The Silver Lining/Champions League group stage draw 2016/17

In the case of Germany at the Olympics their silver lining was a literal one, coming home with silver medals rather than gold. I can’t say I’m disappointed because I gave little thought to them reaching the final at all. Just them being at the competition was something of a novelty so I didn’t really have any expectations. Regardless of how I pictured the summer ending I really wish it hadn’t happened that way, Germany losing to Brazil hurts a little but it being Nils Petersen who missed the all important penalty hurts even more. Not that I’m disappointed in him but rather for him, that’s not how you want to end your time in a German shirt. But at least he stepped up and took one, he didn’t shy away from the responsiblity, he never has as far as penalties are concerned. It’s painfully ironic that the same day Freiburg played in the first round of the DFB Pokal and won 4-0 without him, the first goal coming via a penalty which in Petersen’s absence was taken by Vincenzo Grifo. The next time I see him and Matze Ginter together they’ll be on opposite sides, here’s hoping they can avoid losing too badly this time round. Though with how good Dortmund are looking I fear that may not be an option.

Nils Petersen – Deutschland v Brasilien (Olympics 2016) 1 Matthias Ginter – Deutschland v Brasilien (Olympics 2016) 1 Matthias Ginter – Deutschland v Brasilien (Olympics 2016) 2 Nils Petersen – Deutschland v Brasilien (Olympics 2016) 2Nils Petersen – Deutschland v Brasilien (Olympics 2016) 3Jogi Löw’s words on the matter are the right way to look at it, “You didn’t lose goal but you won silver.” He’s right and it’s a healthy attitude to have but it doesn’t make you feel much better. It takes thinking of all the goals Nils did score to even start doing that. That’s not the penalty I remember when it comes to him, the two he scored against 1.FC Nürnberg will always be the ones in my mind. And as happy as I was to see him in a German shirt these are always the first pictures in my head when I think of him:

Nils Petersen - banner

Nils Petersen - penalty 1Nils Petersen - post-match interview 4On the subject of pictures and silver linings I didn’t have to look to hard to find today’s, with two days to spare my kits arrived from Freiburg. In honour of Petersen being chosen for the Olympic squad I got his name put on the white away one and Grifo on the home one. I’d already decided to have Petersen’s name on there and in fact placed the order before that game, but even if I hadn’t I still would have done so. I’m still happy and proud to wear his name:

20160825_124153-1 20160825_12490720160825_125727-1 20160825_125834I’m almost all ready for the new season now, I’ve got my new kits, the first round of the Pokal has been played and more importantly I’ve seen Freiburg, Bayern and Dortmund’s games. Tomorrow Bayern will play Bremen in the opening game and Jogi Löw will announce his squad for the first international break, including the game against Finland which will be the swansong for both Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski. Together they represent the last of the old gurad, the two players in the squad who didn’t get their first cap under Jogi Löw. Today of course an equally important event took place, the group stage draw for the Champions Leage. But before I get to that I have to mention one more thing, one final silver lining to today and that is my newly obtained figurine of Jogi Löw. An addition to my collection which makes me very happy indeed, a good thing really because real life sucks at the moment.

Jogi Löw figurineAnd now to the draw, today may be a total bust but the draw most definitely was not. It’s no less exciting than last year, though exciting as it is I’m not sure whether or not to feel bad for Gladbach or be excited by the possibilties. It’s curious anyway, the fact three out of the four German teams have all been drawn with a Spanish team. Bayern v Atletico should be a lot of fun and I can’t help but think of Bayern winning and getting some sense of vengeance out of it, becuase of Antoine Griezmann. Similiarly I cant’t help but think of Dortmund’s clash with Real Madrid and Sporting in the same way. I don’t want to curse either of them but I cant’t help it. I might have gotten over the summer in the sense I’m not obsessing over it but I’m not completely over it, not yet. I don’t know if you ever do get over it completely. Well at least there’s plenty to look forward to, not least Freiburg being back in the Bundesliga, just two days to go until their first game against Hertha BSC. Or to be more precise two days, 16 hours and 50 minutes until kick-off.

Champions League group-stage draw 2016-17 1 Champions League group-stage draw 2016-17 2

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