Advent Calendar Day 10: One Goal is Enough

The title could equally refer to real life and today’s events but it doesn’t, it refers only to Freiburg’s lone (and lucky) goal against Darmstadt. Though I suppose it can also refer to the very other important goal of the day, that of Ingolstadt’s surprise winner against Leipzig. Never would have seen that one coming, I would have liked to believe they could beat RBL but never would have predicted it, let alone bet on it. Freiburg beating Darmstadt on the other hand I would have happily predicted, I certainly didn’t expect it to be quite as difficult as it turned out to be. The game mirrored last week’s in a strange way. Last week Leverkusen almost gifted Freiburg the game with their non-existent first half performance and so Freiburg did exactly the same against Darmstadt. It’s a game they could just as easily lost as won. Not a great way to end the first half of the season at home but a win is a win I suppose. And as much fun as Bayern had against Wolfsburg today (racking up another five goals against them) I’m more than happy with Petersen’s penalty. Though I am happy for Thomas Müller, having finally gotten his first of the season. Not happy about Freiburg’s performance on the other hand. Sometimes when a commentator says the best player on the pitch for a team is the keeper it’s meant as a criticism of the rest of team. That wasn’t the case against Leverkusen last weekend when Schwolow saved Freiburg’s neck several times. This weekend against Darmstadt he did the same, he was the best man out there for the first half at least and now it is a criticism of the others. Hopefully Abrashi will be back in the starting 11 next week. What worked well last week with Schuster starting in his place didn’t have the same effect against Darmstadt.

I could easily rant about today’s events and lament how I wish I hadn’t made the mistakes I did. But I don’t want to do that, I want to have just one day where I can enjoy the result of the game. A day where the only obsessive analysing is reserved for football related situations. The stuff I’m trying not to think about will still be there tomorrow. So as far as words go less is more at the moment. The more I write the more likely I am to end up thinking and thus writing about what I’m trying to avoid. I can’t escape it forever but if I can just keep it away for what’s left of the weekend. So in that spirit I have some extra pictures instead:


thomas-muller-christmas-party-2016-1 thomas-muller-christmas-party-2016-2 robert-lewandowski-christmas-party-2016-1 robert-lewandowski-christmas-party-2016-2I do of course need just a few more words for the most important part of the post. Today’s players being Christian Günter for Freiburg and Gonzalo Castro for Dortmund:

Christian Günter - SC FreiburgChristian Günter – SC Freiburg v Heidenheim 120161210_233055-1

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