Europameisterschaft 2016 – The Jogi Löw Highlights Part 1

The complete Jogi highlights from the 2016 Euros, plus press conferences,  interviews and post-match interviews and some other favourite videos along with some selected pictures and GIFs:

Some other random favourite videos, pictures and GIFs, some from training in Evian and other from the summer training camp in Ascona:

Joachim Löw & Julian Weigl – Ankunft in Ascona 3Joachim Löw – EM Fieber 26-05-16 1Joachim Löw - Morgenmagazin 26-05-16 7

Joachim Löw – SPORTextra 2Joachim Löw – SPORTextra 3Joachim Löw – SPORTextra 5Joachim Löw – SPORTextra 6Joachim Löw – Deutschland v Slowakei 2nd half 12Joachim Löw & Lukas Podolski - Regeneration nach dem Slowakei Spiel 2Joachim Löw Pressekonferenz 31-05-16 5Joachim Löw- EM Fieber 02-06-16 3Joachim Löw & Mario Götze – Mittagsmagazin 03-06-16 1Joachim Löw – Sportschau 04-06-16 7

Joachim Löw – Tageschau 07-06-16 5Joachim Löw – Training 12Jogi_training_1Joachim Löw – Evian PK 19Joachim Löw – Evian PK 22Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 7Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 8Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 11Joachim Löw – ZDF video 11-06-16 13Jogi_posingJogi_taking_a_shot_at_Bastian_in_goalJogi_the_keeperJogi_celebrating_Deutschland_Ukraine_EM_2016Jogi_Deutschland_v_PolenJogi_training

Joachim Löw – ARD video 17-06-16 1Joachim Löw PK 18-06-16 4Joachim Löw – ARD video 19-06-16 3Joachim Löw – ZDF video 19-06-16 5Joachim Löw – ZDF heute 20-06-16 1Joachim Löw – ZDF heute 20-06-16 3Joachim Löw – ZDF video 25-06-16 11

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