The Day of Ginter Part 3

It’s not surprise that when I don’t get enough sleep a lot of things get misplaced, both in a literal and a figurative sense. It’s not at all surprising that I’m having trouble keeping track of my belongings when right now it feels like I can’t even keep track of myself. Everything feels rather strange at the moment and has a feeling of unreality about it. Any sense of reality or of time passing just isn’t there. I would say that today doesn’t feel like a Sunday but truth is it doesn’t feel like any day, nothing feels like anything just this minute. That made sense in my head but doesn’t make much sense seeing it written down.

One thing which certainly has not gotten lost despite how confusing things are is my ability to feel happy. It is a strange yet happy end to a very strange week. As the title suggests Matze Ginter is a contributor to this happiness. He scored Dortmund’s second goal today against Schalke, the first being scored by Shinji Kagawa. It’s not the only reason though, the main reason is Freiburg beating St Pauli 4-3. To make things even stranger Matze Ginter scored the last time Dortmund played Schalke, in fact Shinji Kagawa did too. Even funnier is the fact Dortmund’s game has a few things in common with Freiburg’s. Both featured a penalty (though thankfully St Pauli’s was meaningless in regards to the final result) and both saw a very curious goal. In Dortmund’s it was a deflection which resulted in Ginter scoring his goal and in Freiburg’s an own goal by Nils Petersen. Yes really, Freiburg’s top scorer (not to mention league top scorer) ended up putting the ball into his own net, no doubt he’s never going to hear the end of that. At least Vincenzo’s Grifo’s goal was very sweet indeed. Yesterday I thought I saw what was my favourite goal of the weekend, Daniel Didavi’s consolation goal against Bayern. But then along came tricky little Grifo and changed everything:

Daniel_Didavi_goal_VfB_v_Bayern_2015_16 Vincenzo_Grifo_goal_SC_Freiburg_St_PauliThankfully there are a few things which are different, one being the fact Freiburg won today. Back then they played Duisburg that weekend and drew 1-1, it sent them to the top of the table but they didn’t really deserve to be there. Today however they do and they’ll stay there for the rest of the week. To make things even sweeter not only do I not have to worry about Leipzig’s game tomorrow night but today 1.FCN lost to Duisburg of all teams, meaning there’s a three point gap between them and Freiburg.

Some things however never change, being unable to get a decent night’s sleep seems to be one of them. As does preventing myself from obsessing over social stuff. In the past 48 hours I’ve gotten a grand total of eight hours and about 44 minutes of sleep. I can be so precise about the latter because I knew exactly when I feel asleep and woke up yesterday, right at the start of the second half of Wolfsburg’s game and I woke up in the 89th minute.

The day Dortmund played Schalke last year I wrote a post which was partly about any possible connection between a lack of sleep and acting more autistic than usual. Up until now I’d forgotten all about it, that I’d written that. It could very well be the answer I’m looking for here. The explanation to why I’ve been acting the way I have these past few weeks. I can’t seem to snap out of it, to get everything straight again. But then that’s probably true of the past few months in general. One particularly troublesome aspect of all this is how obsessive and repetitive I am at the moment. It looks strange writing it down, truth is I’m not really sure how to explain it. I’m normally a very repetitive person anyway, I like repeating words and phrases to myself, and parts of songs and TV theme tunes, not to mention playing back any small moments from matches or films in my head which amuse me. But at the moment it seems like it’s all I’m doing, like there’s little room in my head for anything else. I’m very confused about all this but not particularly unhappy right now. Other than some more sleep the only thing which could make this weekend more perfect would have been a Jogi video and it’s the one thing I didn’t get. All I have is footage of Schneider at Gladbach’s game against Ingolstadt and Sami Khedira at VfB Stuttgart v Bayern. The latter in particular is a real catch, it resulted in me getting this picture of a very dapper looking Sami Khedira:

Sami Khedira at VfB Stuttgart v Bayern 2015-16Three points for Freiburg, a Matze Ginter goal, a new and very amusing Thomas Tuchel GIF. I really can’t complain. In fact the only negative of today was seeing Matze Ginter get hit in the face and bleeding as a result. I have a huge crush on Matze and greatly enjoy collecting pictures of him. One picture missing from my collection is a decent one of him shirtless. I have some but they all have flaws. The ones I obtained today are also flawed, because if he hadn’t gotten hit in the face he wouldn’t have needed to change his shirt to begin with. But at least they’re mine and they don’t have any stupid writing or watermarks on them.

Thomas_Tuchel_goal_celebration_Schalke_v_DortmundMatthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 1 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 2 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 3 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 4 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 5 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 6 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 7 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund 8 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund post-match interview 1 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund post-match interview 2 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund post-match interview 3 Matthias Ginter - Schalke v Dortmund post-match interview 4

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