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Happy Promotion Day

To say last night’s events were something of acurve-ball would be somewhat inaccurate because the past two days have been nothing but one giant curve-ball, the fact that it was an expected one didn’t make it any easier. I did manage to get some sleep early Friday morning and I got to see Civil War again, but that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is I managed to stay awake long enough to see Freiburg’s game, long enough to see them win 2-1 and to be promoted back to the Bundesliga, hence the title. With two matches to spare they’ve confirmed their return to the Bundesliga. There is however one Captain America related fact I have to mention. Today on die Konferenz they had a very amusing video of a Wolfsburg player done up as Captain America, in place of a ball to kick he had Iron Man’s head in his hand, which he promptly smashed into the goal. I am so making a GIF of that when it’s finished recording.

Last night also saw another surprise, an actual one this time since I knew promotion being confirmed was possible. This one is Hansi related and very strange indeed. I never watch the simulcast for 2.Bundesliga games, I don’t want any distractions from Freiburg’s game. But yesterday I made an exception, if something important happened in Leipzig I wanted to know about it right away. As it turns out something important did happen, Bielefeld’s equaliser. I can’t believe I was right about that, I never though they’d actually hold them to a draw. But before that was Hansi, he was at the game and if I hadn’t had the simulcast on my second screen I never would have known, let alone get pictures and video. He doesn’t l look especially happy to be there but then neither am I. The way I see it he’s on enemy territory, as pleased as I am to get another video of him I wish he hadn’t been there. It’s going to require some creative thinking to write that in:

Hansi Flick at RB Leipzig v Arminia Bielefeld 2015-16 1Last night had everything, a Petersen goal, an angry Christian Streich providing perfect GIF material once more and plenty of drama. And not just in Freiburg’s game either, Paderborn losing was bad enough for them. But misery was heaped upon them with both Duisburg and 1860 winning, pushing them down into 18th place. That’s harsh, 2015 they finished in 18th place in the Bundesliga and now in 2016 they face the same fate in the 2.Bundesliga, they don’t deserve that. I am happy Freiburg won but at the same time I can’t help feel a little sorry that Freiburg had to score the goals which might consign Paderborn to the third division. The goals that confirmed Freiburg’s return:

Mike_Frantz_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNils_Petersen_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgWith promotion secured I find myself wondering about what to do with last season’s shirt, the so called relegation shirt. After the game against H96 in 2015 I hung it up, left it there for a while and then eventually put it away. Promising that I’d only take it out it when they were back in the top flight. Well now they are and H96’s fate is confirmed, Freiburg won’t have to play them next season. Yet I still haven’t taken it out yet. I think I may hold off on that, waiting until the final day of the Bundesliga season. On that day H96 play Bayern, I think I’ll wear it then. Today I had no difficult decisions to make as to what shirt to wear, my mind was made up for me with the arrival of my new Jogi t-shirt:

20160430_122636To finish I have to include some pictures and GIFs from last night, the first two are my favourites, Patric Klandt looks so sweet the way he’s holding on to Vincenzo Grifo:

Patric Klant & Vincenzo Grifo - SC Padeborn v SC Freiburg 1 Patric Klant & Vincenzo Grifo - SC Padeborn v SC Freiburg 2 SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 29-04-16 1 Nils Petersen - SC Paderborn v SC Freiburg SC Freiburg celebrate promotion 29-04-16 2SC_Freiburg_celebrate_promotion_29_04_2016 Angry_Christian_Streich_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_Freiburg


Time alone is very important to me, solitude is not a luxury but an essential. I just don’t have a great deal of tolerance for being around other people, regardless of whether I want to be or not. So it stands to reason that today has been a very trying day. I’ve had twelve near continuous hours of social time, I’ve not been by myself for more than ten minutes all day. It’s a price worth paying for getting to see the Captain America triple bill and the all important midnight screening of Civil War. It’s a price I’ll be paying for dearly in the days to come. I’m already paying for it now in fact. Too much social time and having to adjust to being in a strange place at the same time means I can’t sleep. All I need is some time alone, not just from the person with me but from my own thoughts. My goal originally was to write something for my “Fallen Soldier” story before seeing Civil War, it didn’t work out quite so well. I have a lot of notes but so far no actual story. Seeing The Winter Soldier again fixed that. I now know how to start and have a few ideas for later on as well. Problem is I need to write them down now so I can sleep, if I don’t they won’t stop bothering me and I won’t get any sleep anyway.

