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DFB Pokal 1. Runde Auslosung 2017/18

A few weeks ago I decided to watch the Landespokal for no other reason than I couldn’t find anything better to do, I didn’t know Nils Petersen was going to be at Halberstadt’s game in advance. Nor did I know his father was the coach. Halberstadt did indeed qualify for the first round of the DFB Pokal and at the time I commented how great it would be if Freiburg were to be drawn with them.  I didn’t think it would actually happen but it has, not only that but Halberstadt were the third team out of the pot. Even better is the fact newly promoted VfB Stuttgart have been drawn with Energie Cottbus, their opponents from the 1996/97 final which Stuttgart won. The importance of that final being of course Stuttgart’s coach at the time, it being none other than Joachim Löw. Twenty years later and they face each other again. The other game of big interest is SF Dorfmerkingen v RB Leipzig. Two years in a row I’ve watched them get knocked out of the tournament, in the second and first round. It would have been out in the first round twice were it not for the idiot who caused the Osnabruck game to be awarded to Leipzig. Not that it mattered since they got what was coming to them in the second round when they lost 3-0 to Unterhaching.

I just hope getting my wish doesn’t come back to bite me. Seeing Nils at that game was a stroke of luck, let’s hope it doesn’t become a curse. And not only because he’s playing against his father’s team either. Last season he couldn’t play in the first round, he was in Brazil with the Olympic team. In 2015/16 in the first round they played a team from Hamburg and Nils scored not just a hat-trick but four goals. Maybe he can repeat that feat against Halberstadt:

Nils Petersen at Magdeburg v Halberstadt (Landespokal 2016-17)

Bundesliga 2016/17 Album

Of all the things I’ve been looking forward to this season the new sticker album would come close to topping the list and for two simple reasons, Freiburg being back in the top flight and finally getting a sticker of Nils Petersen as a Freiburg player. I’ve waited two years for the latter and it was worth the wait. As luck would have it I got one of his stickers in the first lot of packets I opened from the blisterpack, the shiny version of him too.  In total I got six Freiburg players from the first lot of stickers, including getting Alexander Schwolow in the first page of the album which made me most unhappy. I wanted to get him from a packet and now I feel cheated of that. As well as Nils and Alex I also got who is shaping up to be my favourite player this season, Turkish defender Caglar Söyüncü. And Vincenzo Grifo, Marc-Oliver Kempf and Aleksandar Ignjovski. From the packets however it wasn’t a Freiburg player who was the first of my favourites to appear, that honour goes to Jonas Hector of 1.FC Köln. Now that I don’t mind, he may not be a Freiburg man but I like him a great deal and I was just as happy get Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski.

I do however have one major complaint with the album, just like the Champions League one it has no sticker of Matthias Ginter or Erik Durm, he  was in there last season but isn’t now. It’s one of two reasons why I have no pictures of the Dortmund page. The other reason is the same one there’s no picture of the Bayern page either, with Freiburg being back in the top flight it’s not necessary. They’re in there and instead VfB Stuttgart and Hannover 96 suffer the ignomy of having just a sticker for their badge and kits at the back of the album:

20170206_151824 20170206_151647-1 20170206_174353 20170206_174406alexander-schwolow-sc-freiburg-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker jonas-hector-1-fc-koln-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker caglar-soyuncu-sc-freiburg-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker aleksandar-ignjovski-sc-freiburg-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker sc-freiburg-mannschaft-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker marc-oliver-kempf-sc-freiburg-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker robert-lewandowski-bayern-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-shiny-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker vincenzo-grifo-sc-freiburg-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker sc-freiburg-trikots-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker thomas-muller-bayern-2016-17-bundesliga-sticker

