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Advent Calendar Day 12: The Day of Petersen

I wish I could come with a better title, Nils certainly deserves one. Also because the title makes it sound like I got Nils’ card in the DFB calendar, something which of course is never going to happen. Maybe Christian Günter will be in there one day but not Nils. That doesn’t matter tonight anyway, they didn’t win a trophy or promotion but you wouldn’t know it from the players and Christian Streich’s reaction. It was a big game, three points would see them out of the relegation zone. For some reason at home they don’t lose against Gladbach and tonight was no exception. It may not have been a performance as terrific as the one which saw them beat Gladbach 3-1 last season but it was good in it’s own way. They only scored the one goal and that was a penalty but it so easily could have been more. I’m kind of glad it wasn’t though, it would have made a dent in the goal difference which obviously is important but I would have felt bad for Matze. Gladbach aren’t having a very good week, last weekend they got a penalty wrongfully taken away and scored an own goal. And this week Jannik Vestergaard isn’t any happier, the penalty was debatable to say the least. And once again it showcases how annoying and intrusive VAR can be. It took them close to a minute to stop the play and tell the referee. If they are going to keep VAR they need to make it more responsive and communication needs to be better. In the end  don’t think it would have mattered, the way the second half went I think Freiburg would have won anyway. That won’t make Vestergaard feel any better of course.

I could rage against everything that went wrong today and all the things I screwed up, not least about the fact I need to take better care of my stuff. This time it’s my tablet and the USB port needs replacing. Being without it makes me feel like I’m missing a part of me, I’m so used to it being at hand it actually feels like an extension of me. Having a laptop in front of you is just not the same at all. But it’s my own fault and now I have to pay the price, not just the cost of the repairs but the waiting. I keep going to get it thinking it’s there. It’s only been 24 hours and it’s like I’m going through a withdrawal of some kind. One thing is for certain I’ll be careful not to mention this to any so called “professional.” Lest they give  me yet another lecture about being “overdependent on technology.” You know because normal people aren’t over reliant on technology at all. I’m not going to rant about that or anything else. Freiburg won, Nils scored a goal and just as importantly I got the Jogi video I was expecting to get today.

Nils scored the only goal of the night but he was far from the most important man on the pitch tonight, in fact everyone but Alex was. He for once didn’t have a lot to do, which makes a pleasant change for him I suppose. Of great importance tonight was Çağlar Söyüncü. This was a game made for him, several times he got partake in the monster tackles and interventions he thrives on, earning himself a much deserved equally monster hug from Christian Streich after the game. Apparently some Premier League clubs are interested in Söyüncü, I hate to say it but I can see why, he would be great in the English league. But he’s not going anywhere, not yet.

Nils Petersen goal – SC Freiburg v Gladbach 2017/18

SC Freiburg v Gladbach 2017/18 – last ten seconds and celebrations

Sometimes I think maybe things are predestined, today of all days I get the sticker of Jonas Hector and the card of Marco Reus. The connection of course being Peter Stöger who up until last weekend was Hector’s coach at Köln and is now Reus’ coach at Dortmund. There’s another interesting connection in the sense that tonight was his first game in charge of Dortmund against Mainz, the team of former Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel. As well of course as being the former team of current Dortmund player Andre Schürrle. Well Dortmund won their first game with the new Peter in charge. As for Köln tomorrow night will be their second league game without him and there is no way in hell they are going to win it or even draw with Bayern. Last season they got a very respectable point at the Alllianz arena, a feat which is the very definition of impossible now.

Sven & Lars Bender at Leverkusen v Hertha 2016/17 & Lars Bender HZ Interview

Sven & Lars Bender at Leverkusen v Hertha 2016/17 back-up link

sven-lars-bender-at-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-1 sven-lars-bender-at-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-2

lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-1 lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-2 lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-3 lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-4 lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-5 lars-bender-hz-interview-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17-6Also at the game was Freiburg coach Christian Streich – unsurpising seeing as how Hertha are their opponents next Sunday, and Germany u21 coach Stefan Kuntz. I’m unlikely to be collecting any Hansi videos and photos now so Stefan will have to do:

christian-streich-at-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17 stefan-kuntz-at-leverkusen-v-hertha-2016-17

Advent Calendar Day 22 & 23: The Missing Day & The Book Thief

I really needed today to go perfect, after spending all day yesterday catching up on sleep and the week’s previous events I needed one perfect day at least. I’m happy to say it started out good and for once stayed that way. With getting the two premium packs of FIFA 365 cards in the post I was worried that might turn out to be the high point of the day, a case of starting good but not ending up that way. And to make it even better I got a Philipp Lahm card in the second pack:

20161223_191030-1 philipp-lahm-fifa-365-2016-17-fan-favourite-cardI started writing this post on Friday after I got back, I didn’t get very far though. I was a litle more tired than I thought, so today should actually be yesterday. The point still stands though, the day did go fine.  There were a few minor things I got in a flap about but most of that doesn’t seem so important now. The main thing being the newly configured Christmas market, I read in the news about extra security measures and all that but didn’t really know what that would mean here. It just caught me by surprise, half the stalls not being where I expected them to be. I’m not complaining of course, I understand why, they don’t want any stalls closer to the road than they have to be.

