Hansi’s Perfect Morning: Waking up with Jogi

I’ve wanted to post something for a while but haven’t written anything I’ve deemed good enough or suitable to put on here. In an ideal world I would have written something suitably themed for Valentine’s day but that was never going to happen, besides the last thing I need right now is to start another story. I’ve got plenty to do without adding to the list. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to post something I’ve been in two minds about ever since I started writing it. I’m still unsure about it but then if I change my mind and decide I really hate it I suppose I can always delete it. Having that option makes me a little more agreeable to taking the risk.  Anyhow it’s a little longer than the stories I usually post on here and it doesn’t really have an end, in theory I could return to it and write more but I can’t guarantee that.

Hansi tries his best to always be the one who wakes up first but despite his efforts Jogi is always the first one out of bed. This morning however he’d done no such thing and Hansi managed not only to wake up before him but to get out of bed too. He never really expected to succeed in getting away from Jogi, fully expecting Jogi to reach out and try to grab hold of his shorts only to find there was nothing for him to grab onto. Hansi pictured in his head the way he saw it going, him turning around and pouncing on Jogi – taking advantage of his half woken state and having a little fun before getting out of bed. Except Jogi hadn’t woken up at any point despite Hansi giving him plenty of opportunities, not wasting any time when he woke up and moved Jogi off him Hansi couldn’t resist placing his hand on his chest. Caressing Jogi’s chest Hansi paused halfway down to softly kiss his way down from his shoulder. But there was no reaction at all from Jogi, not even when he got to his favourite place. Curious to see how far he could go Hansi allowed his hand to continue its descent, tracing his fingers softly all the way down to Jogi’s stomach before letting his hand come to rest there. For a few moments he kept his hand there, watching Jogi sleep as he felt and listened to him breathe.

Before getting out of bed Hansi decided to attempt one final test, this usually got Jogi’s attention no matter how deeply asleep he is. It doesn’t matter how tired he is either, when Hansi lets his hand go anywhere near his shorts Jogi can be relied upon to grab hold of said hand and place it where he wants. However not this morning, he shows no reaction at all when Hansi slowly slips his hands inside his shorts. To Hansi’s considerable surprise that hadn’t worked either and he’d managed to retrieve his hand with no problems and to get out of bed after he’d done so.

Making his way to the bathroom Hansi turned back at the door to watch Jogi for just one more moment. Watching over Jogi he can see he’s not moved an inch, not even to put the blankets straight. For just a minute Hansi considers getting back in bed with Jogi, not just that but snuggling up next to him and doing the unthinkable, getting into bed on Jogi’s side. He thinks about draping Jogi’s arm over him, how nice and safe he would feel wrapped safely in his arms. Not to mention how toasty and warm it would be, because no matter how few blankets Jogi has he’s always comfortably warm to sleep next to. As Hansi knows very well on a cold night you don’t need an extra blanket, all you need is a Jogi hug.

It’s a most tempting prospect but seeing how adorable Jogi looks fast asleep Hansi decides to leave him be, for the moment at least. When he gets back from the bathroom he finds his resolve is no longer quite so strong. He expected to find Jogi exactly where he left him and he did, but with one important and very tempting difference. Jogi’s lying precisely where he left him, all stretched out and flat on his back. The blanket is how Hansi left it, pulled up to Jogi’s waist but low enough so he can just see the top of his shorts. The only difference is the location of Jogi’s left hand, it’s no longer lying by his side and it’s not adorably curled up to his chest as he’s prone to doing either. Instead it’s where Hansi’s own had been just a few moments ago, tucked none too subtly inside his shorts.

