Jogi Week with the Jogi/Grifo’s Return

The first post I wrote tonight talked about my need to complete things, well now I’m carrying on that theme. Just before the last international break I wrote a post with a similar title, big difference this time, well actually two of them. First of all, Jogi is most definitely there. And secondly this week most definitely does not suck, it’s only Monday but I can say that with certainty. Thanks to the stupid transfer window ending today I didn’t get to see them arriving live on TV (Well I saw Neuer arriving) but this picture makes up for that a little:

True Freiburg lost at the weekend, Jogi’s presence did not unfortunately bring them any luck. But Luca Waldschmidt this week got his very first call up to the senior squad. And then things just got even better on the Freiburg front, one of my favourite players Vincenzo Grifo is coming back. The transfer fee is apparently seven million euros, that lucky number seven again. Sometimes you do get what you wish for. Now if they could only get Söyüncü back things will be perfect. Grifo spent the second half of last season on loan with Freiburg, something which made me wish for his return even more. But he was clear that he was returning to Hoffenheim when it was over. Pre-season and the new coach however seems to have changed that, apparently the new coach doesn’t seem him as part of his plans. Or maybe Grifo wanted to leave anyway. Whatever the reason I don’t care, he’s coming back to where he belongs. Hopefully his return will bring a lot more wonderful moments like these:

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