As for everything else I think I’m too tired to be obsessing over anything. Just the other day I was reading about some idiot online who doesn’t believe that social anxiety is a real thing and that people who claim to have it are just nervous really. That it’s normal to feel nervous in new situations or a little uncomfortable at times. There was so many things wrong with what they think I’m not even going to bother to go into it, I don’t want to ruin my day. But there are two points I want to make, I would give anything to just be a little nervous. And secondly anyone who thinks that way should consider this, in a strange way I’m grateful to be so tired today simply because I can’t think straight and thus won’t obsessing over anything that happened yesterday. That’s not to say those things won’t come back and bother me later though, in fact I can guarantee they will. It’s not just about feeling uncomfortable sometimes, for me it’s never feeling comfortable, no matter how well I know someone or how much I trust them. It’s always second guessing myself, always doubting if I’m saying or doing the right thing. It’s the fact the simplest of conversations require so much thought put into them that it’s easier to just never talk at all. Like I said there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to just be a little nervous.

Forget about the bad stuff for now, as well as the cards there’s something else I got yesterday. Everytime I get a little extra money in my pocket I spend it on books, and yesterday was no different. Two of them I’m particularly happy about, not just because of the subject matter but how nice the covers are. I don’t normally take pictures of the books I buy but I’ll make an exception here, they are two delightfully Germanic covers:

20161223_190929-1On the subject of books that brings me to the second topic in the title, my annual re-read of The Book Thief. The plot point which bothered me last time still bothers me a little, yet I want to read it anyway. It’s not so much I don’t care, more that the positives outweigh the one negative point. Reading it again is like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time, like a good friend you accept it’s flaws as being part of them. It’s one of those books I feel like I can never get tired of and each time I read it I get something new from it. I think it’s a very fitting book to be reading now. Not because it’s about Germany, where it takes place is not really relevant to what I’m thinking about, it could be anywhere. It’s the people that are important, not the place. It’s foolish to think that the Holocaust is some uniquely German thing, all people are capable of that level of hate and of acting on it.

Time and time again I’ve tried to work out why it’s one of my favourite books. If it’s because the story is being told by death or because it’s set in Nazi Germany. Actually whilst both those things play a part neither of them are the main reason. I think I know now what that reason is, it’s Liesel’s foster-father, her Papa Hans. And no it’s nothing to do with his name, though I will admit it’s really hard to type Hans and not Hansi. It’s what he does for Liesel, the way he helps her as best he can make sense of the world. It probably doesn’t make much sense to him either but amongst what’s going on he takes care of her, teaching her to read and so much more. I could do with that right now, someone to explain all of this, to make everything make sense. That’s part of it anyway, the other thing is the words themselves, the very topic of the book. But it’s not stealing books which I’m thinking about, rather stealing words.

The Book Thief made me realise it’s something I take for granted, being able to read that is. I never considered what it would be like to find that hard or be unable to read at all. I taught myself to read at a young age and have never liked or needed to be read to. The importance of being able to read can’t be understated, yet it’s not all there is. Reading is one thing, understanding what you’re reading is another thing all together and what I worry about the most. Not just with the written word but in conversation too. There’s one particular event in The Book Thief which really sticks with me, one line which I can never forget. “You can steal a book but you can’t read one.” And it’s how Liesel solves her problem which makes it so memorable to me. Unable to read the book in front of her she starts reciting from memory a chapter from The Gravedigger’s Handbook. Reciting but not necessarily understanding, that’s why it sticks with me. So much of the time I feel like I’m saying and hearing things but not really understanding them. I’m never really quite sure about what I’m saying, or if it makes any sense. It feels like words are my best friend and my biggest enemy at the same time. I hate them but I need them.

That’s enough about books and words for now, just one more day to go, today is the final day of the calendars. At least I don’t have to worry about how the final post will go, I have that all planned out and there won’t be a lot of words in it, there’s no need, the pictures will speak for themselves. But before that is the previous two days, day 22 & 23. Day 22 saw striker Harvard Nielsen make his appearance in the Freiburg calendar and he was followed by Christian Streich who needs no introduction. I won’t have any problem picking  a good picture or GIF of him that’s for sure. And in the Dortmund one was Raphael Guerrerio and Marco Reus:

20161223_190702-1Christian Streich & Amir Abrashi - 1.FCK v SC FreiburgChristian_Streich_celebrates_Freiburg_v_FurthChristian_Streich_goal_celebration_SC_Freiburg_v_1_FC_Union_BerlinChristian Streich - SCF v RBLChristian_Streich_celebrating_promotion_2015_16Christian Streich & Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 - Christian Streichchristian_streich_and_nils_petersen_celebrate_sc_freiburg_v_eintracht_frankfurt

