The Advent Calendar Challenge: Day 1

Like yesterday’s post I don’t really know where to start, but I promised myself I would at least give this a shot. Even if I just post pictures of whatever player’s day it is and write a few words this is something I want to stick to. Though I will admit I’m not feeling particularly motivated right now. It’s difficult to wake up in a good mood when the first thing you hear is someone screaming at another person because they can’t get their own way, certainly not the best way to start the day. Not that it was really daytime, closer to evening in fact. I hope today is the day I can break that pattern, with just one day to go before Freiburg play Leverkusen it kind of has to be. I can’t change what other people do but I can at least try to make sure the rest of my day goes better. With the aim of getting in the mood for El Classico on Saturday afternoon I’ve found an old match to watch from 2012. I don’t understand much Spanish but that doesn’t really matter, some things go beyond words. It’s nice enough to listen to anyway.

Speaking of nice the calendars most definitely didn’t disappoint, though the joke on the Freiburg one is a little painful. It says 24 goals until Christmas, painful because that’s exactly how many goals they’ve conceded in the league going into MD13. Their last season in the Bundesliga before being relegated in 2015 their problem was the number of draws, racking up 13 of them. Now it’s the other way around, they are the only team in the league to have not drawn a game with 5 wins and 7 losses. Of course Leverkusen are struggling too at the moment so who knows. Anyhow the calendars:

20161201_225435-1 20161201_225508-1It’s just the two calendars this year, no DFB one which means no cards unfortunately. All I have is a little picture of a Freiburg player and a Dortmund chocolate wrapper. Behind door number one in the Freiburg calendar was fittingly enough Nils Petersen who needs no introduction. I hope it’s a good omen for Saturday, he has four goals so far this season. His first goal was on MD2 against Gladbach, a penalty in the 88th minute. His second was the winner against HSV, the third against Augsburg and the fourth a potentially rallying goal late in the game against Mainz. Since the picture from the calendar is too small to take a picture of I thought I’d include some from his games this season plus a video of his goals so far. Before that however is the matter of who was behind door number 1 in the Dortmund calendar. The 24 coincidence was painful and so is the identity of the player in Dortmund calendar, it’s none other than USA international Christian Pulisic. He’s just 18 years old but he’s already broken a host of records, including being the youngest non-German to score a Bundesliga goal and being the youngest American international player to play in a World Cup qualifier. I have nothing against him, the opposite in fact. It’s just the fact he’s American, one of Klinsi’s players, at least he used to be. Still at least I have Petersen, that’s all that counts.

20161201_233258-1Nils Petersen goals – 2016-17 (MD1-13)

nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-2 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-gladbach-2016-17-3nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-2nils-petersen-mainz-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-1 nils-petersen-mainz-v-sc-freiburg-2016-17-2

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