This was one of those prompts I had no ideas for, not until I saw Köln’s game against Mainz anyway. It’s probably an overused expression, saying that something takes your breath away. Yet that’s what their turnaround of the game did, though not as much as Bremen’s victory over Wolfsburg did. Not only did the latter mean so much more, given that Bremen are closer to the relegation battle than Köln are but also because I have a soft spot for Bremen. Partly because they’re the former team of Freiburg striker Nils Petersen. Petersen and Bremen’s now record goal scorer Claudio Pizarro have something in common, they’ve both played for Bayern and for Bremen. Though unlike Pizarro hopefully Petersen won’t be going back there anytime soon. Or rather I hope he will be but in the red of Freiburg next season, they get promoted and Bremen avoid getting relegated and that can happen.

On the matter of breathing this weekend feels a bit like I’ve been holding my breath the whole time, the reason being both Leipzig and 1.FCN lost.What a stroke of luck that is. And I wasn’t home to see the former, having made the decision to see “Despite the Falling Snow” at the cinema. A film which turned out to be tedious and almost caused me to fall asleep. To think if I had come straight home after seeing Deadpool I could have watched Leipzig lose. Just to make it even sweeter Sandhausen are a Hansi team, meaning Freiburg got a helping hand from Hansi.

Both of them losing sets up the match for tomorrow perfectly as far as Freiburg are concerned and ramps up the pressure even more, they need to win anyway but knowing that you can open up a three point gap, it just makes it all the more tense. Then of course there’s the question of continuing their record breaking run, a victory would make it nine in a row, a club record in the 2.Bundesliga. It’s best playing on a Monday, knowing you don’t have to wait for other results but it doesn’t make the wait any easier.

Sometimes my mother likes to ask what the prompt of the day is, she asked today and when I told her she asked if I was going to write about Jogi. And I’m the one who’s obsessed, it’s funny that he wasn’t my first thought but he was hers. I’m not going to write about Jogi, I already have enough stories to work on. I don’t need anymore distractions, finishing the one I’m working on is tricky enough. Besides the pictures I got of him yesterday are enough, I don’t know if they’re breathtaking but they are pretty damn good:

Joachim Löw – Nivea advert 2Joachim Löw at Bayern v Schalke 2015-16 2

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