Graceful Grifo/Nine in a Row

Whether Grifo scored a goal today or not he would have been the first thing to come to mind when I saw this prompt. This is the definition of the word I got from the dictionary – Someone or something that is graceful moves in a smooth and controlled way which is attractive to watch. It fits him perfectly, he really is a dream to watch and today was no exception. In an overly physical game against Eintracht Frankfurt he was not only the most entertaining player to watch but the best one too. That goal was his first ever Bundesliga goal and I could not be happier for him. Not only did he score the decisive goal but it was special in another way too, he just helped create a club record. For the first time ever Freiburg have won nine home games in a row. In fact they’ve won all three of their home games so far, along with beating Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 they beat Gladbach 3-1 and HSV 1-0. There was one amusing moment after the final whistle which I can’t not mention. Christian Streich may not have moved particularly gracefully when he went off in search of Nils Petersen to celebrate with him but that doesn’t matter. You can see how happy he is and that’s all that counts. He’s definitely the kind of person who goes his own way, who marches to his own beat. But then that’s precisely why I’m so fond of him:

christian_streich_and_nils_petersen_celebrate_sc_freiburg_v_eintracht_frankfurtI just wish I could move like Grifo does,  he skips around defenders like they aren’t even there. Unfortunately I have more in common with Thomas Mūller in that regard. Clumsy and awkward is more how I move. Though of course Müller is graceful in his own strange little way, he doesn’t look it most of the time but he really is. He’s effective anyway, even if he looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The DFB summed up his style perfectly in a tweet, describing him as a “swan on ice skates.”  On the subject of Bayern I have to include this GIF, it’s only loosely connected to the topic at hand but I couldn’t resist. It’s an odd day when you see Manuel Neuer make a mistake or show some poor decision making. I have no clue what he was doing, none whatsoever. Oliver Baumann is usually the one who provides me with my funny goalkeeper moments of the week but this time it’s Neuer’s turn:

manuel_neuer_bayern_v_k_ln_2016_17There is of course another way in which a person can be graceful, in the sense of being polite and pleasant towards other people, in particular in awkward or difficult situations. It’s not always easy to remain polite and keep one’s cool when you feel like someone is deliberately trying to get a reaction from you, as has been the case today. But I’m doing my very best to do just that, to keep calm and not give them the reaction they want. Getting angry would be letting them win and I’ve gotten angry far too many times this week already. Whether it’s randoms on the internet or people in real life I’m determined not to get angry and end up ranting and raving. Getting angry isn’t constructive and I just end up feeling more annoyed with myself afterwards.

I talked about a similar matter with someone a few weeks ago, about arguing with people online and attempting to educate ignorant people. Combating ignorance is always a good thing but not when it drives you crazy in the process. Their point was you’re angry, ok so what are you going to do about it. Other than arguing with people whose views you’re never going to change. I didn’t agree with them at the time but now I can see their point. I get all worked up over things I can’t even change. It’s like they’ve won twice, they’re spreading igorance about autism and disability and they’ve gotten you angry and all bent out of shape about it. So angry that you can’t even think straight, let alone form a coherent argument. So angry that you’re still ranting about it days after it happened. At some point you need to step back and say I’m not getting involved with this. Which I know is easier said than done. Letting go of things is never easy but I need to learn how to do that, in a lot of different ways.

I have to say it’s very ironic, autistic people are often accused of not caring or thinking of what other people feel and think. It feels like I do nothing but that, maybe not in the way I’m meant to but I most definitely do care about what other people think. In fact I think I spend too much time thinking about such things. Right now I’m not wasting any time on doing so. I’m doing what I need and nothing more, I’m not worried about what anyone else thinks or if I’m being strange again. A so called normal person watches their favourite film for like the twentieth time or more it’s just because they really love the film and it’s their favourite. An autistic person does it and they’re “engaging in repetitive and obsessive behaviours.” I think sometimes when it comes to autism people spend so much time seeing it as something seperate from people they forget that autistic people are just that, people. A human being with thoughts and feelings just like them. You read the way some parents talk about their kids and it’s like they think they needed to be taught to be a person. As if somehow they weren’t before. They only see them as a person now they can make eye contact and engage socially the way they want them to. Someone is not less of a person if they can’t learn how to do that but it feels like that’s what such people are implying. And that’s in danger of becoming a rant, which I’m not meant to do.

Rather than getting angry all over again I’m going to resume watching Inglourious Basterds. Watching it wasn’t on my schedule, I didn’t know it was on till a few moments before it started. But I’m doing so anyway and look at that, I’m being flexible about something. If you believe everything you read about autism I’m not supposed to be able to do that. But then if you believe everything you hear or read about autistic people we’re not meant to be capable of being friendly, happy or affectionate either. Nor are we meant to have a sense of humour. I actually read someone asking how someone else’s child could possibly have autism because they were happy, smiling and said hello to them.  Just what they think autistic people are like I don’t know. That encounter by itself is an excellent argument for why I shouldn’t waste my time or energy interacting with such people. When that’s the level of ignorance you’re dealing with it’s just not worh it.

2.Bundesliga MD33: SC Freiburg v 1.FC Heidenheim

The previous weekend Freiburg secured promotion when they defeated Paderborn 2-1 and with the 2- 0 win over Heidenheim they sealed their position in first place. They not only sealed their return to the Bundesliga but did so in pole position, ahead of RB Leipzig. It was perfect in a sense, not least because the scorer of both goals was former Heidenheim player Florian Niederlechner. The goals were made even more perfect by the fact they were both made and scored by two jokers, Lucas Hufnagel and of course Niederlechner. Not a great game to watch by any measure but that doesn’t matter, not when what happened afterwards was so much fun.