Standing there in the doorway Hansi considers the possibility Jogi’s playing him and that he’d merely been pretending to be asleep a few moments ago. It’s exactly the kind of forward thinking move Jogi would make yet Hansi doesn’t buy it. For one simple reason Hansi’s not convinced, he doesn’t believe for one minute that Jogi could hide his reaction when he placed his hand on his chest. Awake or not it’s the one thing Jogi always responds to. Keeping in mind the fact it’s not always a wise decision to wake a sleeping Jogi, not even for fun, Hansi nevertheless decides to test his theory one final time. Sitting down on the bed next to him Hansi once more places his hand on Jogi’s chest, placing it there firmly enough so there can be no doubt he’s there. But still Jogi doesn’t even stir. Not even when Hansi leans down to kiss him, allowing the full weight of his upper body to rest against him. Getting back up Hansi sweeps the mess of hair off Jogi’s forehead, softly kissing him there once he’s done so. For a few moments he keeps his hand there, thinking about how sweet Jogi looks those odd times he’s slow to wake up and Hansi gets to see that wonderfully sleepy look in his eyes. It’s a rare occasion because usually when he awakes Jogi is wide awake and looks it. But Hansi thinks if he woke up now Jogi would be no such thing and he’s right, but he won’t be here to see it. Intertwining his fingers with Jogi’s as he takes his hand in his Hansi thinks of how easy it would be to curl up next to Jogi and bask in his warmth. It would be a nice compromise but it’s also likely to freak Jogi out. For once however it’s not the only reason which forces Hansi to reconsider. It’s not only Jogi’s feelings stopping him but his own. For as tired as Jogi obviously is from last night’s fun Hansi is just as hungry it seems he’d worked up quite the appetite in his quest to satisfy Jogi. So much so he can’t wait for him to wake up. Kissing Jogi on the forehead one final time Hansi whispers “I guess I finally did it, I finally tired you out.” Patting him affectionately on the chest before getting up Hansi continues “Sorry I couldn’t wait for you, but you’ve given me quite the appetite, don’t worry I’ll make you something too.”

Finally getting up from the bed Hansi watches Jogi for just a minute, to make sure he really is asleep. Satisfied he is Hansi goes off in search of his shorts, he looks everywhere he can think of and can’t find them anywhere. Standing at the foot of the bed he realises the one place he hasn’t looked, Jogi’s side of the bed. Sure enough when he lifts up the blanket he sees them tucked underneath Jogi’s thigh. Whether or not their location is deliberate or not Hansi’s got no clue but either way he decides to leave them where they are. Chances are he could retrieve them without disturbing Jogi but he decides not to try. It’ll be more fun when Jogi gets downstairs if he’s not wearing them. So Hansi leaves them where they are and doesn’t put anything else on either. He plans on giving Jogi quite the surprise when he eventually decides to get out of bed.

Sure he’s got plenty of time before Jogi wakes up Hansi takes all the time in the world with the process of making breakfast, making sure everything is perfect for Jogi. Even though it’s just the two of them Hansi sets the table, laying everything out just as Jogi likes. Hansi takes care of everything, making sure Jogi won’t have to get up for anything. Thinking Jogi might be extra hungry too Hansi gets him both a plate and a bowl, as well as making room for his glass of juice and not one but two cups of espresso, rightly figuring Jogi’s going to need them. In his bid to keep Jogi at the table Hansi also fetches the newspapers for him, taking great care to lay them out in the right order. All of Hansi’s attention to detail is most likely destined to go to waste given how tired he is. But he does it anyway; he likes to think how happy he’s making Jogi. To think that such small things can bring him happiness. Truth is Hansi couldn’t care less about any of this but it matters to Jogi so it matters to him. No matter how tedious or time consuming he may find it all Hansi needs to do is think of the look on Jogi’s face the first time he made breakfast for him. Remembering the look of joy on Jogi’s face as he took in every last detail is enough to remind Hansi why he does it. Of course this morning he’s got an extra special motivation. Thinking of the sight Jogi’s going to be greeted by Hansi is extra determined to get everything just right. Not that anything is ever less than perfect when Hansi does anything for Jogi, by now absolute perfection is second nature to him.

Hansi was right about one thing, Jogi is half awake when he finally wakes up. So confused is he upon waking it takes him a while to realise Hansi’s not there anymore. Confusedly reaching out in search of whatever part of Hansi he can reach Jogi comes across something else. His hand searching for Hansi’s leg draped across his Jogi’s hand instead finds his shorts where he left them. A few minutes from now Hansi’s going to be very glad he left them here for Jogi to find. Slowly waking up Jogi starts to think how he can punish Hansi for leaving him to wake up alone. The whole time he’d been thinking Jogi kept hold of Hansi’s shorts, remembering how quickly he’d gotten them off the previous night. Then out of nowhere Jogi gets a most genius idea, something which he rightly thinks is even more tempting than going downstairs wearing nothing at all. The first thing he does after getting out of bed is to take off his own underwear before replacing them with Hansi’s. So keen is he to get to Hansi that Jogi skips his usual routine of tidying up the bed, besides he has a feeling they might end up back here soon enough anyway. Jogi has another surprise for Hansi too, a most welcome reward for him. Not only does Jogi skip his morning shower but he doesn’t fix his hair either. Hansi will appreciate all of this, the latter especially. He loves Jogi’s messed up hair and it’ll be a nice reminder of last night. Hansi doesn’t know it but it’s not the thing he’ll appreciate the most this morning. A freshly showered Jogi is hot beyond words but believe it or not there’s something even hotter, as Hansi’s about to discover.

