I guess this is where I am meant to introduce myself and say something interesting about myself. Well I hate introductions in real life, so this won’t be very long.

My name: unimportant, I didn’t choose it, I’m not particularly fond of it and anyone in real life who knows anything about me knows better than to expect a response by using it.

Location: equally unimportant, all I can say is I’m not where I really am. I’m always off in my head somewhere, as the quote from Pulp Fiction goes, I like to “meet people and get in adventures.” Adventures which normally take place in Germany.

My reasons for this blog: somewhere to write about autism, to talk about my special interests and just to write about anything random that interests me. Plus I thought it would be good to have an activity that took place in the real world.  And I really like writing, I fill notebooks full of random notes and I thought it would be a good idea to actually do something with my random ramblings.

My YouTube channels – the first, second & third.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi, so, Loew used to shop in Berlin at a place called Departmentstore. I worked there for several years and saw him come in a few times. His white shirts are amazing, and, yes, they are Attolini. He makes a pretty down to earth impression and is kind to everyone. One time he actually walked around in boxer shorts whilst waiting for some trousers. Maybe this trivia brings you a little joy as I saw you devoted some space to him=)
    Thanks for following my blog and great for you to focus on autism in your blog.

    • That is incredibly cool to know. Thanks for sharing that. It brings more than a little amount of joy. You just combined two of my favourite things, Joachim Löw and random facts.

  2. I’m posting hansi flick blog !

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