Reality is very faraway right now, I would say I’m back to living in my own little world but I’m not sure I ever really left. I know what I’ll get told, that you can’t run away from your problems forever. Well I’m not running away, consider this a tactical retreat. I’m not running away, just admitting that I don’t have the resources to deal with anything right now. For the past week I’ve been obsessing over one simple e-mail. I still have no idea what to say. I don’t have any words that aren’t special interest related at the moment. Maybe I should just tell them the truth. That I have no clue what to say and I’m having trouble dealing with anything right now. At the same time I don’t want to reply, because if I do that then there’ll be another e-mail to obsess over. Football is much easier to deal with that’s for sure. Numbers, points, goal difference and all the rest of it. Not that everything can be explained in football, there’s always room for the unexpected. It’s what makes it fun after all. But then I don’t have to explain any of it.

At least football wise everything is going fine, well more or less anyway. Freiburg did beat Greuther Fürth on Monday night and as promised it was a very entertaining game, though the result was not one Christian Streich is happy with. He knows that they were lucky to win and they can’t afford to play that way against St Pauli on Sunday. On a similar note Bayern will be similarly unhappy with their performance against Benfica last night. They take a 1-0 lead to Portugal and they are lucky to have that.

It’s somewhat ironic that today’s word is faraway, it’s very fitting because last night’s episode of The A Word was very faraway from reality indeed. Raising awareness of autism indeed, more like spreading misinformation and traveling back in time. They’re not too subtly hinting at the boy’s autism being his mother’s fault and the family’s in general. That the only reason he doesn’t talk is because his family talks too much. It’s funny, in real life parents of autistic children sometimes get told it’s because they don’t interact with their children enough and now they’re saying the opposite. Either way they seem to enjoy twisting things round to make it the parents fault. It’s realistic in one way, but not the way they intended. It’s realistic in the sense that professionals really are that useless and yes they do spend more time blaming parents than actually doing anything to help the child in question. His mother is completely unsympathetic as a character and a human being. The show fails on all counts to me, not just in regards to the autism aspects but as a drama too. They should have just showed the original Israeli show rather than wasting time remaking it. I’d love to see the original but I don’t speak Hebrew, shame because I liked the clips I saw online. There’s only three episodes left and I’m grateful for that. It makes me angrier with each passing week. And yes I know I don’t have to watch it but I feel compelled to. A kind of know what your enemy is thinking kind of logic. You can’t combat misinformation if you don’t know what it is after all.

But I’m not angry about it right now. I’ve spent the better part of the day getting acquainted with my new tablet and wrestling with the stupid little MicroSD card. All that money spent and I almost get stymied by an inexpensive little storage device. I got it in there in the end and now I have 28 whole gigabytes to fill with football related videos. On the subject of numbers and accomplishments there is one thing I’m very pleased with this week, as of today I now have 507 YouTube subscribers. Reaching 500 was my goal, my next one is reaching one million views. I’m not faraway, I have almost 900,000. As terrific as that is it doesn’t beat last night’s discovery. I found out that they made a film of one of my favourite ever books, Look Who’s Back. It’s in German of course and there aren’t any subtitles but I’m going to watch it anyway. It’s not going to be easy, understanding an angry ranting Hitler is not the easiest of tasks but nevertheless I can’t wait.

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