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Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v 1.FC Köln 2019/20

Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v 1.FC Köln 2019/20

Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v 1.FC Köln 2019/20 2

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Manuel Neuer at Bayern München v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Advent Calendar Day 10: Snow Day in Köln

Of all the things I expected to happen today that wasn’t one of them. I know it doesn’t sound good when you go into a game like this unsure if your team can win or not, but I didn’t want to curse anything by thinking about winning at all. I honestly thought they would draw and well they almost did. Were it not for Nils Petersen’s last minute penalty it would have been a 3-3 draw, and quite a spectacular one too. Freiburg came back to win 4-3 and that’s great, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be relegated. Those three goals they conceded are exactly why relegation is still a very real threat. That was their way of playing in the 2.Bundesliga in 2015/16, don’t worry if you concede two, we’ll just go and score three more. They’ve always been partial to a very open style of play, which isn’t to say they can’t be disciplined defensively. Their 0-0 draw against Dortmund earlier in the season proves that, a result all the more impressive for the fact they played the majority of the game with ten men. That open kind of play worked when they had players like Maximilian Philipp and Vincenzo Grifo around. But they left in the summer for Dortmund and Gladbach, taking some of the magic. their goals and more importantly their assists with them.

I don’t even know what today’s game was, it was crazy that’s for sure. And it’s proof that whatever they do Köln are doomed, they threw away a three goal lead, you can’t draw any other conclusion. Then again this game didn’t doom them, that was already done several match-days ago. There remains only one question, can they really go a whole Bundesliga season without winning a single game? Today’s game brought back a lot of memories, like the equally crazy (but much better to watch) snow game against Leipzig in the 2015/16 season. And of course their first game of that season against 1.FC Nürnberg. which was Nil’s first league game as a proper Freiburg player. A game in which he scored a hat-trick and just like today two of them were penalties. In fact Nils scored a hat-trick in his first ever game for Freiburg as well, against Eintracht Frankfurt.

1.FC Köln v SC Freiburg 2017/18 Highlights

Speaking of memories there was a very familiar face at today’s game, though not a very happy one obviously:

Lukas Podolski at 1.FC Köln v SC Freiburg 2017/18

As happy as I am they won I don’t feel like I can celebrate, not only  because they’re still in danger of relegation but the game seems to be reflective of how their season is going and life in general. They can’t go on conceding goals at the rate they have, not even if they start scoring some themselves. On the subject of unexpected events the confirmation of the sacking of Peter Bosz wasn’t one of them. The announcement of his replacement the very same day however was, not just the fact they did so quickly but who it was. They’ve switched one Peter for another, Dortmund’s temporary coach until the end of the season being none other than former Köln coach Peter Stöger. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

I still can’t find a word other than crazy to describe today’s game but I know one thing, I really needed today. It was exciting, infuriating and intense. But most of all it was fun and for those two hours the game was on things felt like they used to do, like when I first started watching them. They were struggling then and they’re struggling now, so it’s not that they’ve changed, it’s me. But I don’t want to reflect on that now or anything else serious or real life related, today was fun and that’s enough. For once I just want something to be simple. Today’s game was anything but simple but the joy I derived from it was exactly that. No obsessing over what I’m doing and why, no wondering if maybe I’m not too obsessed and shouldn’t I be spending time with other people instead of stuck in my room alone. Today none of that mattered. Today there was the game and nothing else.


Advent Calendar Day 2: The Unfortunate Coincidence

It would be today of all days that I get not only Benedikt Höwedes’ sticker but the card of Jonas Hector. How perfect is that, getting them in the same calendar door when their teams play each other. And they end up drawing 2-2 just to make it that little bit more perfect. Well Schalke is only technically Benedikt’s team at the moment, with him being on loan to Juventus. And Jonas of course is still out injured so didn’t play. Though in a way it’s a good thing Benedikt isn’t there because I don’t like Schalke very much and I would under the circumstances feel compelled to root for Cologne anyway, even though they are in the relegation fight along with Freiburg. But I don’t feel too bad for doing so, simply because surely Cologne are too deep in trouble to be of any danger to Freiburg, Bremen or HSV who are also stuck in the relegation fight. At this point forget about fighting relegation, they’re fighting against having the unflattering record of being the worst Bundesliga team of all time. I bet no-one ever thought Tasmania Berlin were in danger of losing that record. But with three points and six goals after fourteen games Cologne are giving them a run for their money.

Rumor has it they’ve parted ways with Peter Stöger though that hasn’t been confirmed officially. I at least hope it’s not true. In the poll I voted in 71% of people agreed sacking him would be the wrong way to go. But then maybe I’m a little biased, I like the underdog after all. I don’t have to worry about the same thing happening at Freiburg. On the news last week the club president said that Christian Streich is going nowhere, that they stand by him “through thick and thin” which was reassuring if unnecessary to hear. For the simple reason Freiburg aren’t the kind of club to go sacking a coach just because things aren’t going so well. Whatever happens he’s going nowhere. Obviously I don’t want to think about them getting relegated but it would in a weird way be funny, a Jogi team and a Hansi team getting relegated together.