Although I’m sure I would be having trouble sleeping anyway right now thanks to the end of Civil War, I can’t believe they froze Bucky. Just in case him having his arm torn off by Iron Man wasn’t enough, now he’s back on ice as well. I hope it’s a Han Solo type deal, him being unfrozen in the next film. Up till then the film was perfect, I certainly enjoyed seeing Iron Man getting smashed up and the scene with Antman going giant was just priceless. So many one liners and witty exchanges, too many to remember in fact so I’m glad I’m seeing it again later today. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I see it either.

The only complaints I have is the fact Daniel Brühl was not in it much, a shame since I liked seeing him playing a different kind of character. Two things I have to mention, it was strange hearing him call Bucky by his actual first name James, weird because of course he played Niki Lauda in Rush, his rival and sort of friend being James Hunt. Second of all Daniel looked different, I can’t put my finger on it but he reminded me of how he looked in Rush a little, before the accident obviously. The other complaint is that there wasn’t enough of Sebastian, I would have liked more scenes delving into his and Captain America’s friendship, hopefully that’s to come in one of the next installments. As for German related trivia, the airport they fought at was in Leipzig, I hope that’s a good omen for later on. I don’t expect Bielefeld to smash Leipzig, holding them to a draw would do. Now I am rambling, it’s not a good mix at all. Popcorn, cookies, a late night and now too many ideas. I can’t wait to get home so I can be by myself again. I was fairly certain I could never live with someone else anyway, I mean actually choosing to because I do live with other people right now, it’s just not by choice. Now I have the proof that even choosing to live with someone may not work, I really do need my own space and a lot of it. This is just one day and night and I’m already going crazy. If it’s loneliness or this then the latter is definitely the better option.


It’s kind of a relief to read other people’s posts, to see that I’m not alone in feeling the need to wear a mask of some kind. At the same time it makes me kind of sad, the idea that so many people feel the need to hide who they really are. And it makes me wonder what the point is, is it the case that everyone is pretending to be something and someone they’re not? If so then how does anyone ever form a connection with another person? How do you know that something is real? I’m only a few sentences in but I get the feeling I’m rambling already. Or maybe it’s just because I’m so tired that it feels that way. This prompt got me thinking about all kinds of things I’d rather not think about. Not least the e-mail I finally got around to sending. Before writing it I was obsessing over the fact I hadn’t done so and now I’m obsessing over the fact I have.

I did get my answer though, I don’t miss the person in question. I just like the idea of having that kind of relationship but it won’t work in reality. Not as long as I can’t stop pretending not to be me around other people. I keep telling myself that when I find the right person I’ll trust them enough to be able to do that. But it isn’t true, it’s just another lie I tell myself so I can keep going. Truth is it’s not just about finding the right person, the problem is with me. I’ve spent my entire life being told I needed to act differently, that if I worked harder to fit in more then I wouldn’t get picked on. I know all of those things were wrong to tell me, that the people who said them aren’t right. And that if I ever had kids I would never let someone talk to them that way or tell them such rubbish. But their words sunk in, a little too well maybe. Now I really am rambling. In fact all of this is making me very uncomfortable, talking about feelings usually does. That alone is the reason why I should write this and not delete it as I want to. Because writing this is the only way I can talk about it, I can’t do that in real life.

I have no idea what my point is or if there even is one. This isn’t how I envisioned it turning out, I had it all laid out in my head and this isn’t how I expected it to go. I can’t even remember what I originally planned, I wasn’t quick enough in writing it down.  There is however a downside to how tired and forgetful I am at the moment. It means I’m too tired to rant about the last episode of The A Word which aired last night. I know I’m angry about it, I ranted about it at length last night. But I can’t remember any of it, other than how angry it made me. So that’s a good thing.

As I’m writing this I’m half-watching yet another re-run of CSI, I say half-watching because I don’t need to (nor can I) pay full attention to it. It’s an episode I’ve seen many times and is in fact a favourite of mine, an episode titled “Who Shot Sherlock?” I don’t think I need to explain why it’s my favourite, the title says it all. The reason I’m mentioning it is because I find it amusing that it’s one of today’s episodes. The main case is about a group of Sherlock re-enactors, they get together and pretend to be Sherlock and the accompanying characters. All of them are normal grown-ups who have lives and jobs, for some of them the society was a bit of fun but for others it was preferred to their real life. More than just an escape from the tedium of daily life, they depended on it. Ironic seeing as how Sherlock is a drug addict. Even more ironic because it was the group member who played Sherlock that put an end to it. What tickled me the most is one of the group members is English, Captain Brass tells him to “drop the accent” and he replies “I can’t, I’m English.” I don’t know why I found that so amusing, just that I did.

