New Jogi Pictures: Berlinale 2017/Wahl des Bundespräsidenten

One thing I knew I wouldn’t get this weekend as a Jogi video from a game,  but then even if the election for the president didn’t fall on this weekend I still wouldn’t have expected to get a video of him from the Köln game today. Not that it really matters when all is said and done, the three points is what counts,  Jogi videos are just a bonus – even more so given that this season they are proving to be something of a rarity. Luckily that’s not true of this week’s events. First up is two videos from the Berlinale party on Saturday night. The first is one is unfortunately very short and the sound quality on the second is horrible so it’s more enjoying seeing Jogi rather than hearing him but I’m not complaining. At least I could get pictures from it. The interview is about two minutes in on the second video, not that you can hear much of it.

Joachim Löw – Berlinale 2017 – Bild video 1

Joachim Löw – Berlinale 2017 – Bild video 2

joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-1 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-2 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-3 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-4 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-5 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-6 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-7 joachim-low-berlinale-2017-bild-video-8The following video is all the video footage I’ve found so far of Jogi from the election day, there’s two short interviews in there as well from TV. Whilst they are just a few seconds long the sound quality is thankfully better than the Bild video.

Joachim Löw – Wahl des Bundespräsidenten 2017 video footage

joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-1 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-2 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-3 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-4 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-5 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-6 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-7 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-8 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-9 joachim-low-wahl-des-bundesprasidenten-2017-10

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