As what I’ve written so far suggests today has been all about football. And I know what they’ll say, fixating on one thing to the exclusion of everything else isn’t good, you need some balance in the day/your life in general. But you know what I don’t really care right now. For two reasons, first it got me out of bed and secondly it was a distraction from all the stuff I’m worried about at the moment. It’s a good thing I did get up too, I wouldn’t have gotten my new Hansi video if I hadn’t and I would have missed Peter’s pre-match show. It’s funny that is. Whilst I’m beating myself up for having obsessions at all and worrying how immersive they are I end up adding another one to the list. This one is kind of new too, I’ve never been obsessed with a reporter before. Seems I’m not done collecting things and that includes obsessions. In one way I suppose it’s a good sign, the fact I’m still engaged enough with something to form a new interest and to care about something. Even the stupid psych can’t argue with that. Though something tells me they’ll find something to complain about. They’re supposed to be helping but it feels like they’re doing the exact opposite. Surely it can’t be a good thing that I worry so much about what they think, then again I do that for pretty much every social situation, so it’s kind of hard to tell. I’m not even sure why I keep going, I guess I’m just used to going where I’m told when it comes to this sort of thing. I did at least manage to write something today, only three pages but it’s better than nothing.

Hansi Flick at 1.FC Köln v Hoffenheim 2017/18

Hansi Flick at 1.FC Köln v Hoffenheim 2017/18

Joachim Löw at VfB Stuttgart v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Joachim Löw at VfB Stuttgart v 1.FC Köln 2017/18

Happy Hansi Day 2017

As I did last year I put together a little something special for Hansi’s birthday, he may have left and I may only have the one video but I’m making this post anyway. The video in question is something of a special one in a bittersweet way, it’s their last first qualifier together – the very last time they would embark on a qualification campaign together. I still don’t know why he left or what if anything he’s going to do next, regardless happy birthday elf lord. If nothing else I have all the wonderfully sweet memories of him and Jogi, memories of moments like this:

Jogi_Hansi_hug_Slovakia_v_GermanyJogi_Hansi_Silbernes_Lorbeerblatt_Pr_sentation_1Hansi_Jogi_hugJogi_Hansi_Australia_v_GermanyJogi & Hansi celebrate - Germany v Russia

disappointed_hansi_jogi_germany_v_faroe_islandsAnd I thought I’d throw in a few favourite pictures as well since you can never have too much of Hansi:

Hansi Flick – Sportschau interview 6Hansi Flick – Sportschau interview 7Hansi Flick interivew - Österreich v Deutschland (U19 EM 2016) 4joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-2joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-4joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-5Plus a few of the latest additions to my Hansi collection:

hansi-flick-cologne-photo-03-11-90 hansi-flick-signed-photo hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-1 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-2 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-3 hansi-flick-cologne-v-bremen-1990-programme-4

Bundesliga 2015/16 Album

I may be playing catch up in other regards but not in the case of this season’s new Bundesliga album.This time round I’ve gotten it not long after it was released. It’s a lot less fun knowing Freiburg aren’t in there but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Though I can’t help feel this collection is doomed from the start. The reason being my limited edition Thomas Müller sticker was not in the starter pack as promised, neither were the customary four packets of stickers. Given the way the packet was ripped open it’s obvious someone somewhere along the line helped themselves to Thomas and the others. Stupid limited edition stickers, I’ll have to get all of them online because they only come with certain German magazines.

Other than that and Freiburg only getting two stickers, the badge and kits I quite like this season’s album. I’d like it a lot more if they had a picture or a sticker for the coaches. That’s weird, Topps make the Premier League album too and that has a picture of the coach yet the Bundesliga one doesn’t. One feature I do like is the section for the all time top goal scorers and players who’ve played the most games. There’s a downside to that however, because if Freiburg hadn’t gotten relegated Jogi would be on there. The other positive about the album is each team has four pages instead of two meaning there’s more stickers to collect, 439 this season instead of 300. The major source of frustration is that I’m still waiting for a Freiburg sticker of Nils Petersen. Last season I had to make do with his Bremen one, this season I have nothing. At least I will have one of striker Florian Niederlechner because despite him being loaned out to Freiburg he’s included on Mainz’s page. Plus there is of course Roman Bürki’s Dortmund, not to mention Matze’s. Neither of which I have yet. This isn’t something I like, more I’m amused by it. Freiburg share their page with FSV Frankfurt, Vincenzo Grifo’s former team.

IMG_20160303_175858IMG_20160303_180205IMG_20160303_180307IMG_20160303_180323IMG_20160303_180124IMG_20160303_180131In my first few packets I got Köln’s badge, Andre Schürrle, Aytac Sulu, Arminia Bielefeld’s kits, Philipp Lahm and Lukas Hradecky. Köln is of course a Hansi team. As for why Andre Schürrle’s so special to warrant a mention, I just thought it was funny to get his sticker a few days after his hat-trick against H96. To make it even funnier I got both their team stickers. Bielefeld is of course who Freiburg defeated 4-1 yesterday afternoon. And Philipp Lahm needs no introduction, Hradecky is on the notables list simply for being a good keeper. And Sulu just for being very likeable.

1.FC Köln badge – Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerAndre Schürrle – VfL Wolfsburg – Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerAytac Sulu – Darmstadt – Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerArminia Bielefeld Trikots – Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerPhilipp Lahm – Bayern München – Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerLukas Hradecky - Eintracht Frankfurt – Bundesliga 2015-16 stick

Hansi Flick clippings

The latest additions to my Hansi collection, some clippings from Hoffenheim, Köln and Bayern. Plus some die Mannschaft related ones and a few Bayern and Köln team posters:

Hansi Flick – Hoffenheim clipping 1 Hansi Flick – Hoffenheim team photoHansi Flick – 1.FC Köln clipping 1 Hansi Flick – clipping 1 Hansi Flick – clipping 2 Hansi Flick – clipping 3Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 1 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 2 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 3 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 4 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 5 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 6 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 7 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 8 Hansi Flick – Bayern clipping 9 Hansi Flick – Bayern sticker 1Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 1 Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 2 Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 3 Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 4 Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 5 Hansi Flick - Bayern team poster 1986-87 Hansi Flick – Bayern team poster 1989 Hansi Flick – 1.FC Köln team poster 1 Hansi Flick – 1.FC Köln team poster 2

Ticket Collection Update 2

A real mix of tickets this time. First two are Germany tickets for the last two internationals from the season past against the USA and Gibraltar. Then Bundesliga ones, old and new, most of which are Hansi ones and there’s also a few Stuttgart ones from when Jogi was coach there. One of them is a for a Bayern away game and another is for a home game against Freiburg. The Freiburg one is of particular importance as 1996 is the year Freiburg beat Bayern the last time. I don’t have the ticket from that game, I do have however have the ticket from the reverse of the fixture. That one would be the best of the lot if weren’t for the Jogi ticket I got, this is the real prize of them all. A ticket from a game Jogi played in, a ticket for Union Solingen v Freiburg, a 2. Bundesliga game from the 1983/84 season. The Stuttgart-Leverkusen one is also cool because Leverkusen is where Jogi was the day Freiburg beat Bayern, I don’t have the ticket from that game nor have I seen one, I had to settle for the home one in the meantime.

Of equal importance is the Bayern v Stuttgart ticket from the 1986/87 season, Hansi scored the only goal in that game in the 14th minute, it was his first Bundesliga goal. Just to make it that little bit sweeter, I have footage of that goal:

The Bundesliga tickets from this season are, Bayern v Freiburg, Stuttgart v Freiburg,  Freiburg v Bayern and regrettably H96 v Freiburg. Also there unfortunately are the two tickets for the home and away leg of the relegation play-off match between HSV and Karlsruher SC. And lastly is a Dortmund Champions League ticket and two Pokal tickets, the second of these is particularly special. The first is for TSG Neustrelitz v Freiburg and the second for Freiburg v Stuttgart. It’s special because a certain Herr Schneider was in charge of Stuttgart at the time and they lost this match, a fact which pleases me greatly, not just because Freiburg won but because he was in charge of the opposition at the time.

Gibraltar v Germany - ticketDeutschland v USA - ticketFCB v VfB Stuttgart - 1986-87 ticketFCB v 1.FCN - 1989-90 ticketFCB v 1.FCK - 1991-92 ticketFCB v SC Freiburg - 1995-96 ticketFCB v VfB Stuttgart - 1996-97 ticketVfB Stuttgart v SC Freiburg - 1996-97 ticketVfB Stuttgart v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - 1996-97 ticketUnion Solingen v SC Freiburg - 2. Bundesliga 1983-84 ticketFCB v SC Freiburg - 2014-15 ticketVfB Stuttgart v SC Freiburg - 2014-15 ticketSC Freiburg v FCB - 2014-15 ticketH96 v SC Freiburg - 2014-15 ticket

HSV v KSC - Relegation 2015 ticket KSC v HSV - Relegation 2015 ticketBVB v Juventus - Champions League 2014-15 ticket TSG Neustrelitz v SC Freiburg - 2013-14 DFB Pokal ticket SC Freiburg v VfB Stuttgart - DFB Pokal 2013-14 ticket