Jogi doesn’t clean up at all after last night’s fun, he brushes his teeth but that’s all. Jogi wants to shower, it’s his routine after all but right now there’s something better. He can smell Hansi all over him and he loves it. If there’s ever a good reason not to shower this is it. Looking at his hair in the mirror Jogi decides to mess it up some more. In the process of doing so he finds himself very distracted indeed. He starts thinking about last night, about Hansi’s fingers doing what his own are right now. It’s never easy to creep up on Jogi but someone probably could do so right now. If Hansi could see him now he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from laughing at him. In fact he wouldn’t know what to laugh at more, the stupid love-struck yet very alluring look on Jogi’s face, the fact he’s wearing his underwear or that his hand is currently placed on his own chest. Ironically enough even Hansi would find it difficult to get Jogi’s attention in his current state. But then why ever would he want to. It would be much more fun to stand there watching the way Jogi’s fingers are absent mindedly stroking his bare skin. Hansi loves watching him when he’s distracted like this and were he here it’s exactly what he’d be doing. That is if he could convince himself to keep his hands off Jogi, with how hot he’s looking that seems unlikely. Despite Jogi’s daydreaming it won’t be too long before Hansi can do just that for just a moment later he manages to snap out of it and then hurriedly makes his way downstairs.

By the time he gets there Hansi’s more than halfway through the process of making breakfast. Sneaking into the kitchen Jogi finds Hansi standing at the cooker with his back to him. Stunned Jogi can’t believe his eyes, he can’t believe that Hansi’s standing completely naked in front of him. Now he’s solved the mystery of the shorts at least. Jogi’s beyond happy at the sight in front of him yet he can’t help have some reservations. He’s not sure Hansi’s thought this through and as tempting as Hansi looks Jogi’s not sure he likes the idea of him being naked in the kitchen.

Before coming up behind Hansi first Jogi grabs an apron, intending to cover Hansi up. First however there’s something far more important to do. Stepping up behind Hansi he wraps an arm around him, nuzzling the back of his neck as he loves to do. Leaning back slightly into Jogi and losing himself in the feeling of his ever so soft skin Hansi whispers “Morning sleepyhead, you have fun last night?”

“I did, a lot of fun.”

Noticing how Jogi feels different Hansi asks “Have you showered yet?”

“No, I didn’t want to.”

“Why ever not?”

“I smell like you and I like it.”

“That’s a good reason.”

“Yes, it is” replies Jogi as he distracts Hansi by nuzzling his neck again. Between trying to enjoy what Jogi’s doing and focusing on the food in front of him Hansi doesn’t notice what Jogi’s doing until he’s actually done it. As sneakily as he snuck up on him Jogi places the apron round Hansi’s neck and is pulling it down in front of him before he can say a word. Jogi’s completed the task at hand before Hansi complains “What the hell are you doing? Why are you covering me up?”

“Protecting the merchandise.”

Hearing this Hansi had to turn and face Jogi. Trying his best not to laugh he asks “I’m merchandise now? Shopkeeper Jogi, yet another name for you. Tell me did you protect your scarves and ties this way?”

“They didn’t need taking care of like you do, they were never stupid enough to cook naked in my kitchen. Aren’t you worried about getting hurt?”

“No, I’m not frying anything so I’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s just scrambled eggs, it’s fine.”

“Still, keep the apron on.”

Looking down at Jogi’s choice of attire only now does Hansi notice what he should have done all along. Putting aside the matter of the apron for a moment Hansi asks “What made you decide to wear my underwear?”

“To punish you.”

“What am I being punished for?”

“You got up without me, I don’t like waking up alone.”

“I was hungry and you weren’t waking up anytime soon. I really tired you out last night.”

“That you did, I do like a good workout, especially when it’s with you.”

“You really want me to keep the apron on?”


“Give me a little something and I’ll agree, no arguments.”

“What, you mean like this?” asks Jogi as he kisses Hansi and pulls him up against him.

Feeling Jogi pressed against him and noting the way he’s breathing Hansi teasingly asks “Is my winter solider thawed out yet?”

“Not quite, you should take me back to bed after breakfast.”

“How about a shower first?”

