Advent Calendar Day 24: The Best of Löw 2016

I didn’t have to worry about coming up with ideas for this post, despite the lack of DFB cards this post will be exactly the same as the final one last year. As the title says it’s “The Best of Löw 2016.” It won’t be quite so easy this year though to narrow down the best pictures, sticking to one per month was always going to be an impossible challenge in a tournament year. Though truth be told it’s always difficult narrowing down the best pictures of Jogi, there’s just so many of them. First up is Jogi pictures from each month of the year, then favourite videos and GIFs. And of course favourite Hansi pictures, you can’t have Jogi without Hansi after all.

But first the final two players from the advent calendars with both players coming from the Dortmund one because in the Freiburg one was the mascot. It’s certainly a very fitting choice in regards to the two players together behind door 24, the two former Freiburgers Matthias Ginter and Roman Bürki:

20161224_163250-1First up is Jogi pictures from each month of the year:

Joachim Löw at HSV v FC Bayern München 2Joachim Löw ARD half-time interview – HSV v FC Bayern München 2015-16 7Joachim Löw ARD half-time interview – HSV v FC Bayern München 2015-16 6Joachim Löw at Hertha BSC v VfL Wolfsburg 2015-16 1Joachim Löw at Bayer 04 Leverkusen v Borussia Dortmund 2015-16 7Joachim Löw - Leverkusen v Dortmund half-time interview 9Joachim Löw at der Klassiker 2015-16Joachim Löw half-time interview – Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München 8Joachim Löw – Bayern v Juventus half-time interview 5Joachim Löw – press conference 23-03-16 7Joachim Löw – Deutschland v England – 2nd half 6Joachim Löw at Bayern v Schalke 2015-16 2Joachim Löw – Laureus Awards 2016 1Joachim Löw – Laureus Awards 2016 11Joachim Löw half-time interview - Hertha BSC v Borussia Dortmund (DFB Pokal) 2015-16 1Joachim Löw pre-match interview –Bayern v Atletico 15-16 2Joachim Löw half-time interview – Bayern v Atletico 15-16 2Joachim Löw & Julian Weigl – Ankunft in Ascona 3Joachim Löw – Volle Kanne 25-05-16 6Joachim Löw – EM Fieber 26-05-16 2Joachim Löw – SPORTextra 5Joachim Löw – Der Tag in Ascona 31-05-16 3Joachim Löw – 1st half – Deutschland v Ungarn 7Joachim Löw – 2nd half – Deutschland v Ungarn 1Joachim Löw – Sportschau 04-06-16 7Joachim Löw – Evian PK 28Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 7Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Polen 1st half (EM 2016) 4Joachim Löw PK 18-06-16 4Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Italien extra time (EM 2016) 10Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Italien post-match show (EM 2016) 5Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Italien penalties (EM 2016) 1.7Joachim Löw at Bayern München v Werder Bremen 2016-17 3Joachim Löw HT Interview - Bayern München v Werder Bremen 2016-17 5Joachim Löw – Tageschau 29-08-16 5Joachim Löw & Bastian Schweinsteiger – Deutschland v Finnland second half 4Joachim Löw – Norwegen v Deutschland pre-match show 2joachim-low-ht-interview-dortmund-v-real-madrid-cl-16-17-7joachim-low-mittagsmagazin-07-10-16-3joachim-low-rtl-interview-07-10-16-3joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-4joachim-low-vertragsverlangerung-2020-6joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-4joachim-low-at-hertha-bsc-v-borussia-monchengladbach-3joachim-low-deutscher-sportpresseball-2016-8joachim-low-pk-14-11-16-7joachim-low-sportschau-14-10-16-1joachim-low-bambi-awards-2016-9joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-4joachim-low-zdf-interview-14-12-16-1joachim-low-mittagsmagazin-15-12-16-9Favourite videos and GIFs:

Jogi_Klinsi_celebrate_Germany_v_Tunisia_2005Jogi_Hansi_hug_Slovakia_v_GermanyJogi_hugging_Jonathan_Tah_Deutschland_EnglandJogi_posingJogi_the_keeperJonas_Hector_gets_a_Jogi_hug_Deutschland_v_Italien_EM_2016jogi_deutschland_v_tschechien_2016And to round things up favourite Hansi pictures:

Hansi Flick - Umweltbotschafter video 5Hansi Flick – Sportschau interview 7Hansi Flick at Deutschland v Slowakei (EM 2016) 4Hansi Flick interivew - Österreich v Deutschland (U19 EM 2016) 1Hansi Flick - Vive la Olympiamannschaft 3Hansi Flick - Hrubeschs Olympia Team nach Rio gereist 1hansi-flick-at-deutschland-u21-v-russland-u21-1hansi-flick-horst-hrubesch-visit-2joachim-low-hansi-flick-bundestag-03-11-16-6

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