Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v FC Augsburg 2016/17

Today’s game would have been special with or without a Jogi video, but getting one just makes today’s victory that little bit sweeter. One reason playing Augsburg is special is because it’s the team Matze Ginter not only made his Bundesliga debut against but scored his first ever goal against too. I always want Freiburg to win but there was one extra special reason I wanted them to do that today, and not just to continue their unbeaten record at home, playing for Augsburg was one Gojko Kacar, the same Kacar who played such a fateful part in a certain game against Hamburg. That’s all forgotten now but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still hold a grudge.  Just to make the day even more perfect Nils Petersen got the second goal, all in all a perfect Freiburg day. One with a funny mistake from the commentator too, the goal must have gotten him a little confused and excited. He was talking about the goal and Phiipp, then he started talking about Ginter and he called him Maximilian Ginter which was funny to hear.

Anyhow the Jogi video and pictures from just the second game of theirs he’s been to since they got relegated and then promoted again:

Joachim Löw at SC Freiburg v FC Augsburg 2016-17 back-up link

joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-1 joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-2 joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-3 joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-4joachim-low-at-sc-freiburg-v-fc-augsburg-2016-17-5

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