Matthias Ginter Pictures – Deutschland u21 v Russland u21

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see once again Matze Ginter wasn’t in Jogi Löw’s squad but at least like the summer there was a silver lining. He was selected for the u21 squad for the final two qualifying games against Russia and Austria. And the day just got better from there. I can’t have any complaints not just today but for the whole week. A new sticker album, three new card collections and a box of FIFA 365 cards. And that’s just the beginning of the week. Today is the day before Germany’s game against the Czech Republic and again I have no complaints. The Russia game which had no less than seven goals(five which came in the first half) was plenty exciting and of course Matze played. Which is why this post even exists, I always like getting pictures of Matze but shirtless ones are even better. And this time he didn’t get hit in the face first so I don’t need to feel guilty about liking them. Just to make the day even better Hansi was at the game, there was an interview with him on the news channel and I also got a video recording of Matze’s post-match interview. If the day before the game is this perfect I don’t dare to curse tomorrow by wondering how perfect that could be.

Anyhow, the video of Matze’s interview and pictures:

matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-1 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-2 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-3 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-4 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-5

matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-interview-1 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-interview-2 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-interview-3 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-interview-4 matthias-ginter-deutschland-v-russland2016-interview-5

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