Writing about that reminded me of my first though in relation to this prompt, Batman. Not the films or the comics, but Abed and Sheldon. Both of them do Batman impressions of a sort but it’s Abed who does the best one. One of my favourite ever scenes is when him and Troy are both talking in Batman voices. The voices are awesome, the topic of conversation even more so but what’s the best is at the end when Troy says “It’s cool to know other people think about this stuff too.”

I wish I had a friend like Troy. Him and Abed are just the best. There’s nothing that can beat “Troy and Abed in the morning.” I can’t stop singing that, it’s just unbeatable. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a friend who was every bit as strange as you are. To have that license to be completely weird with someone else. But then even Troy and Abed came to an end. Nothing lasts forever. Including how sorry I was feeling for myself when I started writing this post. I think watching Abed helped. He’s connected to the other reason I should be happy right now, the Russo connection. Tomorrow is the big night, the midnight release of Captain America: Civil War. Everything is in order, I’ve got the tickets, the money, all I need to do now is pack. This is either going to be the best thing I ever do or one of the worst. I’m not worried about the film being disappointing, though I still hate the fact Iron Man is in it. I’m just very aware of how big a challenge this is, spending a night away from home. I have to get some sleep at least. The plans for Friday depend on it. I’m making the most of where I am and going to see Civil War again in the morning before going home. And then the most important part of the day, Freiburg’s game against Paderborn, potentially the deciding game for both of them. Best thing about it all is Leipzig play on Friday too, which means no waiting for the other results. They play Schwolow’s team from last season, Arminia Bielefeld. With their 2.Bundesliga status secured I hope they’ll give it their best shot against Leipzig.

Dare I say it

Before today I didn’t dare whisper the words let alone say them out loud, but thanks in part to 1.FC Kaiserslautern and Kasper Przybylko I dare to now. Freiburg are at the very least promoted in all but name, I don’t dare to call them champions yet, I don’t want to tempt fate that much. But they are at least guaranteed their return to the Bundesliga now. Before tonight there were four points between them and Leipzig, if the latter won tonight the gap would once more be just one. That is were it not for Kaiserslautern, thanks to them it’s three points which separate them. And it’s difficult to see Freiburg losing any of their next three games, Heidenheim won’t be easy opponents but I’d be surprised if Paderborn or Union Berlin posed any significant problems. How strange things are, the last time Freiburg played Paderborn they were both struggling to stay in the Bundesliga. Now Freiburg are on their way to returning and Paderborn are on the verge of being relegated to the third tier, strange indeed.

2.Bundesliga table MD31On the subject of strange I first saw Kasper Przybylko play on MD1, in a 3-1 win against Duisburg. The reason this is relevant is because it’s Duisburg who Leipzig will be playing on the last day of the season. It’s a game which could make or break both of them, Duisburg in their bid to avoid relegation and Leipzig to secure promotion. Another game of a very similar nature takes place on the same day, Paderborn v 1.FC Nürnberg. Seeing as how all the games take place on the same day and time I may have to break my double recording rule in order to watch the simulcast. Either way I don’t have to decide right now, I can just enjoy what I’ve got to look forward to this week. Champions League on Wednesday with Bayern, the new Captain America film on Thursday night and then the best of all, Freiburg v Paderborn on Friday afternoon. As for what will become of Leipzig, whether or not they will meltdown like they did last season I neither know nor care, Freiburg getting back to where they belong is all that matters. So on that note Kasper and Kaiserslautern, Freiburg, Nürnberg and fans of real football teams everywhere thank you. I don’t know if your goal will contribute to ruining Leipzig’s promotion bid but thank you anyway:

Kasper_Przybylko_goal_1_FCK_v_RBL1.FC Kaiserslautern v RB Leipzig 15-16Kasper Przybylko - 1.FC Kaiserslautern v RBL 1Kasper Przybylko - 1.FC Kaiserslautern v RBL 2Kasper Przybylko - 1.FC Kaiserslautern v RBL 3