“No, I like smelling like you.”

I like it too, but you should go sit down now.”

“I can’t stay here?”

“Unless you want burnt food no. Soon enough you’ll have me back in bed and you can stay as close as you want.”

“Maybe we should eat in bed.”

“No, you won’t like it. I want to have fun, not deal with anxious little Jogi.”

“Ok, Hansi’s the boss.”

“I am, now go sit down” orders Hansi as he frees himself from Jogi’s grasp and turns his attention back to the food.

Despite recognising Hansi’s authority on the matter Jogi’s not quite done, he’s not going to let Hansi get away without putting a hand on him. Before Hansi can protest Jogi slips his hands inside of his apron, placing them on his chest and working all the way down.

When he feels Jogi’s hands moving ever lower Hansi pointlessly complains “Jogi, that’s not what I told you to do.”

“You’re sending me away, I can at least have some fun before I go.”

“You have, and you’ll have even more later. So listen to the boss and do what you’re told.”

“Tell me you command me.”

“That’s stupid.”

“No seriously, you know what, I think you should learn a little Russian. I think it would be really hot, then you could activate me like the winter soldier.”

“You think Russian is hot?”

“Very, the winter solider sounds hot in Russian and I think you’ll sound even hotter.”

“Maybe I will, but for now no Russian. Just do what I asked.”

“You won’t command me?”

“Not here, save that for in bed.”

“Then you’ll command me properly” replies Jogi in that infuriatingly adorable way of his as he removes his hands from inside Hansi’s apron.

Hansi sent Jogi away because he was distracting him yet he might as well still be there. It’s not just what he did either, the thoughts he’s put in Hansi’s head are more than enough to distract him. Now that is exactly Jogi’s way, to put a good idea in his head before leaving to do something else. Hansi would never have thought Jogi capable of teasing him that way. He’d never have believed that the man who has to finish absolutely everything could tease him by starting to make a move then stopping without any warning. Yet Jogi’s done so several times by now and it’s something Hansi loves and hates in equal measures. It’s not like he minds thinking such thoughts, more that Jogi does pick the most inconvenient of times to put them in his head. So tempting are the thoughts Jogi put in his head that Hansi’s very tempted to abandon the breakfast he’s nearly finished making, to go and fetch Jogi, take him by the hand and drag him back to bed. He’s not sure he can survive breakfast with Jogi, knowing he’s sitting there wearing his shorts and with the none too subtle looks he’ll be throwing his way. No doubt Jogi won’t be able to keep his hands to himself either. Jogi is an a most playful mood and that’s not going to disappear just because they’re eating, a fact Hansi’s about to find out is very true indeed.

Even just the way Jogi’s looking at him when he takes his breakfast into him is enough for Hansi to know what he’s thinking. That look alone is tempting enough for Hansi to drag him off to bed here and now. But Hansi does no such thing and not just because he doesn’t want to give Jogi the satisfaction of giving into him, he really is hungry. And with what Jogi’s got planned no doubt he’s going to need some extra fuel. So Hansi does his best to focus his thoughts as he puts Jogi’s breakfast in front of him, Jogi however has other ideas. As soon as Hansi puts the tray down Jogi makes his move, pulling Hansi down onto his lap. Times like this Hansi swears Jogi’s actually trying to kill him, how he is meant to think of anything else when he can feel Jogi’s bare skin against his own? He’s just relieved Jogi’s wearing his shorts because were he not this situation would be even more tempting. As is stands it’s already plenty tempting, feeling Jogi’s muscular thighs against his own and the feel of his ever so soft skin.

“Jogi, this is exactly the kind of thing I told you not to do.”

“You refused to command me, so it’s your own fault.”

“I’m hungry and I’m not kidding. Let me go eat.”

“You can eat here.”

“Jogi, I need food, real food.”

“That’s what I meant, what did you think I meant?”

“I thought….” laughs Hansi as he attempts to explain the misunderstanding, his unfinished sentence disappearing into laughter. Trying again but unable to stop himself from laughing Hansi gives up and for just a moment allows his upper body to rest against Jogi’s. It’s probably giving him the wrong idea but Hansi could care less about that. He needs a moment to compose himself and regroup. Though leaning against Jogi’s bare chest may not be the best way to do that.

Happy where Hansi is but confused at him moving closer Jogi asks “What’s so funny?”

Composing himself enough to answer Hansi replies “I thought you were telling me I could have you for breakfast.”

