New Jogi Pictures: DFB Meeting in Munich 24/08/18

First game of the season and I didn’t get the one thing which really makes opening night complete, this year there was no video or interview with Jogi, not even pictures. I know things are changing at the moment, but I never expected that to be one of them. Speaking of changes it’s getting ever closer, the day where it all becomes known, when we get to find out what they’ve been discussing during their crisis meetings. Lots of rumours flying about but of course no facts, just speculation. There is of course one way in which I wouldn’t mind things changing, I wouldn’t mind at all if Hansi came back, even though it would mess up my stories and that whole universe. But then him coming back wouldn’t be a kind of change, not really, it would just be things going back to the way they used to be, to the way they always should have been. It would certainly be an adequate consolation prize for the disappointment of the summer. Just like the pictures I did get of Jogi today from the news made up a little from not seeing him at the game:

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