Stickers of the Day: The First Germans

When I posted the pictures of the Euro 2016 album on Monday I said I hoped I’d have better luck today. Now I meant that solely in regards to stickers and it turned out to be true in this regard. But it also proved to be true in quite another important way. Earlier this evening RB Leipzig lost 1-0 to SV Sandhausen which means if Freiburg win on Monday night against Eintracht Braunschweig there’ll be a three point gap separating them. I have to say I like the fact it’s Sandhausen who brought this about, not just because they too are a south-western team but more because they are a Hansi team. It’s who he played for before moving to Bayern. Thursday night was a huge disappointment, not the game itself. That was absolutely incredible, a true once in a lifetime experience. It’s just the result which is so devastating. Dortmund are only a team I follow because of Matze Ginter and Roman Bürki but I’m still crushed over the result. Not least because it would have meant me getting one over on a Liverpool fan in real life. Though I have to admit if I had to pick I would choose Leipzig losing tonight, Dortmund getting to the Europa League final would have been great but Freiburg first as always. There is at least one upside to Dortmund being out of the Europa League, I’m now free and clear for my Captain America triple bill and don’t have to worry about getting someone to record the game.

Anyhow today’s stickers. I wanted my first German from the Euro 2016 album to be Matze Ginter, Manuel Neuer or Jonas Hector. Unfortunately my first two Germans are none of those. Yet the first one is still special, doubly so in fact. Because the first German is none other than Erik Durm. The reason for him being extra special is I’m working on a story for him and Matze. The second German was Jerome Boateng. In the same lot of packets I also got Robert Lewandowski, fitting seeing as how him and Boateng both play for Bayern. On the matter of things being fitting, it’s painfully ironic that today I get the sticker of Dortmund’s kits for the Bundesliga album:

Erik Durm - Germany - Euro 2016 sticker Jerome Boateng - Germany - Euro 2016 sticker Robert Lewandowski - Poland - Euro 2016 sticker Borussia Dortmund Trikots - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticker

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