doing the right thing right now, or what to do about the final sticker for my Road to Euro 2016 album but I do know one thing for sure. The Book Thief is definitely the book I’m going to read next. I can test my theory as to whether or not the plot point which bugs me does so enough to compromise my enjoyment of it. After how trying The Man from Berlin has been it’ll be a nice change of pace, reading something which is very familiar. Plus it has a very pleasing easily readable feel to it anyway which will help. I’m down to the last eighty pages of The Man from Berlin now, all the pieces are starting to come together. I know who the killers are and for one of them I know the reason why. But I still don’t feel like I know the main character any better or understand his motivations. It just all feels very generic and it doesn’t do it’s setting any justice. The Kite Runner for example got me interested in Afghanistan and created a genuine enthusiasm for the country and it’s history.  And whilst I didn’t like the main character at all I was at least invested in finding out what happened to him. Not so with Gregor Reinhardt, I really don’t care. The only thing driving me to finish the book is my need to complete everything. Maybe The Kite Runner should be next on my list after The Book Thief, I haven’t read it in a while. Over Christmas I usually have a video game marathon but I’m not very interested in gaming right now. I think a stack of books is the way to go. It’ll be the better option I think, reading doesn’t give my mind the opportunity to wander like gaming does. Plus it’ll be good to have some screen free time and to make some headway on my ever growing to read pile. I got an unexpected gift today in the form of some extra Christmas money. I could be responsible and put it in the bank or I could visit the second hand book-store and pick up a few random and interesting titles. Obviously it’s the latter I’ve decided upon, I can be responsible in January. Right now I want to buy some more books.

Advent Calendar Day 21 – The Final Sticker Decision

Behind door number 21 in the Freiburg calendar was midfielder Florian Kath. Joining him from the DFB calendar is the card of Christoph Kramer and from the Dortmund calendar is Erik Durm:

Christoph Kramer - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Christoph Kramer - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Erik Durm - Dortmund advent calendarI’ve done everything I wanted to do today and I’m still not happy, I don’t know why. Nor do I know why I’m so angry all of a sudden, though I suppose there’s a clue to be found in the fact that the time I was no longer in such a good mood coincided with the time I was no longer by myself in the house. No-one’s done anything specific to annoy me, I’m just angry with everything. I’ve tried lots of ways to distract myself and so far none of them have worked. Having run out of options I’ve decided an early night is best, well midnight is not so early but these days it’s certainly early for me.

I don’t know if something specific is bothering me and I just haven’t worked it out yet or it’s just because of the approach of Christmas which I’m finding unsettling. Of course there’s also the fact to consider that tonight was the final night of the first half of the season. Paderborn drew 0-0 with Fortuna Düsseldorf. I missed most of the first half and going by what I heard at half-time and saw for myself in the second, I didn’t miss much. I still have mixed feelings about no football for the next month or so. I might have to resort to watching the Premier League at this rate, question is if I did that who would I pick, Klopp and Liverpool or go with Mesut Özil, Per Mertesacker and Arsenal?

I wish the holidays were over already, not just because I can’t wait for the Bundesliga to resume but because I want things to get back to normal in other ways. I wish other people didn’t like to spend quite so much time together and that they weren’t quite so noisy about it. I know I sound like a bah humbug but I’m finding their presence a little challenging to deal with. It’s nothing to do with the holidays, I feel that way all year round. It’s just made worse by how unsettling Christmas is as a whole. And then on top of that there’s the whole surprise present element, I never should have gone along with that. It’s nice for them and it’s obviously important to them but it’s not good at all for me. Their words on the matter earlier today don’t help any, “I just hope you like what I’ve got you.” So no pressure then. I wish they had thought that through before saying it to me. Maybe this is the thing that’s on my mind and I just haven’t realised that yet.

Everything is just all so strange right now, even stranger is the weather. I hate that it’s still warm, it’s a most disturbing aberration and a very troublesome one. I hate warm weather and it’s not making me any happier.

Seeing as how I’ve decided an early night is best I figured having a good book to hand will be of some help, just in case sleep doesn’t come so easy. Right now I’m reading The Man from Berlin which is proving to be a little less exciting than I thought. On paper it sounds perfect, a murder mystery set during WW2, it takes place in Sarajevo, has Nazis in it and the main character is a military intelligence officer. And yet I’m not so much enjoying it so much as reading it simply because I have to know what happens. I’m not the kind of person who can skip to then end of a book and just read the last chapter or the last page. Either I finish it or I don’t. I will persevere with this and finish it but I doubt I’ll be reading the second one. In fact my mind is already on what I’m going to read next.

Next in my to read pile is Ajax, The Dutch, The War which is about football and the Holocaust in Holland, more specifically about the Dutch team Ajax and their story under the Nazi occupation. I know it’s not a very cheerful book to be reading around Christmas time but that makes no difference to me. The other book I’m considering reading is an old favourite, The Book Thief. I’ve read several times by now and don’t really need to read it again. But I read it last Christmas and the one before that, at this point it almost feels like a tradition in the making. So what’s stopping me? Well just one little plot point which has been bugging me ever since it was brought to my attention, the fact that the child of a Communist being unable to read and never having been taught to do so is simply unbelievable. The question is should you let something like that ruin an otherwise incredible book, should you let it bug you that much? Is it just me being a pedant or is it really an issue?  One thing I know I’m being a pedant about is the fact I’m bothered by my copy of Ajax being an American copy. The reason for this is it says soccer instead of football, I know it’s stupid to be bothered by such a thing but it makes no difference to how I feel.  Shame it’s too late to send it back.

