Happy Löw Day 2017

I was planning on partaking in my usual celebration of Jogi’s birthday, making a video and uploading it to youtube – that plan has been stymied by them muting the audio. So I’ve had to upload it somewhere else and in the meantime find a song they won’t mute. After the football of course, because it may be Löw day but that has to come first, I’m sure he’d approve of my priorities even though it’s not one of his teams I’m watching. Anyhow, happy birthday Löw-mann, hopefully Freiburg can deliver a perfect present in the form of three points against Gladbach tomorrow.  Maybe Nils Petersen can make it that extra bit special by scoring a goal, a goal which would see him become the top scorer  in the so called joker chart.

It’s not easy to see the good side to anything right now but I’m trying, I guess the right way to think of it is like this, now he gets two videos made in his honour. He’s worth the trouble anyway. The first video: Jogi Löw – Euro 2016

It has some of my favouite pictures in it, unfortunately it has none of him in that famous suit of his because it’s not from the Euros but it has some good ones like the following favourites of mine:

Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Slowakei 2nd half 18Joachim Löw PK 18-06-16 13Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 7Joachim Löw – Sportstudio 09-07-16 2Update – at least I had more success with the second video as well as getting something which could also be considered a gift, Arminia Bielefeld beat 1860 München 2-1 and Hannover lost 4-1 to Greuther Fürth. Not only do they suffer the indignity of such a heavy loss but to a team that is struggling and not long ago sacked their coach. Making it even better is the fact they’ve suffered a heavier loss than Freiburg did in their brief stay in the second tier, their heaviest loss coming against Bochum when they conceded three goals. Funnily enough Freiburg face a former Hannover man tomorrow in the form of Lars Stindl. This game against Gladbach is something special, the last time Freiburg played them it actually was Jogi’s birthday – the 3rd February 2015. They lost that game and it’s possible they could lose this one, but it’s not the most important thing. Winning is always good but safety is too, and they aren’t in any danger at all. Unlike in 2015 when they were in 15th place and of course finished the season in 17th. They aren’t getting relegated this year, that much is pretty much guaranteed. Real life may be falling apart but at least they’re safe.

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