Jogi & Hansi’s Special Workout: The Prologue

I’m meant to be working on the San Marino story, not to mention the Christmas one but at the moment both of them have been put aside for this rather distracting adventure, though I think I can be forgiven for that. Thinking of Jogi working out alone is tempting enough, add Hansi to the mix and it’s a miracle I’ve been able to think about anything but this story, let alone get anything done. It’s not even finished but I couldn’t wait to post it, figuring I would post it in parts if I get round to writing even more. I have the beginnings of a second part but I’m not sure about finishing it yet, at least not before getting something else done first. I do feel bad about having abandoned the other stories, even if the reason is a very good one. Anyhow, here it is. It’s not at all Christmas themed but regardless I think it’s a very nice Christmas gift. Actually the idea of Jogi working out is a great gift to get any time of the year. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever written:

Hansi loves to watch Jogi no matter what he’s doing; in fact he’s happy to watch Jogi even if he’s doing nothing at all. Awake or asleep Hansi can never take his eyes off Jogi and his favourite thing in the world is to watch him breathe. There is nothing better than watching his muscular chest rise and fall. Regardless of how much or little he’s wearing Hansi just loves it and in fact he actually prefers Jogi to be dressed sometimes. For the simple reason his imagination runs wild, picturing Jogi’s bare chest in his head is somehow even hotter than actually seeing it in front of him. Especially when he’s wearing one of his famous white shirts, those Hansi loves most of all. He loves the way they cling to his chest and accentuate his muscles, every last one of them. Seeing Jogi take one of his sharp angry breaths is even hotter when Hansi’s left to imagine what his muscles look like as he regains control of himself. Every time Hansi sees it he thinks of how it feels when his hand is there and how much it excites him to feel Jogi’s chest rapidly moving beneath his hand. He always loves what Jogi wears but watching him breathe makes him appreciate his choice of attire even more, his preference for tight fitting clothes making the activity even more enjoyable. Not that it needs much more to be exciting for Hansi. It’s why he’s always careful not to watch Jogi too much around other people, knowing full well he can’t stop those thoughts forming in his mind and the feelings which follow are equally unstoppable.

There are however times when Hansi can indulge in such thoughts to his heart’s content and it’s exactly what he’s planning on doing here. If he’s lucky he may even get to act on some of them, though he’s not counting on it. If all he gets to do is watch Jogi then he’ll still be happy, at least that’s what he thinks. But if Jogi does let him play and he gets the chance to be close to his warm and sweat covered chest then Hansi will happy beyond words. For the moment he’s not thinking of saying anything or alerting Jogi to his presence in any way. Lurking outside near the door Hansi’s thinking of nothing but what Jogi’s doing. At the moment he can’t see but he doesn’t need to, just listening to him stretch is enough. It’s not something Hansi gets to see often despite it being part of Jogi’s pre-match routine. Because even though Jogi occasionally allows Hansi to travel with him there are parts of his routine not even he can partake in. Jogi may have slightly altered his pre-match routine in order to have some fun and to allow Hansi to help him get dressed but that’s all. Some things just can’t be changed, not even for Hansi. One of those things being his pre-match workout. Hansi only ever asked once if he could tag along and Jogi’s reply convinced Hansi he need not ask again. He’d give anything to see Jogi stretch before a game but it’s not going to happen. Hansi understands why Jogi said no, it’s not because he can’t tolerate the change. It’s more he needs that time to get in the right headspace before the game and he can’t tolerate anyone being there, not even Hansi. It’s Jogi’s time to prepare himself for what’s coming and nothing can be allowed to get in the way of that. Besides part of his routine is getting used to the fact Hansi’s not there anymore, him being present would get in the way of that. Jogi’s finding it hard enough already to accept he’s not there, the last thing he needs is such a direct reminder of how difficult adapting to his absence is.

It’s not long before listening is not enough and Hansi feels the need to creep even closer in order to see Jogi. He’s in dangerous territory but he really can’t help himself, just picturing Jogi in his head isn’t doing it anymore. Moving quietly as he creeps towards the door Hansi gets as close as he dares, not wanting Jogi to know he’s watching him. For one thing he’s not sure how Jogi would feel about this, not to mention the fact he’s almost a little embarrassed. Despite how he feels Hansi has to be here, he’d gotten the idea in his head and it just wouldn’t go away. Now Hansi can see what he’d spent the past few minutes thinking about, only just but it’s enough. Hansi’s trying to see enough of Jogi without actually letting him know he’s there. He doesn’t know it but his plan isn’t going to work, in fact he’s already failed. He’d moved closer because hearing Jogi wasn’t cutting it anymore and before he knows it the same will happen again. Soon enough seeing Jogi won’t be enough either and Hansi will feel compelled not just to be near him but to actually touch him too. There’s also one other aim he’s completely failed in achieving. Just how Hansi thought he was going to get away with being out here is baffling. In what world did he think he could escape Jogi’s bat like hearing, his feelings it seems overriding any sense of logical thought.

