Advent Calendar Day 3: Safe Hands Schwolow/New Jogi Pictures

Not writing for a while has the same effect not talking out loud does, the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to get the words out. And I do the same thing too, always finding an excuse not to do it,  putting it off and deciding it can wait which never helps. I could have written this earlier, I could have found the time but I just kept avoiding it. Three days into the promise I made myself and already I’m trying to talk myself out of it. I feel much the same way about the events of the upcoming week, but in regards to those I also have to keep my word. At least today went well, not perfect but close enough for me to have no major complaints. Freiburg didn’t win against Leverkusen but I’m not complaining about that, not after escaping defeat in the last minutes of the game thanks to Schwolow’s penalty save. A save which makes the title sort of ironic for it wasn’t with his hands he saved it but in actuality his foot, but that makes for a much less snappy title. A point for Freiburg, the video of Jogi from El Classico and a pleasant Jogi related surprise, no I really can’t complain about today’s events. Not even about the fact Freiburg had a little help in getting their point against Leverkusen, it wasn’t just the penalty from Chicharito that was bad, the whole Leverkusen side were terrible the first half.

One thing I’m very glad about is that it wasn’t Söyüncü who gave the penalty away. Like I said it wasn’t a great penalty but that takes nothing away from Schwolow’s save, he made quite a few other important saves during the game too. I’m always happy to see him smile, even if he did concede another goal today which means the tally is up to 25 now. That draw was Freiburg’s first of the season and funnily enough it was the day’s only draw in the Bundesliga results. Out of the games I was interested in today however it was not the only draw, the only other one being the draw between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Unluckily for Barcelona there was no last minute save to enable them to take all three points. I was rooting for them and their German keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen but to no avail.

schwolow_penalty_save_leverkusen_v_freiburg_16_17alexander-schwolow-leverkusen-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-1 alexander-schwolow-leverkusen-v-sc-freiburg-interview-2016-17-1 alexander-schwolow-leverkusen-v-sc-freiburg-interview-2016-17-2It would have been perfect if had been either Alex or goalscorer Jannik Haberer in the calendar today but instead it was Norwegian midfielder Mats Møller-Dæhli who hasn’t played a major part in the season so far with just two late sub appearances. Nevertheless his presence in the calendar today is still fitting in a way given that Saturday night is Scandinavian night. There’s no such show on at the moment but Saturday night will always be the night of The Killing and The Bridge.

Mats Møller Dæhli - SC Freiburg 2015-16 cardThe man behind door number 3 in the Dortmund calendar was rather fitting though, with it being none other than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. And it’s not just because both of today’s players have three names. Getting Petersen yesterday was sadly not an omen for Freiburg’s game but it was certainly the case with Aubameyang for he scored the equaliser against Gladbach and scored their final goal making it 4-1.

20161203_172648-1And now to the real fun, the newly discovered Jogi video and pictures:

Joachim Löw Wir helfen Kinder – RTL video 24/11/16

joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-1joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-2joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-3joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-4joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-5 joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-6 joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-7 joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-8 joachim-low-wir-helfen-kinder-rtl-video-24-11-16-9

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