Advent Calendar Day 21: Snow King Florian Strikes Again

I wasn’t sure I could enjoy any part of this evening’s games, indeed it took a little while before I could focus on what I was watching. I still felt a little guilty about being so easily distracted but I guess that’s normal. Whilst Tuesday’s round of games were a little disappointing and maybe didn’t offer sufficient distraction Wednesday was very different. I’m certainly glad I chose not to watch the news before the game (a mistake I made the previous night), had I done so it may have ruined what came after. Both games which were of most interest delivered not only on their promise of distraction and entertainment but in giving me exactly what I wanted. Three points a piece for Bayern and Freiburg from their respective games, and Leipzig being given no chance of resuming their brief stay at the top of the table. They I’m very happy to say are not the winter champions. It pains me to say they were last season, with them having a three point lead on Freiburg in the 2.Bundesliga table but they couldn’t repeat the feat in the top flight. I didn’t get my Christmas wish last year but I have now, it may seem unambitious in comparison to what Leipzig are aiming for but I don’t care. Freiburg are in the top half of the table and will stay there for another month. They are very far off from the position they were in two years ago, back then they were in the relegation zone and it’s where they spent the winter break. It’s nowhere near where they are now:


In their final game before the Christmas break in 2014 they played Hannover and drew 2-2, conceding a late goal which thanks to a technical fault I didn’t get to see. Matter of fact I still haven’t seen that goal, I guess some things you don’t need to see. There is one good thing from that game, the two players who scored the goals, Mike Frantz and Marc-Oliver Kempf are still part of the squad. This time round they faced Ingolstadt who are doing their best to do what Freiburg were doing two years ago, avoiding relegation. As the title suggests it was Florian Niederlechner who scored the winning goal, actually he scored both of them. It didn’t snow but that doesn’t matter, I like calling him a snow king. Nils didn’t start again which is always disappointing, even more so is that he didn’t get to add to his tally when he did come on. In his absence it fell to Niederlechner to take the penalty, and in scoring those two goals he got his first Bundesliga brace. It wasn’t an easy game and they worked hard for those three points, Schwolow like he did in the previous two games at his best to keep the score as it was towards the end. One final thing I have to mention about Hannover, neither they nor Stuttgart get the honour of being winter champions either. Both of them being overtaken in the table by Eintracht Braunschweig. Something which makes me happy for two reasons, firstly Braunschweig are my promotion pick for the season and secondly I don’t want them getting something Freiburg didn’t get.

Speaking of getting something Freiburg didn’t Bayern did that and then some, putting three goals past Leipzig and not just beating them but taking them apart. I know it’s wrong to enjoy someone else’s misfortune (not least when it’s Freiburg who face Bayern next) but I make an exception when it comes to Leipzig. As always Neuer celebrated the goal as he usually does, the GIF isn’t quite as good as the other celebatory ones of him but I had to make it:

manuel_neuer_celebrates_bayern_v_rbl_2016_17Same as I had to add some pictures of Florian and one of Nils to complete the set:

florian-niederlechner-ingolstadt-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-1 florian-niederlechner-ingolstadt-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-2florian-niederlechner-ingolstadt-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-3florian-niederlechner-ingolstadt-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-4 nils-petersen-ingolstadt-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17It’s funny in a way, I’m totally focused on football after being unable to stop thinking about bad stuff and now the football is over. I’ll have to find something else to occupy myself with until the 20th January. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, it’s only 29 days without football. To be more precise without German football. The time will most likely fly by, if these past few weeks are anything to go by I won’t even notice it, let alone remember.

I don’t know how much of that I’ll remember but for the next few days there’s one thing I can’t forget, the last few days of the advent calendars. Day 21 saw defender Marc-Oliver Kempf make his appearance which is excellent timing on his part, seeing as how I was just talking about the Hannover game in which he scored the first goal. Though to be honest there’s not a bad time for him to make his appearance, he’s the kind of person I’d always be happy to see. In the Dortmund calendar was midfielder Felix Passlack whose last appearance for Dortmund was in the crazy 8-4 win against Legia Warsaw, in fact he scored the seventh goal. And because it’s Marc-Oliver’s day I think the GIF of him and Grifo dancing should make a reappearance, it’s so good it should be used twice:

Grifo_Kempf_dance_SC_Freiburg_v_1860Marc-Oliver Kempf – SC Freiburg v KSCMarc-Oliver Kempf & Nils Petersen – Braunschweig v SC Freiburg 3SC Freiburg - Meister der 2.Bundesliga 2015-16 - Christian Streich & Marc-Oliver Kempf20161222_033427-1