“Oh” answers a very intrigued sounding Jogi. Thinking a moment he then asks “Do you want me for breakfast?”

“No, I mean yes, I…” Frustrated Hansi complains “I hate it when you do that to me.”

“Do what?”

“Ask questions that make me feel like I don’t know where my head is at.”

“You know where your head is, it’s right here on my chest, how could you not know that? Am I not a comfortable enough resting place for you?”

“And you’ve done it again. I swear sometimes it’s impossible to talk to you.”

“We don’t have to talk” points out Jogi with the mischievous tone in his voice obvious and matching the playful look in his eyes.

Not playing into Jogi’s hands Hansi replies “You’re right, we don’t need to talk, we need to eat.”

“You need to eat, I need something else.”

“I think you need to eat too, even if you’re not that hungry you should store up some energy for later.”

“Am I going to a need a lot of energy?”

“Definitely, I plan on giving you a good workout.”

“Ok, get up then.”

Hansi does so and is about to sit down when he realises he’s not technically wearing anything, well he’s got the apron on but that’s all. Taking it off Hansi decides he’d better put something else on and sets off to do that. He’s doesn’t get very far however before Jogi complains “Where are you going? I thought you were hungry.”

“I am, but I have to put something on.”

“No, stay here, please? I like you undressed.”

“I know, but do you really want me undressed sitting at the table?”

Thinking it over Jogi wants to say yes but he can’t and Hansi knows it. Thus he’s not surprised when Jogi replies “You’re right.”

“Of course I am.”

“I have an idea, Hansi.”

“Tell me.”

“I left my shorts upstairs, go put them on.”


“Yes, I’m wearing yours. It’s only fair.”

“What is it with you and underwear? It’s like your obsession.”

“Something wrong with that?”

“No, I just wouldn’t mind knowing what the fascination is.”

“Like I need to explain.”

“I know the obvious answer but why are you so fixated on swapping?”

“I used to dream about getting in your shorts.”

“Jogi, I know that too.”

“What don’t you know?”

“I imagine there’s a lot I don’t know.”

“Want me to tell you something you don’t know?”

“Ok, tell me.”

“Before when I could only dream about you I liked to play a guessing game, to guess whether you were wearing any underwear or not.”

“And I thought you were all so innocent.”

“I have feelings too, Hansi.”

“Don’t I know it.”

“Will you put mine on?”

“Only if you promise to take them off after breakfast.”

“You don’t need to command me to do that, Hansi. You never do.”

“I know that too” smiles Hansi as he goes off to retrieve Jogi’s shorts, leaving him sitting there at the table. Moving as quickly as possible Hansi retrieves the shorts from where Jogi left them on his side of the bed, noting as he does so the fact Jogi’s not tidied up at all. A fact which pleases him greatly, looking over the crumpled sheets Hansi thinks of how they’re going to get even more crumpled a short while from now. At least they will if they ever make it up back up here. Going by the look in Jogi’s eyes Hansi isn’t sure they’ll actually get here. Casting his eyes over the crumpled sheets Hansi thinks back to the first night they’d properly spent together, of how afterwards Jogi had immediately began to clean up and strip the bed. Of course Hansi didn’t let him get very far in his attempts, grabbing hold of the sheet so he became wrapped in it and then pulling Jogi down on top of him. How things have changed, back then Hansi never would have thought Jogi would skip a shower let alone leave the bed looking like this. Hansi’s changing Jogi, in ways big and small, all of them good. He’s still Hansi’s strange little Jogi, for he could never be less strange. It’s not that Hansi’s made him act more normal, if anything he’s had the opposite effect on him because he’s the one person Jogi doesn’t need to hide his quirks around. Jogi always said everything was less scary when Hansi’s by his side, which is exactly what makes the difference, what allows him to alter his routine and do things he wouldn’t usually do. It still makes him a little uncomfortable but less so when he’s in Hansi’s presence, of course it’s slightly easier when he knows how well he’s going to be rewarded for such flexibility. Hansi understands exactly the effect he has on Jogi, he gets just how difficult it can be for Jogi to show such flexibility. He never fails to appreciate Jogi doing such a thing for him, never. Hansi’s just happy that Jogi belongs to him and that he and he alone can relax Jogi enough to be himself, to feel free not to hide any of his quirks. To think he has this effect on him is more than Hansi ever expected, but he’s got no complaints about it. He never could have anticipated how definitely non-innocent Jogi is but it was a good surprise.

