DFB Pokal – 1 Hauptrunde Auslosung 2015/16

Today may have been quiet in regards to die Mannschaft but there was plenty of excitement elsewhere in the form of the draw for the first round of the DFB Pokal. I was of course particularly excited and more than a little nervous to see who Freiburg would get. They were the 20th team out and they’ve been drawn with SV Babelsberg 03, a team from Berlin who play in the Regionalliga Nordost. I’m not so happy about being drawn with a team from Berlin, Freiburg ended their season in Berlin and lost 2-1 to .1FC Union Berlin. Though that doesn’t have to mean anything, still I can’t help think of it. But it’s not so bad, at least they don’t have to go to Hamburg again like last year. There is however a nice kind of coincidence. Babelsberg like Freiburg also have a player called Nils, funnily enough he played for the Hertha second team, just like Maximilian Philipp. Plus they have a player by the name of Severin Mihm who once played for Energie Cottbus, just like Nils Petersen.  On the subject of Nils Petersen and former teams his old club Carl Zeiss Jena have certainly been handed a difficult task, they play host to none other than current DFB Pokal champions Bayern München who he’s also played for. In fact he scored his first Bundesliga goal for Bayern against Freiburg in a 7-0 win against them, something which he’s long since been forgiven for obviously.

As for the runners-up Dortmund funnily enough they were the second team out, they’ve been drawn with Eintracht Trier. Karlsruher SC can avoid being humiliated this time around, they got drawn with 1860 München, so if they lose at least they won’t be embarrassed at being knocked out by non-league opposition.

As for other interesting match-ups Unterhaching won’t be too fazed by the task of facing Mainz, they did after all knock out Ingolstadt and Leipzig last year. As for the devils themselves they too have an interesting draw, they’ll be facing off against newly promoted 2.B team Dynamo Dresden. I’d be rooting for whoever faced off against Leipzig but all the more since their opposition is from the east as are Leipzig themselves of course. Difference is Dresden actually has a history.

The first round is played in August over the weekend the 19th-21st, about nine weeks from now. Or to be precise sixty days. I know the tournament’s not even over and I’m already counting down the days to Freiburg’s first competitive game.

DFB Pokal – 1 Hauptrunde Auslosung 2015-16 1DFB Pokal – 1 Hauptrunde Auslosung 2015-16 2DFB Pokal – 1 Hauptrunde Auslosung 2015-16 3DFB Pokal – 1 Hauptrunde Auslosung 2015-16 4Today may have been quiet seeing as how they had the day off from training but that doesn’t mean there’s no good footage from today, not least the extra match footage of Jogi and the so-called Jogi rap, plus the press conference in which he was in a most playful mood. That’s probably the most amusing press conference I’ve seen, the only one being as much fun I think is the joint Jogi and Klinsi press conference from before the USA friendly.  The only other thing I got today was some great pictures of Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger,  the two of them played golf though Thomas must not have lost this time. Or at least he didn’t make a bet of any kind because there was no dress in sight.

To get back to the press conference one of the most amusing parts wasn’t shown live, instead I got it from the news later, so amusing was it I felt compelled to upload it as a separate video.  I felt the same about the so called Jogi rap:

Thomas Müller & Bastian Schweinsteiger 1Thomas Müller & Bastian Schweinsteiger 2Thomas Müller & Bastian Schweinsteiger 3Joachim Löw - PK 1Joachim Löw - PK 2Joachim Löw - PK 3

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