SC Freiburg v 1.FC Heidenheim 2015-16 – 1st & 2nd half

RB Leipzig confirmed their inevitable promotion with a 2-0 defeat of KSC, being gifted a second goal after an error by KSC’s keeper. If 1.FCN hadn’t screwed up they could have taken advantage of RBL’s poor run of results in recent weeks, it could be them in second place. But they didn’t and they have to content themselves with third place which is guaranteed at least since they have an eight point lead on St Pauli. With one match-day to go everything is decided at the top of the table, all but one thing that is. Freiburg have won the league, they’re the best team offensive wise in the league and have the best home and away record. Yet there’s one thing they don’t have, it’s not Nils Petersen who’s the current league top-scorer because he didn’t score against Heidenheim and Simon Terrode did against Braunschweig. In order to be crowned top-scorer Petersen needs to score two goals against Union Berlin and for Terrode not to score against Heidenheim. Fingers crossed for Petersen, it’s already been a great season but him being crowned top scorer would make it just that little bit more perfect.

Meanwhile at the foot of the table things went from bad to worse for Paderborn after they lost 1-0 to 1860 München and Duisburg managed to salvage a point at Sandhausen. Going into the final day of the season Paderborn have the difficult task of getting at least a point from third placed 1.FCN, I suppose they can take some hope from the fact their opponents need absolutely nothing from the game. As they can from the fact Frankfurt who they need to lose face 1860. I would put good money on them beating Frankfurt. The situation at the foot of the table offers no salvation for any of the bottom three. The best all of them can hope for is the play-off place. None of them can achieve automatic safety, not realistically. In theory Duisburg could but only in theory, because they would have to not only beat RB Leipzig but score seven goals against them whilst conceding none and counting on Fortuna Düsseldorf to lose to Eintracht Braunschweig. Paderborn, Frankfurt and Duisburg can all win yet still not be safe. If that were to happen the table would stay exactly as it is, with Paderborn in 18th, Frankfurt in 17th and Duisburg in 16th.

2.Bundesliga table MD33 2015-16 1 2.Bundesliga table MD33 2015-16 2Highlights:

SC Freiburg v 1.FC Heidenheim

1 FC Nürnberg v St Pauli

RB Leipzig v KSC

Bochum v Eintracht Braunschweig

Pictures and GIFs from Freiburg’s game:

Florian_Niederlechner_first_goal_SC_Freiburg_v_1_FC_HeidenheimFlorian_Niederlechner_s_second_goal_SC_Freiburg_v_1_FC_HeidenheimChristian_Streich_celebrating_promotion_2015_16Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Mensur Mujzda – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Mensur Mujzda – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Maximilian Philipp – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Christian Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Marc-Oliver Kempf – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Nicolas Höfler & Maximilian Philipp – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim Vincenzo Grifo – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 3 Christian Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 4 Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 5Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 6 Mensur Mujzda – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 3 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v Heidenehim 1 Maximilian Philipp – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 7Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v Heidenehim 2 Nils Petersen – SC Freiburg v Heidenehim 3 Vegar Hedenstad – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Lucas Hufnagel - SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Lucas Hufnagel - SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 3 Nils Petersen & Florian Niederlechner - SC Freiburg v Heidenheim Petersen, Niederlechner & Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Petersen, Niederlechner & Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 4 Lucas Hufnagel - SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 3Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 5 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 6 Florian Niederlechner & Christian Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Vincenzo Grifo & Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Vincenzo Grifo & Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 2 Vincenzo Grifo & Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 3 Vincenzo Grifo & Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 4 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 7 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 8 Christian Streich & Alexander Schwolow – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 1 Florian Niederlechner – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 9

SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 1SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 2SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 3SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 4SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 5SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 6 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 7 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 8 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 9 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 - Christian Streich & Marc-Oliver Kempf SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 10 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 - Christian Streich SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 11 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 - Alexander Schwolow

A Lazy Sunday

In this heat I have no intention of taking a stroll anywhere. I’m not a big fan of summer. The only thing I like about it is that international tournaments are held during the summer, though I’m not particularly looking forward to this years. But today none of that matters, this is not a Jogi day or a “die Mannschaft” day. No, today belongs to Freiburg and to them alone. Today they celebrate not only their return to the Bundesliga but their status as champions of the division. And it just had to be Florian Niederlechner who scored the goals against his old team Heidenheim. Double joker today because the goals were scored and created by two substitutes, providing the assist for both was Lucas Hufnagel who himself scored a very important joker goal against Bielefeld earlier in the season.

Florian Niederlechner’s goals:

Florian_Niederlechner_first_goal_SC_Freiburg_v_1_FC_HeidenheimFlorian_Niederlechner_s_second_goal_SC_Freiburg_v_1_FC_HeidenheimThe summer is far from over, there’s still the DFB Pokal final and the Euros of course but as far as I’m concerned I have the thing I wanted the most. I’d like to see Dortmund and Matze beat Bayern in the final but that would just be an added bonus. All that matters to me is Freiburg back in the Bundesliga, Dortmund coming to the Schwarzwald Stadion again, more importantly Matze going there.

Seeing all the celebrations after the game was wonderful but there’s one thing above all that I found amusing. That was Christian Streich going back to the team after his interview. Him celebrating by himself as he made his way back over there and the commentator saying that he’s a very special man. Indeed he is and I just had to make a GIF of that moment. To me it sums up why Freiburg. Like Christian Streich they march to their own tune:

Christian_Streich_celebrating_promotion_2015_16Also amusing was Vincenzo Grifo wandering around bare-footed having given his boots to a fan. That is one lucky person, I hope they appreciate what they’ve been gifted, a pair of boots from a true artist.

After celebrating I’m going back to my second play-through of Mass Effect 3, it’s way too warm to do anything else. I have stuff to do but it can wait till tomorrow. Ironic that part of having a lazy day is saving the galaxy, but to be honest I don’t really care about that. I don’t even like Mass Effect 3 that much, the main reason I’m playing it again is so I can make my character Thomas fall in love with Kaidan. But before that it’s party time, well a real party for them, more of a virtual one for me:

SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 1 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 2 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 3 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 4 SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 5 Nils Petersen interview - SCF v 1.FCH Alexander Schwolow interview - SCF v 1.FCH

2.Bundesliga MD32: SC Paderborn v SC Freiburg

A win for Freiburg would see them confirm their return to the Bundesliga. All that stood between them and their return was 17th placed Paderborn. I wrongly though they wouldn’t pose any significant problems, well I was certainly wrong about that. They more than put up a fight and came close to doing to Freiburg what Gladbach did to Bayern on Saturday, to making them wait for their celebrations. Freiburg needed a little bit of luck but they got there in the end, they may have gotten lucky in this game but luck alone didn’t get them this far. Luck didn’t score that all important first goal or so many of the others they’ve scored this season. It’s kind of fitting in a way that Freiburg confirm their promotion with a win against Paderborn, given that the last time they played they were both Bundesliga teams. At the moment their fates could not be more diametrically opposed with Freiburg returning to the top flight and Paderborn struggling to just stay in the second tier. Despite their very different situations Paderborn made life very difficult for Freiburg and it was not nearly as easy as their last encounter in which they won 4-1 and Nils Petersen scored a hat-trick.

SC Freiburg v SC Paderborn – 2.B MD15 – the complete match

It doesn’t matter that it didn’t go as well as the first encounter. Nor does it matter Paderborn had the better chances in the first half. Well truth is for the first fifteen minutes they had the only chances, because with their defensive discipline they managed to prevent the best offense in the league from even getting a shot on target. There was however little to be worried about, Paderborn couldn’t hold out forever and their discipline was no match for individual quality. There’s no point having all those chances if you’re not going to take them and they didn’t. All that work and they have nothing to show for it. The goal they did get only came about because of an error on Schwolow’s part. As for Freiburg it took until the 23rd minute before they got a decent scoring opportunity and unsurprisingly it was Petersen who got the chance. His shot was nicely hit but unfortunately just off target. They didn’t get many more chances in the remainder of the first half, the one good chance they did get was Philipp on the volley just before the end of the first half. Despite taking a deflection it still proved a little tricky for the keeper but he managed to deal with it. A minute or so later Günter took aim from long range, it wasn’t far off and with them struggling for opportunities then I guess he thought why not.

All in all the first half was most disappointing for Freiburg but the didn’t take long to fix that in the second half. It took just 17 seconds for Mike Frantz to score the opening goal. Whatever the missing piece was, whatever they needed to change or do differently they wasted no time in working it out and putting it into practice. A strong pass from Maximilian Philipp, Frantz took advantage of the slowness of the Paderborn defenders and just like that goal, 1-0 to Freiburg. Evidently their heads were still back in the dressing room. A fact made more apparent when Freiburg scored again just a few minutes later. Though that time they did get a little bit of luck. Paderborn once again caught napping, a defensive error which Petersen was all too keen to take advantage of. He did so and then chipped it over the keeper for what you have to say is a cheeky little goal, I think in fact it may be one of my favourites of the season and not just because it’s the goal which confirmed their return to the Bundesliga, Though you have to admit it’s very fitting that Petersen scored the goal. Even more fitting because he scored last time against Paderborn too, though that time they lost so it’s like putting things right. It’s all too perfect, he scored Freiburg’s last goal in the Bundesliga before relegation and he scores the goal to send them back there: Mike_Frantz_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNils_Petersen_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNo doubt feeling a lot more confident having a 2-0 lead behind them Freiburg looked a lot sharper in the second half and in the 51st minute Grifo came close to making it three. Paderborn however weren’t given up and they were gifted a goal in the 56th minute when Schwolow mishit the throw-in from Stenzel. Moritz Stoppelkamp was there to take full advantage and he did so, putting the ball past a helpless Schwolow. Unsurprisingly it made Paderborn think they had a chance of getting back into the game. They got an opportunity to equalise just a few minutes later, this time however Schwolow was there and took care of it with no problem. The next chance however was not so easy to deal with and in fact Schwolow could do nothing, the shot from Stoppelkamp hit the underside of the bar and left him standing there helpless. I wasn’t too worried in the first half about Freiburg being able to break though the defence but I have to admit to being a little concerned in the second half, Paderborn equalizing would have been a huge disappointment. Not as much as last time given that it’s a very different situation but still it would not have been cool.

The final twenty minutes were very nervy indeed, especially when Schwolow accidentally punched a Paderborn player in the head, no way was it a penalty but it was a very few nervous minutes whilst he was still on the floor anyway. Even more nerve-wracking was the fact the header in question rattled off the underside of the crossbar. Two shots both off the underside of the crossbar, you got the feeling Freiburg’s luck might run out before the game was over. Especially seeing as how they didn’t look threatening enough to score a third and put the game beyond doubt. Other than how uncomfortable the last 15 minutes of the game was the only thing to put a damper on the impending celebrations was Pascal Stenzel’s double yellow and subsequent red card.  Understandably things got a little heated in the final few minutes of the game, when Grifo ended up being upended some of the Paderborn players got impatient and started a shoving match. The stakes for them could not be higher, Freiburg were hanging on for their return to the Bundesliga, but those three points for Freiburg would send Paderborn to 18th place, the foot of the table where up till now Duisburg had lived.

A whole five minutes of extra time was a nightmare to sit through, even more so when Paderborn were gifted an opportunity to get level with a free-kick right on the edge of the box. A free-kick I’m happy to say was blasted over the bar by Stoppelkamp. The corner in the third minute of extra time got them no closer, it being headed out immediately, safety first. The final two minutes were every bit as heated as the previous few had been, Christian Streich being his usual hot headed self. He has that in common with Jogi and Thomas Tuchel, he can be relied upon to provide great GIF material:

Angry_Christian_Streich_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgIt was a painful final two minutes, waiting for the inevitable. Unlike last season it’s a good thing you were waiting for but it only makes it a little easier. Seeing the rest of the squad standing on the touchline waiting for the final whistle made it even harder. And then finally what we’ve spent all season waiting for, party time. Revenge over Paderborn again, another three points for Freiburg and another goal for Petersen in his quest to once again be the 2.B top-scorer:

SC_Freiburg_the_promotion_train_2015_16SC_Freiburg_celebrate_promotion_29_04_2016I was wrong in expecting Paderborn not to provide a difficult challenge but I was right about one thing on MD32, Arminia Bielefeld did manage to hold RB Leipzig to a draw meaning they have to wait for confirmation of their promotion status. Though it’s a dead cert anyway thanks to Nürnberg screwing up on Saturday against Eintracht Braunschweig:

2.Bundesliga MD32 2015-16 results 2.Bundesliga MD32 2015-16 table 1 2.Bundesliga MD32 2015-16 table 2Videos, the match, interviews and highlights of the other games:

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Pictures from the game:

Nicolas Höfler – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 3Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 4Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 3Marc-Oliver Kempf - Paderborn v Freiburg 1Amir Abrashi - Paderborn v Freiburg 1Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 4Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 5Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 2 Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 3 Amir Abrashi – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Nils Petersen & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Nils Petersen & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 2 Höfler, Petersen & Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 3 Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 SC Freiburg celebrate Frantz goal against Paderborn 1 SC Freiburg celebrate Frantz goal against Paderborn 2 Mike Frantz & Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Mike Frantz & Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 2 Christian Streich – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Vincenzo Grifo & Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Christian Streich – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 6 Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 7 Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 5 Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 4 Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 5 Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 8 Alexander Schwolow – Paderborn v Freiburg 9 Patric Klandt & Vincenzo Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 1 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 2 Christian Streich - Paderborn v Freiburg 3 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 3 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 4 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 5 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 6 Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 4 Nils Petersen – Paderborn v Freiburg 5SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 7 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 8 Christian Streich – Paderborn v Freiburg 4 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 9 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 10 Frantz, Günter & Grifo – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Christian Günter & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 1 Christian Günter & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 2 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 11 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 12 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 2016 13

Happy Promotion Day

To say last night’s events were something of acurve-ball would be somewhat inaccurate because the past two days have been nothing but one giant curve-ball, the fact that it was an expected one didn’t make it any easier. I did manage to get some sleep early Friday morning and I got to see Civil War again, but that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is I managed to stay awake long enough to see Freiburg’s game, long enough to see them win 2-1 and to be promoted back to the Bundesliga, hence the title. With two matches to spare they’ve confirmed their return to the Bundesliga. There is however one Captain America related fact I have to mention. Today on die Konferenz they had a very amusing video of a Wolfsburg player done up as Captain America, in place of a ball to kick he had Iron Man’s head in his hand, which he promptly smashed into the goal. I am so making a GIF of that when it’s finished recording.

Last night also saw another surprise, an actual one this time since I knew promotion being confirmed was possible. This one is Hansi related and very strange indeed. I never watch the simulcast for 2.Bundesliga games, I don’t want any distractions from Freiburg’s game. But yesterday I made an exception, if something important happened in Leipzig I wanted to know about it right away. As it turns out something important did happen, Bielefeld’s equaliser. I can’t believe I was right about that, I never though they’d actually hold them to a draw. But before that was Hansi, he was at the game and if I hadn’t had the simulcast on my second screen I never would have known, let alone get pictures and video. He doesn’t l look especially happy to be there but then neither am I. The way I see it he’s on enemy territory, as pleased as I am to get another video of him I wish he hadn’t been there. It’s going to require some creative thinking to write that in:

Hansi Flick at RB Leipzig v Arminia Bielefeld 2015-16 1Last night had everything, a Petersen goal, an angry Christian Streich providing perfect GIF material once more and plenty of drama. And not just in Freiburg’s game either, Paderborn losing was bad enough for them. But misery was heaped upon them with both Duisburg and 1860 winning, pushing them down into 18th place. That’s harsh, 2015 they finished in 18th place in the Bundesliga and now in 2016 they face the same fate in the 2.Bundesliga, they don’t deserve that. I am happy Freiburg won but at the same time I can’t help feel a little sorry that Freiburg had to score the goals which might consign Paderborn to the third division. The goals that confirmed Freiburg’s return:

Mike_Frantz_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNils_Petersen_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgWith promotion secured I find myself wondering about what to do with last season’s shirt, the so called relegation shirt. After the game against H96 in 2015 I hung it up, left it there for a while and then eventually put it away. Promising that I’d only take it out it when they were back in the top flight. Well now they are and H96’s fate is confirmed, Freiburg won’t have to play them next season. Yet I still haven’t taken it out yet. I think I may hold off on that, waiting until the final day of the Bundesliga season. On that day H96 play Bayern, I think I’ll wear it then. Today I had no difficult decisions to make as to what shirt to wear, my mind was made up for me with the arrival of my new Jogi t-shirt:

20160430_122636To finish I have to include some pictures and GIFs from last night, the first two are my favourites, Patric Klandt looks so sweet the way he’s holding on to Vincenzo Grifo:

Patric Klant & Vincenzo Grifo - SC Padeborn v SC Freiburg 1 Patric Klant & Vincenzo Grifo - SC Padeborn v SC Freiburg 2 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 29-04-16 1 Nils Petersen - SC Paderborn v SC Freiburg SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 29-04-16 2SC_Freiburg_celebrate_promotion_29_04_2016 Angry_Christian_Streich_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_Freiburg

SC Freiburg Cards 2015/16

Alexander Schwolow - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Vegar Eggen Hedenstad - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Marc Torrejon - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Immanuel Höhn - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Amir Abrashi - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Mike Frantz - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Tim Kleindienst - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Mats Møller Dæhli - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Lukas Kubler - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Nils Petersen - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Florian Kath - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Marc-Oliver Kempf - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Patric Klandt - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Julian Schuster - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Mensur Mujdža - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardJonas Föhrenbach - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardMaximilian Philipp - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardNicolas Höfler - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardMarco Hingerl - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardKonstantin Fuhry - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardChristian Günter - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardKarim Guede - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Vincenzo Grifo - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardCaleb Stanko - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardAmir Falahen - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardLucas Hufnagel - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Christian Streich - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Lars Voßler - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Patrick Baier - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Andreas Kronenberg - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card Simon Ickert - SC Freiburg 2015-16 card

October – the month of Oliver

Naming this month was a little tricky, coming up with a name wasn’t difficult. The problem is he’s not the only Oliver. The one it is named for is Marc-Oliver Kempf who is more than ok in my book. Problem is there’s another Oliver whom I’m not too fond of, not because he left, it’s where he went that’s the problem. Obviously I’m not happy with him leaving but I could eventually get over that, him going to H96, that I can never get over. But I couldn’t come up with another name, and I didn’t think it was right to change it just because of that. I mean it’s not Marc-Oliver’s fault they happen to share a name.

I’ve been putting off writing this post for quite some time, that much is obvious given that it’s about October and it’s now December. I didn’t know the reasons why until I started looking through that month’s posts. Now I have an idea as to why that might be. October was the month in which Germany wrapped up their Euro qualification in none too perfect fashion. As for their game against Ireland, well the less said about that the better.

From a Freiburg perspective they got knocked out of the DFB Pokal. Not only them but the two other teams I was rooting for as well. Freiburg played five games in October and won just one of them, a 5-2 victory over Greuther Fürth. One win, two losses and two draws. The KSC game I can’t complain that much, if it had gone either way it would have been a fair result. A 1-1 draw is a fair result. It just really smarts, you figure a goal that late in the game has to be the winner but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m more disappointed with the Braunschweig result, a own goal by Mujdza kicking off their comeback. That wasn’t just unlucky, that’s game they should and could have taken control of.

It’s not just for football reasons that I would prefer October remain forgotten, I made plenty of mistakes which I’d rather forget. Mistakes which are predictably social related. It’s for that reason I shouldn’t forget about them, I should remember them because they serve as an excellent reminder of why I should limit such situations. That is I should limit the amount of situations in which such problems could occur. In this instance it was partly my own fault. I should have just let it go. I know I could never make my peace with the situation but I was never going to get any answers either. There was going to be no good outcome. One thing is for certain I wasted far too much time obsessing over this. Time which could have spent on far more constructive activities. It shouldn’t take so long for me to realise that I’m obsessing over something and that I need to put a stop to it.

Sometimes time can help, letting some time pass before you attempt to make sense of it can be useful. I don’t know if that’s the case here, now I look back at what happened and wonder not only how any of it could have happened but just why I cared so much. The best thing to do I think is to accept that none of it makes sense to me and most likely never will. It’s most likely always going to be that way, jumping from one social related crisis to the next.

I didn’t watch many films in October but one I did watch was “The Hour of the Lynx.” It’s one I wish I really hadn’t watched, not because it wasn’t a good film, to the contrary, it was an excellent film. Just a very depressing one which really got to me, enough to write a post about it which isn’t something I do often these days.  As for what else I watched I also went to the cinema to see Michael Fassbender in Macbeth. For one thing I was glad I’d read the play because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on. I did not enjoy the film at all and honestly it’s one of the few films that I’ve seen at the cinema which I seriously considered walking out of.

The other films I watched in October were Sicario, Secretary and Killer Joe. The latter I want to watch again before I make any comments on. Secretary however I do have something to write about.It’s not the first time I’ve seen the film, more like the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen it by now. I rewatched it because of a conversation with the only person I’ve met in real life who not only gets my fascination with James Spader but actually shares it.