Having retrieved the shorts Hansi decides upon doing something which Jogi will most definitely approve of, the kind of play which is so good he wishes he came up with it himself. For Hansi doesn’t get dressed up here, instead he takes the shorts back downstairs with him, intending to put them in front of Jogi. So many times Jogi has teased him by getting dressed in front of him and not actually letting him touch him, well now Hansi’s going to do the reverse to him. For a few minutes anyway, he could never resist Jogi’s touch, not for long. He just wants to toy with him for a little while. Which is exactly what he does when he gets downstairs, when Jogi notices anyway. Because when Hansi gets there Jogi is a little too engaged with his breakfast to even notice he’s walked in the room. He’d claimed he wasn’t hungry but Hansi knew better and there’s little sign of Jogi’s usually perfect manners as he sets about eating what Hansi made him. When he first moved in Hansi wondered how Jogi could eat the way he does, he almost didn’t believe him when Jogi said he really does eat what he wants. It didn’t take long before he get his answer, because even when Jogi’s not exercising or working out he’s still moving in some way. Between his mannerisms and his nervous habits there’s barely a time when he is sitting still. Though by now Hansi’s leant it is possible, that he can make it happen with enough effort.

Ever since he’d woken up Hansi’s taken plenty of time to watch Jogi and he takes just another moment to do the same here. He wonders how long he could stand here before Jogi notices. Normally Jogi knows someone is there before they walk in the room, he can hear everything. But not when he’s focused like he is now. No doubt he’d taken Hansi’s advice about refuelling to heart.

“Jogi, are you ever going to notice I’m here?”

Looking up at Hansi confusedly Jogi comments “You’re still not dressed.”

Showing Jogi his shorts Hansi says “I thought I’d get dressed in front of you.”

“You’re teasing me?”

“Like you’ve done to me so many times, yes I am.”

“Hurry up and get dressed, you need to eat.”

Not saying another word Hansi puts on Jogi’s shorts, he’s plenty hungry but he doesn’t rush. He said he wanted to tease him and he meant it. Slowly doing so Hansi takes great pleasure from the fact all of Jogi’s attention is now fixed on him, his breakfast lays forgotten as he stares hungrily at Hansi. All of a sudden Jogi’s got an appetite for something very different, an appetite he’s going to have to wait to sate  for just a little bit longer. Not only because Hansi’s going to make him wait to tease him either. First of all Hansi needs to eat, only then can he think about doing anything else. Though he’s not going to stop Jogi’s usual antics underneath the table.

Hansi loves the fact Jogi keeps his eyes on him as he walks over to the table, the whole way there Jogi keeps staring at him which just makes Hansi move that little bit slower. Jogi however has no time for moving slowly. The minute Hansi sits at the table Jogi makes his move, letting his leg get close to Hansi’s and allowing his foot to work up to his thigh as he loves to do. Having forgotten about eating for the moment Jogi busies himself with feeling each and every one of the muscles in Hansi’s leg. It’s all he can do for the moment so he makes the most of it. At least he does until Hansi complains “I’m trying to eat here.”

“I’m not stopping you.”

“You kind of are, it’s not easy to think when your foot is busy trying to feel me up.”

“That is not what I’m doing” counters an affronted sounding Jogi.

“Where your foot is that’s exactly what you’re doing.”

“You should just be grateful I’m not on the floor right now.”

“Easy solider, you stay right there in your chair. Don’t you even think of coming over here.”

“Not even when you’re done eating?”

“Not even then, you’re not getting up to anything in here. We have guests in here, Jogi. I can’t be thinking about that when we have people over.”

“Can I keep my foot here at least?”

“Fine, just don’t distract me so much.”

It was pointless Hansi telling Jogi this, his foot just being there is distracting enough regardless of what Jogi does with it. But Hansi felt the need to instil a little bit of discipline into the situation. Jogi’s getting what he wants but not without Hansi making it clear he has to wait, he’s not completely won here and Hansi’s letting him know it. That’s what Hansi likes to tell himself anyway. He may have some control over the situation but the truth is Jogi’s won not just this round but the whole battle; he always wins because Hansi can never say no to him and Jogi knows it. It’s been quite some time since Hansi was Jogi’s assistant but some things never change, not least the fact that Jogi is in every sense of the word always going to be the boss of him.

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    • I might write something inspired by last night’s final, something like Jogi & Hansi’s Russian Adventure. When I’m done with the Jogi highlights that is.

  1. It’s been a full year since you’ve written anything here.

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