Taken over by his own feelings Hansi obviously isn’t thinking straight, if he were then he’d never make such a mistake. Even though he’s working out Jogi can still be relied upon to maintain an awareness of his surroundings. What Hansi doesn’t know is Jogi’s been aware of his presence ever since he started creeping towards the door. Not that such things are on Hansi’s mind, for the moment he’s completely preoccupied with his own feelings. Standing out here enjoying what he can see of Jogi and his muscles being put to good work Hansi is very distracted indeed. Just a moment ago he’d been thinking of Jogi’s ridiculously tight fitting shirt but it’s not long before his thoughts shift to his own. He’d been thinking of how Jogi’s shirt clings to him as he stretches, with each move he makes it looks more and more tempting. And when Jogi raises his arms above his head Hansi is no longer himself anymore, getting just a sneak peek of Jogi’s bare skin as his t-shirt rises up is simply unbearable. It’s at that point his hands are no longer content to be so far away from Jogi and in the absence of him they go in search of their own entertainment. Hansi’s not paying nearly enough attention to notice his hand pulling at his shirt. Lost in his thoughts he’s totally unaware of why his shirt feels so tight all of a sudden, almost as if he’s put one of Jogi’s on by mistake. It takes him a few moments longer than it should to notice any of this. When he does it’s no longer Jogi’s well fitting shirt his mind is focused on. Instead he’s trying to work out why he’s gotten so warm and his shirt is beginning to stick to him, not just that but the way it feels like it’s tightening around his chest. Breathing a little faster Hansi’s unaware Jogi has stopped stretching and he’s equally unaware he’s heading towards him right now.

Jogi’s got no idea how excited Hansi’s getting, he’s been waiting for the right moment but for him that meant when he’d finished what he was doing. He’s looking forward to bringing Hansi in here but he needed to finish his task first. No matter how much he loves Hansi he always needs to finish what he started, it would take something extra special to get him to break that rule. Lucky for him finishing his task coincided with the most perfect moment; though for Hansi it’s far from perfect. As happy as Hansi is by the prospect of some fun to begin with he’s more embarrassed than anything else, not least when he learns Jogi knew he was here the whole time.

Taking in the sight of Hansi and the way he’s all so hot and bothered Jogi opts to stay silent for a moment, to just enjoy what he’s done to Hansi. Eventually he moves closer so he’s standing in front of Hansi and tells him “You don’t have to stay out here, Hansi. You can come inside if you want.”

“What?” is all Hansi can manage in reply.

“Stop standing out here, come inside already.”

Coming to his senses a little Hansi asks “How long have you known that I’m here?”

“The whole time.”

“And you said nothing?”

“I was waiting for the right time” explains Jogi as he takes a step closer to him.

He could see from where he was standing the effect he’s having on Hansi but he needs to be closer in order to make his next move. Getting as close as he needs Jogi allows his hand to reach out and touch Hansi’s chest. Feeling his ever so slightly damp shirt and how warm he is Jogi comments “And I thought I was the one working out.”

Embarrassed at almost being caught in the act Hansi has no idea what to say. There’s no reason for him to be worried yet it doesn’t change how he feels. So awkward is this Hansi feels like he did that day Jogi came home and eventually took him to bed. Except they’d taken quite a few detours on the way and at first Hansi thought he might have to take care of himself. To be truthful thought is a most misleading word to use for Hansi wasn’t thinking at all. A more accurate way to explain it would be to say Jogi had driven him crazy by starting to undo his belt and whatever happened next Hansi had to finish the job which he’d done, instead of doing his belt back up his hands finished what Jogi had barely started. He’d not had the chance to do that here but had Jogi not come to get him no doubt it’s what would have come next. With Jogi standing there staring at him Hansi feels not unlike a teenage boy almost caught in the act. All of a sudden he feels every bit as awkward as a teenager too, his hands awkwardly by his sides he’s got no clue where to put them or what to do.

Jogi’s not always the best at reading non-verbal cues but he can’t fail to understand this, after all he’s well acquainted with the nervous way Hansi’s trying to avoid his gaze because it’s normally him reacting that way. What he can’t work out is what he should do about it. Unable to work out anything to say Jogi goes for the more direct route, taking Hansi’s hand in his he attempts to pull him in the direction of the door. When Hansi doesn’t move Jogi asks “Don’t you want to watch me?”

“Of course I do.”

“So come on then.”

“Jogi, I didn’t mean to….”

“You didn’t mean to what?”

Looking down again and feeling more than a little embarrassed Hansi can’t say one word of what he’s thinking. Being blunt with Jogi is always the best option but he can’t even hint at what he’s thinking here, let alone get right to the point. Picking up on his obvious discomfort Jogi asks “What are you so embarrassed about?” And when Hansi doesn’t answer Jogi does it for him, in the process making Hansi wish he’d just explained himself. Blunt as ever Jogi answers his own question saying “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, just because I caught you out here getting excited. You’re like a teenage boy who’s been caught with his hands in his trousers.”

“Jogi, if you’re trying to help it’s not working.”

“I don’t understand, we’ve had sex, surely moments like this shouldn’t happen anymore. And if they do then it’s meant to be me.”

“Jogi, can you do something for me?”


“Take me wherever you want but just shut up for a minute.”

Happily granting Hansi his request Jogi takes hold of his hand and leads him inside, not wasting any time on explaining his intentions. Nor does he stop to see if Hansi actually going to follow him, just taking it for granted he will. For his part Hansi is most confused and almost overwhelmed by his feelings but he allows Jogi to take him wherever he wants. He’s got no more clue as to what Jogi’s thinking but it doesn’t really matter. Whether or not Jogi’s just going to let him watch or have even more fun he doesn’t care. All he needs right now is to be near him. Of course what Hansi doesn’t know is Jogi has a plan of his own making, a plan he’d formulated the second he heard Hansi creeping around outside. He very much intends on involving Hansi in his work-out but not just yet, no way is he giving Hansi what he wants quite so easily. Jogi’s a firm believer in the adage that good things come to those who wait and as Hansi is forever teasing him, he really does like good build-up play.

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  1. very good, thank you

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