On the subject of being a pedant I wonder if I’m being too much of a perfectionist in regards to the decision I have to make, I have in my possession the final sticker to complete my Road to Euro 2016 album. The sticker in question being number 326, Kari Arkivuo of Finland. Problem is the left corner is noticeably creased. He wasn’t easy to get but I suppose I could get another if I were patient enough. But I don’t know if I’m being ridiculous or not. If I decide to keep him then I would get to mark the album as finished in 2015, if I don’t then I won’t. I’m also wondering whether or not it’s unreasonable to ask people if the sticker they are sending is in perfect condition or not and whether or not they’ll send a picture of it before you agree a trade. I wouldn’t ask for such a thing all the time but when you give them five in exchange for one, surely they should accept such a demand.

Whatever is on my mind I wish I could just work it out already, or do whatever it is I need to do. If that involves breaking something so be it. I just hate being this unfocused. I’ve read through this post several times to check for mistakes and each time I’ve found misspellings and missing words. I hope there is something I’m annoyed about and I just need to work out what it is. Because if this is just a reaction to Christmas then it’s not so simple to deal with. Even if I knew what was bothering me I can’t talk to anyone, I don’t exactly feel capable of stringing a sentence together right now. With this in mind having plans two days from now is not the greatest thing to be happening. Most of the day will be taken up by the film and Star Wars is 135mins long which is helpful. If it weren’t Christmas I would cancel, but I have to give them their gift. Last time I went out and I wasn’t in such a good mood it went terribly, though I maintain that my initial reaction was appropriate and their behaviour was over the line. But perhaps if I had been in a better mood I would have been more focused and thus able to walk away from the argument. So I guess just avoid any real conversation, see the film and find some excuse to come home straight afterwards. That should work to stay out of trouble.

Advent Calendar Day 20

Behind door number 20 in the Freiburg calendar was Norwegian defender Mats Møller-Dæhli. In the DFB calendar today was a double card day, with both the 1990 card in there and also Andreas Köpke. It’s obvious what day 24 is going to be now, it’s going to Jogi and the 2014 card, it has to be. On the subject of doubles, this is rather fitting, on day eight was double Lukas, well today is double Mats’ because in the Dortmund calendar was none other than Mats Hummels:

Der dritte Stern 1990 - DFB card 2015-16 1 Der dritte Stern 1990 - DFB card 2015-16 2 Andreas Köpke - DFB card 2015-16 1 Andreas Köpke - DFB card 2015-16 2 Mats Hummels - Dormund advent calendar

Advent Calendar Day 18 – The Day of Petersen

Who else would be behind door number 18 in the Freiburg calendar today other than number 18 Nils Petersen, it could only be him. The man who in his first match in a Freiburg shirt scored three goals against Eintracht Frankfurt and who also scored two important goals against VfB Stuttgart and an even more important and momentous goal against Bayern. The latter being  a most ironic goal given that he not only was a Bayern player for two seasons but he also scored his first ever goal for them in a 7-0 victory over Freiburg back in 2011. Not only that but in both games he scored his goal in the 89th minute and in both he was a substitute. In the Bayern game he’d been on the pitch for sixteen minutes and in the Freiburg game he’d only been on for three minutes, a real joker indeed. So to celebrate Petersen day I have videos of his goals against Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Bayern, his first post-match interview as a Freiburg player and of course plenty of pictures.

But before that the other two calendars, in the DFB one was the card of Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi and in the Dortmund one was pass-master Julian Weigl:

Shkodran Mustafi - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Shkodran Mustafi - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Julian Weigel - Dortmund advent calendar

Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 2 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 3 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 4 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 5 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 6 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 7 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 8Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 9 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 10 Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg v Eintracht Frankfurt 11Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 1 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 2 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 3 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 4 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 5 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 6 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 7 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 8 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 9 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 10 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 11 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 12 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 13 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 14 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 15 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 16 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 17 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 18 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v FC Bayern München 19

Advent Calendar Day 17 – A World Cup winning Assist

Seeing as how I missed posting this yesterday I was going to do a double post for days 17 and 18, that was until I saw who was behind door number 18 in the Freiburg calendar, Nils Petersen deserves a post of his own. Behind door number 17 was defender Mensur Mujzda. Joining him from the DFB calendar is as the title of the post suggests none other than Andre Schürrle. And last but not least from the Dortmund calendar is Shinji Kagawa:

Andre Schürrle - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Andre Schürrle - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Shinji Kagawa - Dortmund advent calendarThat’s not the end of the pictures, this post may be short on words today but it’s not short on pictures. Not only do I have some new old pictures of Jogi but some of Hansi from the trip of the u18’s team to Israel this week.

Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 1Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 2Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 3Hansi Flick - DFB Israel trip 1 Hansi Flick - DFB Israel trip 2

Advent Calendar Day 14: The Captain, the Unknown Keeper & A Painful Reminder

Behind door number 14 in the Freiburg calendar was midfielder Julian Schuster. His appearance is most ironic and just a little bit painful coming the day after Freiburg’s loss to Nürnberg because it was Schuster who scored the sixth goal against them back on MD1. Unfortunately worse was to come because in the DFB calendar was the card of H96 goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler. I suppose I should be grateful that it’s today his card appeared and not next week, that would have been a most unpleasant occurrence given what happened last Christmas. To make it worse Freiburg will be playing on a Sunday again this year, home to 1860 München. H96 themselves have the unpleasant task of hosting Bayern. Last year Freiburg played in the last game before the Christmas break, despite the result I liked that theirs was the last game I saw. This year it’s Gladbach who play the last game before Christmas, in a nice kind of symmetry Hertha Berlin are playing Mainz in the first game that day. Last year Hertha also played in the one but last game before the break. It was a most fun game, not because of the game itself but because of the weather. In fact it was a terrible game for Hertha, they lost I think 5-0 to Hoffenheim and shortly afterwards they sacked their manager. How things have changed for them, they’re currently sitting third in the table.

And finally in the Dortmund calendar was the unknown keeper, Hendrik Bonmann, unknown because until today I didn’t know he existed:

Ron-Robert Zieler - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Ron-Robert Zieler - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Hendrik Bonmann - Dortmund advent calendarToday was the draw for the first knock-out stages of the Champions League and the Europa league, both draws served up some very interesting ties indeed. Bayern will be facing last season’s finalists and runners up Juventus. Dortmund in the Europa league got drawn with Porto. In different competitions but still connected. It was Juventus that knocked Dortmund out last season, and it was Porto who of course beat Bayern 3-1 in the first leg before losing the second one 6-1. Wolfsburg were drawn with Belgian side Gent. As for the other three sides in the Europa League Leverkusen will face Sporting and Schalke face Shakhtar Dontesk who won’t have pleasant memories of their last trip to Germany having being comprehensively beaten by Bayern 7-0.

But it’s Augsburg who have the best tie of all. In a real quirk of fate Jürgen Klopp in his first season in England finds himself drawn with a German team, I was kind of hoping it would be Dortmund, but if they both go through then that can still happen.

German defender Shkodran Mustafi and his Valencia side face SK Rapid Wien. Mesut Özil and Per Mertesacker at Arsenal were not so lucky, they face Barcelona. No doubt Arsenal will continue their tradition in recent years of not getting past the last 16:

Champions League draw results - last 16 - 2015-16 Europa League last 32 draw results - 2015-16 1 Europa League last 32 draw results - 2015-16 2Today also served up two other good things, a new picture of Hansi and a signed picture of Nils Petersen in the post:

csm_flick_koch_22384d2420 Nils Petersen signed Bremen photo

Advent Calendar Day 13: Schwolow, Sven & Sebastian

Behind door number thirteen in the Freiburg calendar was goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow. In the DFB calendar today was a double card day with the card of Hoffenheim defender Sebastian Rudy and also the 1974 card. Joining them is defensive midfielder Sven Bender from the Dortmund calendar:

Sebastian Rudy - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Sebastian Rudy - DFB 2015-16 card 2 1974 - DFB 2015-16 card 1 1974 - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Sven Bender - Dortmund advent calendarIt being Schwolow’s day in the calendar did not bring him any luck, then again it was an unlucky day all round for Freiburg, especially for nineteen year old defender Jonas Föhrenbach. He played a part in conceding the first goal and scored Nürnberg’s second himself. The first goal the ball deflected off his shin after Schwolow saved it but couldn’t clear it, and the second he put it straight into the back of his own net. Meaning Immanel Höhn’s equaliser was for nothing. Thus 1.FCN have their revenge for the 6-3 defeat Freiburg inflicted on them on MD1.  All credit is due to them after their somewhat disastrous start to the season, their coach Rene Weiler was not exaggerating when he said that his team is not the same one as the team at the start of the season.

I said yesterday that I’d be happy if Freiburg took all three points and if they were more organized defensively, well I got none of what I wanted. Not only that but the loss means they go down to second place in the table after Leipzig predictably beat FSV Frankfurt today. It’s most likely they won’t be top of the table for the Christmas break, the so called Herbstmeister. For that to happen they have to beat 1860 and Leipzig would have to lose to Greuther Fürth. It’s not impossible, just not very likely. On MD2 they drew 2-2 and funnily enough the first goal scorer for Fürth was former Freiburg player Sebastian Freis.

1.FCN are the former team of Andreas Köpke, meaning his team beat Jogi’s team. Oddly enough one of the ways I cheered myself up about this fact was watching Borussia Dortmund beat another of Jogi’s teams, Eintracht Frankfurt. Though it wasn’t the game that cheered me up, it was Thomas Tuchel’s celebration of the second goal: