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Advent Calendar Day 4/More Random Musings & Champions League Album 2015/16

Behind door number four in the Freiburg calendar was back-up goalkeeper Patric Klandt. In the DFB one was the card of defender Jerome Boateng. And last but not least in the Dortmund one midfielder Ilkay Gündogan:

Jerome Boateng - DFB card 2015-16 1 Jerome Boateng - DFB card 2015-16 2 Ilkay Gündogan - Dortmund advent calendarToday has been a somewhat frustrating day. It would have been fine had it not been for the courier who’s taken it upon themselves to lie about the location of my packages. The day was going fine until that happened. At least everything else is so far going to plan. I have all but one of the Christmas presents I’ve bought. I’m almost done now, just the wrapping to take care of. Plus the cards I have to make and the special bookmarks. I’m making three of them this year, one of which I’ve already gotten done. The other two I haven’t even started yet but I don’t think it’ll take long. One is a Philipp Lahm one and the other a Michael Shannon one, I don’t think you get two requests that are more diametrically opposite to one another if you tried. Well the Lahm one is not a request exactly. The person in question asked a while ago for some copies for a certain photo of him and I couldn’t give them the photos then. But I can make them a bookmark now. It’ll be a nice surprise and I’ll get to show that I do listen and can show an interest in other people.

I myself got a nice present too, the new Champions League album, though unfortunately there are no Germans in the four packets that came with it, nor in the first five packets I opened from my box. I did however get one Bayern player, a Gladbach one and  Wolfsburg one. And amusingly enough the badge for Malmo, amusing because of course that’s where part of The Bridge is set and Saga lives.

I’m happy I’ve got the album but not with the album itself, nor the stickers. It’s Topps rather than Panini and I’m not happy about that at all. But it did give me a new idea for a Jogi adventure so it’s not all bad:


Malmo FF badge- CL 2015-16 sticker Bas Dost - VfL Wolfsburg - CL 2015-16 sticker Rafael – Borussia Mönchengladbach – CL 2015-16 sticker Xabi Alonso - FC Bayern München - CL 2015-16 stickerWith the parcel situation it’s very strange indeed, normally I’m going out of my way to avoid other people at all costs and here I am frustrated because there’s not a human in sight. I can’t believe I’m sitting here complaining about not being able to speak to someone, what a strange situation this really is.

At least it’s been productive on a writing front, I haven’t put pen to paper yet but I at least have an idea as to how to proceed with my Jogi Christmas chapter. I’ve worked out how to connect the beginning with the excellent idea that fits in the middle. I’ve also gotten several ideas for other adventures, including one for Matze’s Christmas chapter and a completely new sticker story for Jogi.

I’m trying to keep my mind on this and not on stressing out about next week. I’m trying to keep in mind that the day might not go exactly as I want or expect it to. With that in mind I’m writing two schedules for the day, one for by myself and one with the other person being there. It’s not helping any, I can’t stop obsessing over the day and the fact that I may not get to give them their gifts before Christmas. I’m trying at least anyway.

One final and very good thing, new pictures of Hansi:

csm_86865-15.12.02_U_19-Euro_Plakate_010_x_18d9aaa254 csm_86864-15.12.02_U_19-Euro_Plakate_007_x_407ca5e55d csm_74360-Standbild_Flick_2_62c7d78778

A Good day for Germans

A good day for Germans all round today, well except for Dortmund obviously. Jürgen Klopp did not get to walk off into the sunset with a Pokal winners medal around his neck, he didn’t get his fairy tale ending. Wolfsburg however got to end their season with a fitting tribute to Junior Malanda who died in a road traffic accident during the winter break. The Wolfsburg players wore special shirts with no. 19 on them in honour of his memory. They beat Dortmund 3-1 to win their first ever DFB Pokal.

Video of all the goals:

Elsewhere in the world there were three other Germans who were victorious with their clubs today. In England Per Mertesacker and Mesut Özil were victorious in today’s FA Cup final with Arsenal beating Aston Villa 4-0, Mertesacker getting the third goal in the 62nd minute. In Spain Marc-Andre Ter Stegen played as Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 3-1 in the Copa del Ray final.

Dortmund can have no complaints, they came out with all guns blazing and took the early lead with an Aubameyang goal but after the first 20 minutes they just disappeared. Wolfsburg were by far the better side and it showed, the defensive difficulties and errors that have plagued Dortmund all season once again making their presence felt here. A problem that was made worse by the decision to leave Sven Bender on the bench, instead Sebastian Kehl getting to start ahead of him in his final ever game for the club. Pragmatism should have triumphed over emotion there. Dortmund may feel that everything went against them with a few decisions that maybe should have gone their way, including a couple of penalty calls but truth is Wolfsburg simply got the better of them. They made the most of their chances and were organized better in terms of their defence. Today was a fair representation of how Dortmund’s season went, they just didn’t do enough.

Who knows, if Marco Reus hadn’t missed when he did, maybe they could have got back in the game. Another interesting choice for Dortmund was Langerak starting ahead of Weidenfeller, an interesting choice but not necessarily the wrong one. Langerak has gotten more playing time this season, I have to admit there were a few moments where I pictured Weidenfeller in goal but not in a good way, I pictured how he would have got it wrong, he hasn’t had the best of seasons after all. But then again, he’s not the one who conceded the fastest goal in Bundesliga history, Langerak did that on the opening day of the season against Leverkusen, nine seconds it took them to score.

I’m disappointed personally, I wanted Wolfsburg to lose simply because they were the ones who knocked Freiburg out of the competition. Still the day did as promised provide plenty of excitement, the game was fun to watch, Jogi was at the game along with Hansi and I have video of not only that but the post match interview with him and thus my decision to watch it on Sky instead of ARD is vindicated. To round things off, seeing them at the game gave me an idea for the next chapter of Jogi’s adventures.

2. Bundesliga Count-down – 54 days to go.

Another good thing that the weekend served up was getting the SC Freiburg badge and Jonathan Schmid in Friday’s lot of stickers. Thanks to getting Marc-Oliver Kempf today, that means I only have one more Freiburger to get and the page will be complete, Oliver Sorg is the last man standing. I had hoped that Freiburg would get to be the first page I completed, that honour goes to Eintracht Frankfurt instead. I’m not too unhappy with that, they are after all one of Jogi’s teams and I quite like them in their own right. Today was my last lot of stickers, the final fourteen packets, I like that they started and ended with Hansi, the first sticker was a Hoffenheim player and the last sticker was the Bayern badge. However the painful irony of having fourteen packets left is not lost on me, 14th being the position Freiburg were in going in to the final day of the season. I was going to post my favourites here but I figure they’d be better off in another post, seeing as how there’s enough pictures with the ones from today’s game.

Aubameyang celebrates 1 Aubameyang celebrates 2 Aubameyang celebrates 3 Aubameyang celebrates 4 Gustavo celebrates 1 Gustavo celebrates 2 De Bruyne celebrates 1 De Brunye celebrates 2 Dost celebrates 1 Dost celebrates 2 Dost celebrates 3 Pokal Jürgen Klopp Dortmund - medal presentation Jürgen Klopp - Pokal Jürgen Klopp - Runners up medal Wolfsburg celebrate 1 Wolfsburg celebrate 2 Wolfsburg celebrate 3 Wolfsburg celebrate 4 Wolfsburg celebrate 5 Wolfsburg celebrate 6 Wolfsburg celebrate 7 Wolfsburg celebrate 8 Bas Dost - Pokal 1 Bas Dost - Pokal 2 Andre Schürrle - Pokal 1 Andre Schürrle - Pokal 2

A Conversation With Thomas/Stickers of the Day

The first part of the title refers to a dream I had last weekend, thankfully it was Thomas Tuchel who paid me a visit in my dreams and not the other Thomas. This Thomas is Jürgen Klopp’s successor, like Klopp he’s coached Mainz as well and he will take over at Dortmund at the end of the season when Klopp departs. In the dream I was asking him about his plans for Dortmund, in particular about which players he wanted to keep and who would be the first to leave. He asked if there was anyone in particular I was wondering about. I replied in the affirmative and said that Roman Weidenfeller was who I was wondering about. I wanted to know if Roman had said he wanted to leave and if he wanted him to stay. I don’t remember his answer or if there was anymore to the conversation.