They mentioned to me that we disagreed about the ending. I thought they meant that I thought it’s not real, which I’m not sure it is. I think it’s possible that the ending is just her delusion in her dehydrated state. Because I’m not sure that Edward could or would let another person in that way. But that wasn’t it. The point we differed on was whether or not they were both satisfied with the ending, with being together, assuming that it’s real that is. Because the real fun is not at home, it’s at work. Being left at home would not suit Lee at all, knowing that Edward is going to go off to work and that her replacement will be there. That’s the only place he can be himself, where he can have any kind of relationship. Writing this I’m not sure on what we disagreed, on who thinks what. Because thinking about it I don’t think either Edward or Lee is happy with the new situation. If it was real then it’s like he felt obligated to save her.

I’m starting to feel like I should take notes in such conversations, these days I can never remember what was said, or rather I can remember that but not who said what. When I don’t want to remember I can recall exactly what I or someone else said, and when I do want to remember I can’t. I’ve been a lot more distracted and unfocused these past few months. It’s most unusual, the winter months are usually my favourite time of year. When I come out of hibernation so to speak. This year has been all over the place, in lots of different ways.

I didn’t read many books either but one I did read made me very angry, the book in question being The Rosie Project. The source of my anger was when Don talks to the woman who’s responsible for putting together the presentation he’s giving about the genetics of autism. They have a conversation in which she expresses the view that the boys have to alter their behaviour so as to form relationships. But she commits a far bigger infraction than that when she criticizes him for using the word Aspie in his presentation. It’s easier just to quote the section in question:

“You know we never use that word, Aspies, We don’t want them thinking it’s some sort of club.” More negative implications from someone who was presumably paid to assist and encourage.

“Like homosexuality?” I said.

“Touche.” said Julie. “But it’s different. If they don’t change, they’re not going to have real relationships – they’ll never have partners.”

So many things about that make me angry it’s difficult to know where to begin. But how about we start with the fact that she’s presuming to speak for them, she’s not autistic and more to the point, she’s not them. How can she presume to know what they want, if they’re even interested in relationships or any of that. How does she know that they have to change in order for someone to like or love them. I find that insulting, like she’s saying no-one could love them as they are. How about another autistic person for one thing. And this is the thing that makes me angriest of all, who the hell is she to say whether or not they should use the word Aspie or not. She has no right to decide such things, to define how they should see themselves. And why shouldn’t they see it as some sort of club, god forbid we should feel like we belong somewhere. I don’t even remember if I liked the book or not, but then that’s not really important because I only read it for research purposes. Not because I’m interested in pursuing a relationship with a NT but because I wanted to familiarize myself with a such a concept in order to give me a little more perspective on writing a relationship like this. I wanted to know how much compromise such a relationship should involve and to see what the problems would be.

I didn’t get a lot of reading done, I only read two other books Who Invented the Stepover and Star Trek Academy: Collision Course. The latter is a favourite of mine and is one of those books I read when I don’t know what else to do. Whether or not Spock is meant to be autistic is irrelevant, point is this book is one of the best portrayals ever. It details how someone like Spock might think and also provides some excellent descriptions of sensory overload from an autistic person’s perspective. Who Invented the Stepover is a trivia book and provides many interesting football related facts from all over the world. And yes Jogi and Hansi are in there,because of their by now famous blue sweaters, there’s even a picture of the two of them looking rather fetching in said sweaters. Given the title of the section, “Best-dressed Coach” I’d consider it a travesty if Jogi wasn’t mentioned in some way.

IMG_20151221_122338That’s not my favourite thing about the book however. What I liked most about the book is Freiburg related. When I read the question “What is greatest relegation escape act of all time?” I knew Freiburg would not escape a mention in the answering of this question. I was not disappointed, in answering the question the story of their survival at the end of the 1993-94 season is told. Funnily enough the story also involves Nürnberg and Bayern. So in the same story you have a Jogi, Hansi and an Andreas team. In fact Andreas Köpke played in the game mentioned below.

The gist of it is with three games left to play Freiburg were four points and one goal behind 1.FCN in 16th place. Here’s the first incredible element of the story. After not winning one solitary game in four months, they then won their last three games. A fact which meant 1.FCN needed from their last three games one win and one draw. A draw they were in the process of getting against champions Bayern when a phantom goal occurred. Long story short they protested against the result of the game and they got a replay. They then lost said replay 5-0 to Bayern and were relegated on goal difference. The following season Freiburg achieved the feat of finishing third in the Bundesliga, whilst their local rivals VfB Stuttgart languished in twelfth. Then as is their way two seasons later they were relegated finishing in 17th place. Stuttgart on the other hand were at the time under the guidance of Jogi Löw and finished in fourth. His first season in charge and his team get relegated. Funny how things work out. Even more ironic is on the final day of the season Freiburg played KSC, another one of Jogi’s teams. The next season it was KSC who found themselves relegated.

Back to the topic at hand, to finish my favourite collectibles of the month. I got lots of great tickets including the two Germany ones for the month but it’s a Poland ticket which is actually my favourite of the month. For I not only got a ticket but a VIP one and a rather awesome case to go with it:

IMG_20151221_122733IMG_20151221_123057IMG_20151221_122830My favourite Jogi related collectible of the month was obtained by accident in that I didn’t buy it because of him, I didn’t know he was in there. It’s a program from Freiburg’s game with St Pauli, and on the first page is an article detailing their past encounters, an article which features pictures of both Christian Streich and Jogi from when they played for Freiburg: