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Advent Calendar Day 11: Vampire Mondays

Despite getting out of bed whilst it was actually still morning today didn’t go as I wanted it to. Even though I was out of bed and doing what I was supposed to be doing it didn’t feel right, half the time I felt like I was still asleep and the rest of the time I was wishing I were. It was only late in the evening that I actually felt awake, something which doesn’t bode well for my efforts at straightening out my sleeping patterns. I’m doing everything I can to resist a nocturnal schedule but evidently the rest of me does not agree. Come night time that old familiar feeling returns, a feeling of invincibility almost. Like I can do anything and I have a million and one ideas. Which of course I don’t actually do anything about, that’s all anything is these days, ideas and thoughts. Hardly anything is real anymore, most things don’t get beyond my head. I plot stories, come up with ideas for posts and projects. Yet I don’t do any of it. When it comes to writing stuff down the words aren’t there anymore. And when they are it’s not right, the stories are more complete when they’re in my head. Like something gets lost when I try to put them down on paper.

Things aren’t happening as they’re meant to and these posts are no exception. I thought I might use them to get back on track. And of course I had plenty of ideas, like digging some stuff out from my archives and making videos for the players whose cards and stickers I got on that day. Something which never materialized, not because I forgot about the idea. It was just the thought of all that work, what is usually fun felt like a chore. Almost everything feels that way these days. Forget about actually getting anything done by the time you’re out of bed, showered and dressed it feels like that’s half of your energy gone already. Yesterday was a lot of fun, maybe too much fun.

Not a lot happened today, other than what seems to be the now mandatory Playstation marathon (the game of choice being Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood this time) the main event today was the Champions League draw. Bayern have got what on paper is a not so difficult draw, having been drawn with Turkish team Besiktas. I find it funny myself, because Besiktas are from RB Leipzig’s group. The best of the bunch though is obviously Real Madrid v PSG. I don’t care about the Ronaldo v Neymar competition though. What I care about is German being pitted against German, well Germans since PSG have two in the form of Julian Draxler and Kevin Trapp. And of course Real Madrid have Toni Kroos. I can’t really root for either, I don’t like PSG because of where their money comes from yet I can’t root for Real Madrid because I can’t stand Ronaldo. As for picking who I like better, I don’t know if I can do that. My first instinct is to say Julian, though I think that might be Matze’s fault. Either way it’ll be brilliant to watch, I just hope that Julian actually gets to play. On the subject of Germans being pitted against one another the draw of Chelsea and Barcelona does just that. This time it’s Antonio Rüdiger against Marc-Andre ter Stegen. And this is the point where I say I’m staying neutral. Between those two I really can’t pick.

Despite the excitement of the Champions League draw the highlight of today was a new video for my collection, not Jogi of course (I’ve never gotten one of him from a 2.Bundesliga game – besides they’re in Abu Dhabi for the Club World Cup) but Stefan instead.

Stefan Kuntz at Fortuna Düsseldorf v 1.FCN 2017/18

Advent Calendar Day 8: The Not so Scary Day of Doom

I should be relieved that the worst didn’t happen, yet I’m only partly relieved. Mostly I’m still angry, angry that some people seem to continually get away with not taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. They think it’s fine just because the worst didn’t happen, that because it turned out to be something of a misunderstanding and disaster was averted it means they don’t need to take responsibility for their mistakes. The fact the more serious consequences of their careless mistake was avoided doesn’t make it ok, not by a long shot. But it’s impossible to make them see that. I guess on this one I’ll just have to take the advice I got, time and time again I’ve been told “you can’t always change what other people do or think, all you can do is decide how you’re going to react to it.”

Actually in a way it’s worse that what I was worried about didn’t actually happen. Because they screwed up and put me through all this for nothing, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I know I need to let go of this but it’s not easy. I’ve got plenty of my own stuff to stress out about, I don’t need idiots like that adding to the list. It’s ironic that’s for sure, today was destined to be the worst day of the week yet it’s actually the day in which I’ve gotten the most done. Not only that but I somehow managed to be up, showered, dressed and to have eaten breakfast all before lunchtime. And right now I’m writing something which isn’t depressing. Even so it’s not an all’s well that ends well sort of thing. It’s yet another reminder that you can’t trust anyone but yourself, and sometimes I don’t even feel like I can do that. I’m supposed to be thinking of a few things that I can work on to make my life better, they don’t have to be big things, just something that could potentially make my life more bearable. I still don’t have anything for my list, nothing that’s realistic anyway. There are no big strong centre backs like Antonio Rüdiger to protect you, no Hansi either to help keep you out of trouble. I have something for my list but it’s not realistic, at least I don’t see a way it can be achieved. I’d like for life to not lurch from one crisis to the next, for things to just be settled and quiet but that never seems to happen, something always has to go wrong. I don’t have any solutions except to run away and hide, whether that be in a story of my own creation, books or yet another TV show, in this case Grimm on Netflix seeing as how I’ve watched almost everything else in my own collection. In the show the main character Nick can see monsters whereas other people just see regular human beings, that would be great, if you could really see people for who they are. That way you’d never get taken in, lied to or taken advantage of ever again.

Vormittagstraining im Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark 08/11/17

DFB Pressekonferenz 17/05/2016: Joachim Löw nominiert EM-Kader

Manuel Neuer - EM 2016 Kader Bernd Leno - EM 2016 Kader Marc Andre ter Stegen - EM 2016 Kader Die Mannschaft - EM Kader 2016 - TorJerome Boateng - EM 2016 Kader Emre Can - EM 2016 Kader Jonas Hector - EM 2016 Kader Benedikt Höwedes – EM 2016 Kader Mats Hummels - EM 2016 Kader Shkodran Mustafi - EM 2016 Kader Sebastian Rudy - EM 2016 Kader Antonio Rüdiger - EM 2016 Kader Die Mannschaft - EM Kader 2016 - AbwehrKarim Bellarabi - EM 2016 Kader Julian Brandt - EM 2016 Kader Julian Draxler - EM 2016 Kader Mario Götze - EM 2016 Kader Mario Gomez -EM 2016 Kader Sami Khedira - EM 2016 Kader Joshua Kimmich - EM 2016 Kader Toni Kroos - EM 2016 Kader Thomas Müller - EM 2016 Kader Mesut Özil - EM 2016 Kader Lukas Podolski - EM 2016 Kader Marco Reus - EM 2016 Kader Leroy Sane - EM 2016 Kader Andre Schürrle - EM 2016 Kader Bastian Schweinsteiger- EM 2016 Kader Julian Weigl - EM 2016 Kader Die Mannschaft - EM Kader 2016 - Mittelfeld-AngriffDie Mannschaft - EM Kader 2016

Advent Calendar Day 10

Behind door number ten in the Freiburg calendar was striker and scorer of the all important last second winner against Heidenheim two weeks ago, Karim Guede. In the DFB one was the card of former VfB Stuttgart defender Antonio Rudiger and saving the best till last, in the Dortmund one was former striker, current stadium announcer and singer of one of my favourite songs ever Norbert Dickel. This song here:

Antonio Rudiger - DFB card 2015-16 1 Antonio Rudiger - DFB card 2015-16 2 Norbert Dickel - Dortmund advent calendarRight now my mind is mostly on two things, the draw for the groups for Euro 2016 on Saturday which Jogi, Thomas Schneider, Andreas Köpke and Oliver Bierhoff will be present at. Oliver Bierhoff is in fact part of the ceremony. The other thing very much on my mind is what films to watch over Christmas. Whether or not I should continue with the tradition from last year or if I should start a new one. I’m not sure I can sit through Deutschland: Ein Sömmermarchen again. Not because it’s bad film, it’s not, it’s terrific in fact. I think it’s a little too good, a little too emotion provoking. So far on my provisional list I’ve got The Christmas Party, At World’s End, Home Alone and a James Bond film, one of the Brosnan or Dalton ones. What’s missing is a German film, Christoph Waltz may be able to solve that with his Christmas film Weihnachtsman gesucht.