All this time I’ve been thinking about him leaving Dortmund and whether or not I would care about that, without considering the possibility that he’s not the Roman I was worried about. That it’s Roman Bürki I’m really worried about and whether or not he will stay at Freiburg, whether they stay up or not. It’s ironic I’ll say that, back in March I wrote about how change wasn’t always a bad thing because if nothing ever changed then Oliver Baumann would not have left and Freiburg would have not needed to look for a new goalkeeper. Now change or rather the possibility of change is the enemy once more. It’s not something that just applies to football, it’s a lesson that has to be learnt in real life too. A lesson that I seem to need to learn time and time again. Things change, whether you want them to or not. It’s a recurring theme in my dreams, I’ve had dreams related to the topic that had Jogi, Hansi, Klinsi and the other Thomas in them. In fact the presence of Thomas Tuchel is a message in itself. By dreaming about him it’s an acceptance of his presence at Dortmund next season.

Other than worrying about Roman and the possibility of relegation and other players leaving, there’s other things I’m worried about changing too, things big and small. One of them is a change that’s already taken place, something which happened completely without warning and were I to share it with anyone in real life they would without a doubt tell me that I’m overreacting, that it’s not a big deal. To them it’s just a new layout for the TV guide, it would mean nothing to most people but it means something to me. It means something to me to wake up one day and find out that the layout you are so used to has been taken away to be replaced by a new one that you hate, not just because it’s different but because it’s completely impractical. Maybe if it had happened at a less stressful time and if there had been some warning I wouldn’t be so bothered by it. The way things are right now I don’t need any surprises like that.

I think maybe I’ll write a story about that, a Jogi story of course. That always helps in getting some perspective on things and makes me feel a little better. I’ve been thinking about an idea for one, it’s not about things changing but it is about how sometimes things aren’t as you expect them to be. In this case it’s related to the “Road to Euro 2016” trading cards. I had initially decided not to collect them but ended up getting the starter pack anyway because they didn’t have the sticker album and I had been pretty set on getting it. I couldn’t countenance the idea of leaving with nothing, I stupidly had not let myself consider the possibility that it may not be there. I don’t understand why it wasn’t, it’s out elsewhere in Europe. I know I could get one online from Serbia but it’s just the album, not the starter pack that comes with five packets of stickers and comes encased in a plastic wrapper. There’s something special about getting it from the store like that and bringing it home yourself. I hate how careless they are with release dates, why are they keeping it such a secret, don’t they want people to buy their albums and why the staggered release, why do the eastern European countries get it first?

And now I’ve gone completely off the point which was about things not always being as you expect them to be and how to deal with that. The problem here is related to how the cards are stored, the binder that comes in the starter pack does not have enough room for all the cards in the collection, not even enough space for all of the regular cards, forget about the special ones as well. Which is why they are not numbered no doubt, there would be no point in numbering them when there aren’t enough slots for all of them. That was the other thing I was annoyed about, that the slots aren’t numbered, which means you have to count your way through the pages if you wanted to put the cards in order.

I’ve got the beginnings of the story in which Jogi begins to collect these cards, something which Hansi is not pleased about and he’s even less pleased when he finds out that Jogi has box of cards for him too because he not only needs someone to trade with but someone to battle against too. I guess I could add to that him discovering the problem with the lack of space and Hansi teaching him about how to deal with situations when they don’t turn out as they thought you would.

Writing that may make me feel a little better but it doesn’t help at all in solving the two practical concerns. First where I’m going to put the rest of the cards, that can be solved by buying one of the tins I looked at online, that means spending more than I had planned to  on this but now I don’t have any other choice. It’s annoying, I have to spend more and it still doesn’t exactly resolve the problem, not to my satisfaction anyhow.That’s going to bug me, the fact that there’s always going to be cards missing from the binder.

The second problem is unsolvable, Jogi solved it easily enough, he just bought Hansi a box of his own cards. I however don’t have anyone to buy a box for and even if I did, I can’t make them be interested in playing the game. I’ll just have to settle for collecting them instead of battling. I can still trade cards at least, I can trade them online same as the stickers which is something. At least I won’t get stuck with a pile of useless doubles.

It’s not all bad news today, Paderborn did as expected lose to Wolfsburg which means they stay in the relegation zone and more importantly Freiburg hold on to their spot of safety for now.  Timm Klose and Bas Dost got the goals for Wolfsburg. A picture of Dost celebrating and one from the post match interview in which he’s wearing a Paderborn shirt:

Bas Dost - goal celebration - SCP v VfL Bas Dost - post match interview - SCP v VfLAs promised, the video of Junuzovic’s goal, I don’t however have any pictures of him celebrating, to be more precise I have no clear or good ones so just the video will have to suffice.

It’s a very strange week this week. For once Jogi’s teams did better than Hansi’s. Freiburg drew, Stuttgart won and Frankfurt won. But for Hansi Bayern lost, Hoffenheim lost (to Frankfurt) and only Köln won with them beating Schalke 2-0. That’s a great result for them, they’ve found it difficult to score goals all season especially at home and with this victory their survival in the top flight is assured now.

On the subject of things not being all bad, here’s one more thing to be happy about, a Jogi video being at the top of my youtube list:

screenshot-www youtube com 2015-05-10 19-56-47

And now the stickers of the day, this lot is very much a Hansi themed one with a Bayern player, half of the team, the badge for his former team Sandhausen and one for Hoffenheim. Also there is my first Freiburg player since starting this collection, Vladimir Darida:

Manuel Neuer - FC Bayern München SV Sandhausen badge FC Bayern München - Mannschaft 1 Vladimir Darida - SC Freiburg Lars Bender - Bayer - 04 Leverkusen TSG 1899 Hoffenheim badge

Numbers fun/Roman’s misfortune

Continuing the world cup numbers fun yesterday I got some views from the US and from France,  France being the 1998 hosts and the US the 1994 hosts.  In another amusing twist I also got some views from Croatia, funny given that just the other day I watched the Euro 2008 match in which they beat Germany 2-1. Sadly no views from Italy, then it would have been perfect, given that the hosted the 1990 world cup when Germany won it.

I’ve also had some fun making a GIF of Roman’s moment of misfortune, I’m sorry Roman I really am but it was too good a moment not to make a GIF of:

Roman - Mainz goal

I keep watching it again and again, waiting for it to make some sense. No matter how many times you watch it, that doesn’t happen, it does however get funnier every time I see it.

I guarantee that moment will make the list when they put together the funniest moments of the second half of the season. It’s funny, Weidenfeller made the list of funniest moments for the first half of the season as well because of the time he threw the ball out, straight into the back of the head of his own team-mate Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Other than watching the Europa league last night, I also did something else that was a little different. I wrote and posted something that I wasn’t 100% sure of, I like what I’ve written but I’m not sure as to how good it is. It’s not easy writing dialogue for a character like Dr. King Schultz, not when his creator is someone as skilled with words as Quentin Tarantino is. Knowing that I’ll never be able to write dialogue that is of that standard made it a little easier to just have some fun with it all.

Also having fun with numbers at the moment is Dutchman Bas Dost, he scored two goals for Wolfsburg last night in their Europa League tie against Sporting Lisbon, bringing his tally to six goals in two games now after he scored four last Saturday against Leverkusen. The game was fun to watch and it was great to get to see Wolfsburg play, I don’t often get a chance to do so. However it feels weird watching football on Thursday, it’s an aberration since I don’t usually watch the Europa League. I think next week I may record the game and watch it on a Friday, just to make it a little less strange.

On a slightly related note, I finally finished reading the book about Robert Enke. I could have finished it a few days ago, I only had six pages left but I kept putting it off. Where I left it, it was two days before he died. I know it’s illogical and stupid but I kept thinking if I don’t read it then he won’t die. And the more I kept thinking that, the harder it was to convince myself to finish the book. The last few pages were as difficult as I expected them to be, reading about his wife thinking that he may be getting better because he was smiling again. No-one knew of course that he had already decided to kill himself, that was why he was able to smile, because he knew he would be free from the darkness soon.