It takes a lot of effort to fake being normal, or to be more precise something approaching normal. Because I’m not sure I could pull off normal, just an approximation of it. Right now I don’t have a lot of energy, so I couldn’t pretend to be normal even if I wanted to. I always thought that true friendship meant being able to be yourself with someone else, not feeling like you’re pretending to be someone or something you’re not.Lately it feels that way all the time. Like I’m pretending to be something I’m not. Not in regards to just friends but a lot of other things too. I’m not sure if I want things because I want them or because it’s what other people think I should want. I don’t really know what I’m doing or what I want. I think I might be a little too easily pleased. I don’t seem to care about the things people think I should care about. But does that make me wrong? Just because my concept of happiness is different to theirs?

I read a lot of stuff online about autism, in particular I find it interesting (and sometimes infuriating) to read the perspective of parents who have autistic children. One point in particular I find interesting is those parents who say their child who doesn’t care about the outside world and how they are perceived is happier than the one who does care and who can understand or show an interest in such things. I sometimes like spending time with other people but at the same time I question on whether it’s worth it or not. I always get so stressed out over it and usually obsess over something I think I got wrong. This week I don’t have to spend time with anyone, I’m putting off dealing with anything social related. And I have to admit I do feel a lot happier knowing I don’t have to make conversation with anyone or talk out loud at all unless I want to. Last week I went to the cinema with someone and it might have been a mistake, not going out, the spending time with someone else. I had no energy reserves to be anything but myself and now I’m worried I may have been myself a little too much. Which kind of makes my point really. All of this is reminding me of a badge I got for Christmas a few years ago. It reads “I live in my own little world but don’t worry, people know me here.”

It’s not that my own little world feels more real than the world outside, it doesn’t. But the real world doesn’t feel real either. And other times when I’m stressed out the world feels too real. I think when all is said and done I’m probably better off with my characters. They don’t say anything I don’t want them to. Right now I’m working on a very amusing Jogi chapter, one inspired by the events last night. The event in question was the Laureus Sport Awards, I didn’t get to see them live because Freiburg played last night. Being my usual obsessive self I like to record two copies of the game when it’s showing on two different channels. Whichever I watched it would have felt wrong, but I’m glad it was the second showing of the game I chose. The reason being they talked about Jogi on the pre-match show and showed a picture of him which is new to me. The reason they mentioned him is because Freiburg played Eintracht Braunschweig. Freiburg have an excellent record against them, in fact the last time they lost to them was in 1986. When one Joachim Löw was playing for Freiburg. He played in both games against them in the 1985/86 season.and here’s the really amusing twist. In the home game the final score was 2-2, the second goal being scored by Jogi. It’s funny because this season’s game at home finished 2-2 as well, though in less amusing circumstances, defender Mensur Mujdza scored an own goal.

I’m not sure if there are any good things about autism, I think it may be a matter of perspective. I think I may have hit upon one here though, on one hand you could see it as being too easily pleased. On the other hand you could see it as enjoying the little things, about being able to derive enjoyment from and notice things that go unnoticed by most people. Like I said a matter of perspective. I know that I do enjoy the little things, I live for small bits of trivia like that. In fact it’s the so called small things which often provide the beginning of a story. Like last night, Jogi being sang to by Bill Murray. No way could I resist writing about Hansi finding the whole situation amusing and calling Jogi “Yogi Bear.” I think this post is a little all over the place, even more than usual. I can’t help it, I really did love the video and now I can’t get the Yogi Bear song out of my head. So I’ll finish with the video in question and some of my new pictures:

Joachim Löw – Eintracht Braunschweig v SC Freiburg pre-match show 1 Joachim Löw – Eintracht Braunschweig v SC Freiburg pre-match show 2Joachim Löw – Laureus Awards 2016 4Joachim Löw – Laureus Awards 2016 9


This was one of those prompts I had no ideas for, not until I saw Köln’s game against Mainz anyway. It’s probably an overused expression, saying that something takes your breath away. Yet that’s what their turnaround of the game did, though not as much as Bremen’s victory over Wolfsburg did. Not only did the latter mean so much more, given that Bremen are closer to the relegation battle than Köln are but also because I have a soft spot for Bremen. Partly because they’re the former team of Freiburg striker Nils Petersen. Petersen and Bremen’s now record goal scorer Claudio Pizarro have something in common, they’ve both played for Bayern and for Bremen. Though unlike Pizarro hopefully Petersen won’t be going back there anytime soon. Or rather I hope he will be but in the red of Freiburg next season, they get promoted and Bremen avoid getting relegated and that can happen.

