Deutschland v Serbien (2019) 2nd half & post-match show: The Löw Highlights

Deutschland v Serbien (2019) second half

Deutschland v Serbien (2019) post-match show

Joachim Löw  – Deutschland v Serbien (2019) post-match interview

3 responses to “Deutschland v Serbien (2019) 2nd half & post-match show: The Löw Highlights

  1. Oh Klinsi was so caring and sweet, however it caused a lot criticism……I saw some people thought he was not as optimistic as Kahn or Lehmann,and one even uesd the word unterwürfig to describe the way Klinsi treated Jogi, which I thought was unfair……I mean people sometimes forget that Jogi has feelings and needs kindness too.

    • Wow, really? I have to admit I didn’t read a lot of press or anything else online after the game – I didn’t want to read anymore of the negativity. So they expected Klinsi to not be nice to Jogi just because he’s RTL’s expert now? People are weird. Klinsi being part of the show is pretty much the only good thing about the friendly games being on RTL, well that and the fact he replaced Lehmann (I hate that guy). It was awesome seeing Jogi and Klinsi together again, and yes Klinsi was so, so sweet towards Jogi, especially when he made sure Jogi had his espresso.

  2. I saw one called Klinsi “cuddling expert” in the comment area of Welt,yeah some people are just too mean.And Klinsi was so cute that he joked “this is important, very important” about the espresso,he really understood Jogi. What touch me most is that Jürgen still uses the word “our” when it comes to national team, just like 13 years ago.Anyway it’s so lucky that Jürgen took the job of RTL’s expert,not others.At least he can somehow support Jogi and treat him well.And Lehmann,oh he is always negative( don’t like him ).

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