50,000 Bundesliga goals 17/02/2017

If Freiburg had played on Friday it might have been Nils Petersen that had the honour of scoring the 50,000th goal in the history of the Bundesliga. But as luck would have it this would be the weekend their game is the top game meaning they don’t play until Saturday evening. Maybe if things went perfectly Nils could score goal number 50,014. As things stand it was instead Karim Bellarabi who with his first goal of the season got the honour, recieving a specially made cake and trophy as well. I may not feel like writing much but this is the kind of landmark you can’t ignore, regardless of who the player in question is. Still as least as it wasn’t Stefan Kiessling, anyone would be better than him scoring such a goal.

Karim Bellarabi goal – FC Augsburg v Bayer Leverkusen 2016/17 – 50,000th goal in the history of the Bundesliga

karim-bellarabi-augsburg-v-leverkusen-2016-17-1 karim-bellarabi-augsburg-v-leverkusen-2016-17-2 karim-bellarabi-augsburg-v-leverkusen-2016-17-3 karim-bellarabi-augsburg-v-leverkusen-2016-17-4 karim-bellarabi-augsburg-v-leverkusen-2016-17-5

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