On the matter of breathing this weekend feels a bit like I’ve been holding my breath the whole time, the reason being both Leipzig and 1.FCN lost.What a stroke of luck that is. And I wasn’t home to see the former, having made the decision to see “Despite the Falling Snow” at the cinema. A film which turned out to be tedious and almost caused me to fall asleep. To think if I had come straight home after seeing Deadpool I could have watched Leipzig lose. Just to make it even sweeter Sandhausen are a Hansi team, meaning Freiburg got a helping hand from Hansi.

Both of them losing sets up the match for tomorrow perfectly as far as Freiburg are concerned and ramps up the pressure even more, they need to win anyway but knowing that you can open up a three point gap, it just makes it all the more tense. Then of course there’s the question of continuing their record breaking run, a victory would make it nine in a row, a club record in the 2.Bundesliga. It’s best playing on a Monday, knowing you don’t have to wait for other results but it doesn’t make the wait any easier.

Sometimes my mother likes to ask what the prompt of the day is, she asked today and when I told her she asked if I was going to write about Jogi. And I’m the one who’s obsessed, it’s funny that he wasn’t my first thought but he was hers. I’m not going to write about Jogi, I already have enough stories to work on. I don’t need anymore distractions, finishing the one I’m working on is tricky enough. Besides the pictures I got of him yesterday are enough, I don’t know if they’re breathtaking but they are pretty damn good:

Joachim Löw – Nivea advert 2Joachim Löw at Bayern v Schalke 2015-16 2


Time and time again I’ve been told that the key to getting a good’s night sleep is having a good bedtime routine, a fixed routine which isn’t overly complicated and which involves going to bed at the same time every night. It’s not so simple though. Because I have a routine right now, it’s just not a good one and I’m finding it difficult to get out of it. Do something once and it becomes routine. Right now that routine involves not falling asleep until at least 4:00 or 5:00am. Routine could be the answer to my problems, but if I can’t break this one then I can’t bring in a new one. So far nothing works, not  staying up all night to break the pattern and not just letting it go and seeing if it’ll work itself out. I’ve been waiting in vain for months for that to be true. This is I have to say a rather well timed prompt because yesterday I went to see a film called Midnight Special. Michael Shannon is in it (hence why I wanted to see it) and his son has special powers of some kind or is an alien. The boy Alton, he can’t be awake in the day. Which I guess has something to do with the title of the film. It was a good film and I enjoyed it, but I’m still not sure what it was really about. Of course that may have something to do with the fact I only had four hours sleep the night before.

I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. Sunday night sleep was elusive, like a person you really miss but you know you can’t see again. Kind of like Philipp Lahm, you want him to come back but you know it’s not going to happen. Last night it was a similar story, it’s always the same after I get back late from the cinema, too hyped up to sleep. Tired but still not able to sleep. Which means of course I slept late today. Meaning today sleep is like a person you never want to see again, like a certain German striker I wish was never picked again. I’m not happy about that but I’m not really complaining either, the dream I had means I’m not so bothered about it. Dreaming about Hansi always makes it worth it, dreaming about hugging him and running my fingers through his hair all the more so. It was surprising that I dreamed about him, given what I was thinking about before I went to sleep I thought I’d dream about Matze or Erik.

One hand I like sleeping because of dreams like that but on the other hand I can’t help but see it as a waste of time. All I can think about is what I could be doing, there’s so many stories I could be working on, so many matches I could be watching and I could be completing the Lego Avengers game. Speaking of Lego if I don’t get much sleep tonight I know who to blame. Today they announced the new Lego die Mannschaft collectibles. There is thankfully one of Jogi but not one of Schneider. Given how much I don’t like the latter it’s probably for the best. What’s not so good is there isn’t one of Matze Ginter or Jonas Hector, I’m very disappointed about them not being included. At least the unveiling was fun, “the world’s smallest press conference.” They’re released one month and two days from now, the 14th of May and I can’t wait. I don’t play with Lego anymore, haven’t done in a long time in fact. But I’m still ridiculously excited about it.

Lego Jogi Löw & Sami Khedira Lego Jogi Löw Lego die Mannschaft 1 Lego die Mannschaft 2