New Hansi & Jogi Pictures: DFB-Trainertagung in Frankfurt 21/10/16

joachim-low-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-1 joachim-low-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-2 joachim-low-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-3 joachim-low-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-4 hansi-flick-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-1 hansi-flick-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-2 hansi-flick-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-3 joachim-low-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-5 hansi-flick-dfb-trainertagung-in-frankfurt-2016-4Plus some bonus pictures and a video which includes an interview with Hansi from his trip to Spain earlier in the week:

Fußballhelden – Auftakt der Bildungsreise(DFB video) – Hansi Flick interview 18/10/2016

hansi-flick-dfb-video-18-10-16-1 hansi-flick-dfb-video-18-10-16-2 hansi-flick-dfb-video-18-10-16-3 hansi-flick-dfb-video-18-10-16-4 hansi-flick-dfb-video-18-10-16-5

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