Advent Calendar Day 17: The Joker Nils

Freiburg’s game against Schalke may not have been nearly as exciting as Dortmund’s last night but that doesn’t matter, the point they earned against Schalke means more than any point Dortmund ever get. It’s alwasy disappointing to have to settle for a draw after taking the lead but it was a fair result. They didn’t lose which is the most important thing because it means for the first time this season they are undefeated in three games. Florian Niederlechner is the man who scored the goal but it’s not him I’ve been thinking about today. Actually the player I’m thinking of didn’t get to make an appearance today, he’ll have to wait until Wednesday to add to his tally. Nils Petersen didn’t play but they talked about him on the pre-match show, to be more specific they were discussing his joker status. He’s in third place of the Joker-Könige table and if he scores four more from the bench he’ll top the list. But it’s not what they said which I’ve been thinking about all day, it’s what they did, making him up to look like the joker from Batman:

nils-petersen-joker-1 nils-petersen-joker-2 nils-petersen-joker-3I have no Jogi videos from today but that doesn’t mean there’s no pictures, there are two from his interview in Bild. It’s not however the pictures which please me so much, that’s reserved for the question Jogi was asked about who he thinks is the Bundesliga coach of the year. The first name he mentioned was none other than Christian Streich,  qualifying his comments by saying he’s not just saying what he is because he’s from Freiburg and he knows him well. The gist of his comments was that Freiburg have done well after being relegated, losing so many of their best players yet still being promoted right away as 2.Bundesliga champions. And after all that they are of course sitting right in the middle of the Bundesliga table.  He also points out they did all that whilst making very few additions to their squad and continue to develop young players well. The pictures:

jogi-bild-interview-18-12-16-1 jogi-bild-interview-18-12-16-2And of course the advent calendars, in Freiburg’s was midfielder Mike Frantz and in the Dortmund one left-back Marcel Schmelzer. It tickled me at first and I couldn’t figure out why, nor could I figure out why I was thinking of the song Stuck in the Middle with You. Turns out Petersen is key, more specifically his joker status. Schmelzer is a left back and Frantz often plays on the right-hand side of midfield. Which is why the line “Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right” is stuck in my head. Not that I’m saying Schmelzer is a clown, not at all. Because of course Frantz isn’t the joker of the piece either, though he did score a very important goal against Paderborn last season. It proved to be a goal every bit important as all those that came before it, most of them being scored by Petersen of course.  And it was Petersen who scored the next goal just two minutes later, the goal which confirmed Freiburg’s status as 2.Bundesliga champions and sealing their return to the top flight.

Maximilan Philipp & Mike Frantz – SC Freiburg v KSCMike Frantz & Harvard Nielsen – SC Freiburg v KSCMike Frantz & Maximilian Philipp – Paderborn v Freiburg 2Christian Günter & Mike Frantz – Paderborn v Freiburg 1Mike_Frantz_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_FreiburgNils_Petersen_goal_SC_Paderborn_v_SC_Freiburg


Advent Calendar Day 10: One Goal is Enough

The title could equally refer to real life and today’s events but it doesn’t, it refers only to Freiburg’s lone (and lucky) goal against Darmstadt. Though I suppose it can also refer to the very other important goal of the day, that of Ingolstadt’s surprise winner against Leipzig. Never would have seen that one coming, I would have liked to believe they could beat RBL but never would have predicted it, let alone bet on it. Freiburg beating Darmstadt on the other hand I would have happily predicted, I certainly didn’t expect it to be quite as difficult as it turned out to be. The game mirrored last week’s in a strange way. Last week Leverkusen almost gifted Freiburg the game with their non-existent first half performance and so Freiburg did exactly the same against Darmstadt. It’s a game they could just as easily lost as won. Not a great way to end the first half of the season at home but a win is a win I suppose. And as much fun as Bayern had against Wolfsburg today (racking up another five goals against them) I’m more than happy with Petersen’s penalty. Though I am happy for Thomas Müller, having finally gotten his first of the season. Not happy about Freiburg’s performance on the other hand. Sometimes when a commentator says the best player on the pitch for a team is the keeper it’s meant as a criticism of the rest of team. That wasn’t the case against Leverkusen last weekend when Schwolow saved Freiburg’s neck several times. This weekend against Darmstadt he did the same, he was the best man out there for the first half at least and now it is a criticism of the others. Hopefully Abrashi will be back in the starting 11 next week. What worked well last week with Schuster starting in his place didn’t have the same effect against Darmstadt.

