Deutschland v Südkorea – Pre-match show & 1st half: The Löw Highlights

Never before have I taken so long to put together the Jogi highlights from a game, and hopefully I’ll never again have a reason to take so long in doing so. I put it off for so long because I couldn’t bear to see any part of the game again,  and then in the past few days my excuse was that I had to wait and see how the final few games turned out. Because the final is on Sunday and then they won’t be world champions anymore, realising that I knew I had to get it done now or I never would. When I say I had to see how the final few games turned out, it was just one thing in particular that I really wanted to make sure of, that England wouldn’t get to the final. If that sounds petty I don’t care, I have my reasons for it. Besides if you can’t indulge such petty rivalries in football then when can you? This has been a very strange world cup, first Belgium beating Brazil and now Croatia in their first ever final against France. Whatever, soon it’ll be over and next is the first round of the DFB Pokal. Hopefully then Nils Petersen will get to score himself a couple of goals, which he could have done for Germany if he’d been given half a chance, but it’s too late for that now.

The Jogi Löw Highlights – Deutschland v Südkorea (WM 2018)

Deutschland v Südkorea (WM 2018) – Pre-match show

Deutschland v Südkorea (WM 2018) – 1st half

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