I could easily rant about today’s events and lament how I wish I hadn’t made the mistakes I did. But I don’t want to do that, I want to have just one day where I can enjoy the result of the game. A day where the only obsessive analysing is reserved for football related situations. The stuff I’m trying not to think about will still be there tomorrow. So as far as words go less is more at the moment. The more I write the more likely I am to end up thinking and thus writing about what I’m trying to avoid. I can’t escape it forever but if I can just keep it away for what’s left of the weekend. So in that spirit I have some extra pictures instead:


thomas-muller-christmas-party-2016-1 thomas-muller-christmas-party-2016-2 robert-lewandowski-christmas-party-2016-1 robert-lewandowski-christmas-party-2016-2I do of course need just a few more words for the most important part of the post. Today’s players being Christian Günter for Freiburg and Gonzalo Castro for Dortmund:

Christian Günter - SC FreiburgChristian Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 120161210_233055-1

The Advent Calendar Challenge: Day 1

Like yesterday’s post I don’t really know where to start, but I promised myself I would at least give this a shot. Even if I just post pictures of whatever player’s day it is and write a few words this is something I want to stick to. Though I will admit I’m not feeling particularly motivated right now. It’s difficult to wake up in a good mood when the first thing you hear is someone screaming at another person because they can’t get their own way, certainly not the best way to start the day. Not that it was really daytime, closer to evening in fact. I hope today is the day I can break that pattern, with just one day to go before Freiburg play Leverkusen it kind of has to be. I can’t change what other people do but I can at least try to make sure the rest of my day goes better. With the aim of getting in the mood for El Classico on Saturday afternoon I’ve found an old match to watch from 2012. I don’t understand much Spanish but that doesn’t really matter, some things go beyond words. It’s nice enough to listen to anyway.

Speaking of nice the calendars most definitely didn’t disappoint, though the joke on the Freiburg one is a little painful. It says 24 goals until Christmas, painful because that’s exactly how many goals they’ve conceded in the league going into MD13. Their last season in the Bundesliga before being relegated in 2015 their problem was the number of draws, racking up 13 of them. Now it’s the other way around, they are the only team in the league to have not drawn a game with 5 wins and 7 losses. Of course Leverkusen are struggling too at the moment so who knows. Anyhow the calendars:

20161201_225435-1 20161201_225508-1It’s just the two calendars this year, no DFB one which means no cards unfortunately. All I have is a little picture of a Freiburg player and a Dortmund chocolate wrapper. Behind door number one in the Freiburg calendar was fittingly enough Nils Petersen who needs no introduction. I hope it’s a good omen for Saturday, he has four goals so far this season. His first goal was on MD2 against Gladbach, a penalty in the 88th minute. His second was the winner against HSV, the third against Augsburg and the fourth a potentially rallying goal late in the game against Mainz. Since the picture from the calendar is too small to take a picture of I thought I’d include some from his games this season plus a video of his goals so far. Before that however is the matter of who was behind door number 1 in the Dortmund calendar. The 24 coincidence was painful and so is the identity of the player in Dortmund calendar, it’s none other than USA international Christian Pulisic. He’s just 18 years old but he’s already broken a host of records, including being the youngest non-German to score a Bundesliga goal and being the youngest American international player to play in a World Cup qualifier. I have nothing against him, the opposite in fact. It’s just the fact he’s American, one of Klinsi’s players, at least he used to be. Still at least I have Petersen, that’s all that counts.

20161201_233258-1Nils Petersen goals – 2016-17 (MD1-13)

nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-2 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-3nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-2nils-petersen-mainz-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-mainz-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-2